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Unsaid feelings

I have no other dreams

than to be with him until the end.

I have nothing else to do

but to make everything possible to be with him until the end.

But for me it's quite different,

pretty opposite.


I can imagine him with someone else and feel the ignitious burnt out from my soul as not being with him.

He wouldn't be knowing that I lit up myself in my own funeral with a lots of unsaid feelings.

we aren't made to be each other's soul but we are also two different souls who can love different souls.

Cause I know

he and I will never be

For me that's the best thing to do. To hurt my own feelings, rather than expecting things that are unlikely to happen.

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Ricky Singh Ricky Singh
After an year everyone will change, nobody going to remember anything, by hiding ur pain ! From others Inside you, does it make u strong? Or do anyon gives you trophy for hiding ur feelings?
May 12, 2021, 09:33