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A love story of a lonely writer takes the form of a bestseller novel. This is what best describes the book in one line. The love story of a young lonely writer Aditya and his love Ahana. Read to find out what happens when dreams of tomorrow force Ahana to leave her love of life behind. As the love story of Ahana and Aditya were progressing at its pace, time had its own plans. Ahana leaves for America to pursue her dancing career whereas, on the other hand, Aditya is back to where he started, his lonely life. Aditya's life takes a big turn as he goes on to become the most celebrated of the writers all over the globe when he decides to preserve his memories with Ahana in the form of a novel. Will the novel, "The Moonlight Smile that Stole my Heart" ever get to its complete end, or some stories are never meant to be completed. Will our Romeo writer Aditya ever again meet his Juliet Ahana? Read on to find out what destiny has for the love buds.

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The Beginning

My master is a 19-year-old boy who lives in the house as a tenant in a single room. He is very good at studies, a scholar, and an ambitious writer. But there is a fault too, he is a very shy person who can't make friends and that's the reason he has no friends in the new city even after spending two years here. Sorry, I forgot to tell you his name. His name is Aditya Sharma, a person who has always lived all alone, wakes up early completes his routine peacefully, and finally completes his ever so boring day.

One day when as usual I was marching with my master back to the room in his shirt's pocket, we saw a lot of cartons lying in the varanda but my master ignored it. As soon as he was about to open the room, a girl patted on his back and he suddenly got scared since he was in his sense of imagination and worries. He turned back and saw —a girl with brown hairs, a bright smile, and an admiring face that reflected a polite nature. The girl asked him for help in a polite manner. So, My master helped her in picking up the scattered things. After work, the girl thanked Aditya and offered him a handshake. With slight nervousness, Aditya accepted the handshake. After a minute of introduction, I got to know that the girl's name was Ahana. This was when Aditya and Ahana met for the first time.

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TM Tapelo Mankayi
Great I guess simple and genuine ❤️...
March 11, 2022, 18:39
RO Reviews Only
Indeed a good creation but I would suggest the author to feel and write ... It's a author's ability how he can touch the reader's heart with magical sence especially if you are talking about love story you need to experienc "love" ... If your soul cry for someone you can be an author , if you never hurt someone , if you can feel others feeling you are definitely appreciate able author .
October 09, 2021, 06:14
Kushal Singh Kushal Singh
Really awesome and smooth so far. Waiting for the next episode very eagerly.
May 17, 2021, 10:06

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