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These are including urban myths and horror stories and creepy pastors that I have created out of my own head. From my own comorbid and complex PTSD I use this to create horror stories and creepypasta Instead of feeling sorry for myself for being self-destructive. You owe me things like the little girl and fire balls and many other little horrific stories that will come about my brain. So I need to inspired Why my PTSD nightmares and some by pure imagination. Criminal hear a creepy story that only a real creeper can give you. Recommended to be all red during the daytime and not at night.

Horreur histoires de fantômes Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The ghost of that CATSA agent

Thought tomorrow was the CATSA agent who cheated on a girlfriend regretfully With the Girl Friend's friend at the time the girlfriend was in raged and told her to die not knowing that she was going to go and kill her self he got a text on email sent from Fatima that she was going to kill her self and that she no longer wanted to live because her girlfriend hated her. This young woman furthermore had comorbid PTSD Through years of abuse in Saudi Arabia and in Canada as well she was a loner and a freak with scars around her face and chest. She trying to CATSA to catch the abusers that abused her. Namely the terrorists that were hurting her as a child and then bullies that were bullying her.

She joined cats in for a van and she was looking for love on Imvu. She was determined girl and only use the Internet to find true love in the form of Lena who wanted to be in love with her as well looking for a while at the same time. Word Lena was busy all the time with other things and had no time for Fatima. Feeling dejected the cats at age and decided she was going to cheat on her girlfriend with one of the Girl Friend's friends moon so I'll add her name was on IMVU. When Lena found out that Fatima was cheating she got so annoyed tha she treatened Fatima right with bodily harm And her new lover as well. One day after the spat, Lena received a suicide email saying that the young cats the agent was going to go and kill her self. Cazza is downloaded to airport security Or TSA.

Yeah autopsy towards Fatima said that she suffered from Shar for centuries to the heart. Indicating that she was cutting herself with a box cutter in the chest. I'm sorry to bring it outside to go to details but this is part of the story. He said that she walks around the Ottawa international Airport or yow hold her in her bleeding chest as he screams for Lena's name for forgiveness. It did not look like her beautiful self she look like cousin it from the Addams family with a TSA uniform on and she was crying. Her crys from beyond on the graves were beyond hunting or disturbing and her screams and begging even more disturbing than anything else.

The owner of the Air Force decided to shut down the particular checkpoint and terminal for Good Making it an abandoned terminal. But if you were to go around it out to the van and terminal which was the US turn on your heater cries and screams for lena's forgiveness.

Soon as she started to haunt the rest of the airport. Rendering it useless and had to be abandoned. It said that they burn down the airport your van in the airport just to get rid of the demonic spirit that was fair to Mya when they did so fatima still walk the grounds. As if she were still trying to get Lena's forgiveness butIt wasn't going to happen.

When the contractor who wanted to buy the land from the airport to build homes he ended up finding a box cutter and only a box cutter on his ground as they were demolishing the building and it was a bloody box cutter yes it came out of nowhere yes or they're a terrorist attack in the airport and the owner of the Air Force are now very wise and just to go search for a haunt in the airport.

That box cutter was enough for the contractor company who is going to build homes to have the placemats by a native American shaman who is going to cash for tomorrow to the underworld Shiva long as suicide it was a very bad sitting in any religion even anymore so in Islam. When does summer and said that the landlord is it unusual because you're a ghost of the shoe airport security agent yeah native getting in writing and I want to get a second opinion from a Catholic priest who do exorcisms. Are you and he cannot find it anyway to get rid of these low long demon

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