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20 different siren head short stories there are either leave you laughing or leave your scared shit less depending on the version. This is my real imagination of siren head by Trevor Henderson and I am a big fan of siren head so there is this book hand 28 days later. Full ofsiren head shorts. Enjoy the Creepypasta as I have writing it

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Sirenhead’s lament

it is said by Trevor Henderson then sirenhead only comes out during war, famine and disease. one day during a world of unease with a war in Afghanistan and a pandemic that will not leave either time soon. sirenhead stood in the forest stills as a church mouse just waiting for his lunch. but he was having no looking find even a mouse to eat. has all the meat gotten smarter or isn't just siren head. still he wait still as a tree until night. still then he was silent until a car drive past him on the way to the people house.


lunch, I mean super I get to eat. but when the car sped off as realizing who or what was behind them he sounded of his alarms to signify that he was hangry and mad. I he want just to eat.

then he sirening at full blast and he scared of the animals and wildlife which would have given him some protein but instead he scared of the protein rich meat.

so all night is siren blazing he went to want the hamelet looking for at least a mouse the nibble on. when he scared the people of Clyde falls he went and saw a whole bunch of birds and rodents that were really to dumb to realize the situation.

he grabbed a hand full of biting squirrels and ate them like popcorn. they were watery at best and then he tried to his hand at mice but they were like snails to a human or water balloons. it was driving sirenhead insane the, who hamelet decided to cull all the cows and beef so they could get some sleep. he ate the beef and cow carcasses only to be surprised at the tasted of the beef gave him. satisfied from his lament he happy sounded the sirens into the night with joy.

sound one human came out to investigate the noise on to be a beef and human sandwich. siren head ate the human and the meet as if it were movie popcorn. licking his chops he went back to the forest. he saw some does and bucks as they ran away from him he scooped them up and ate them buy bye dear. then the sirenhead waited happily for breakfast but did he actually ruin his breakfast.

we will see in the morning, when the tastiest of creatures....... man come out to do yard work.

he waited until after 08:00 hours when all the people went to work on the homes and came and picked one after another his favourite human morsel was the ever so rare tattooed man. sirenhead leaped them up and then ruby is "belly" the ink and piercing actually add to human taste.

after the night and the whole morning he decided to skip on lunch and supper. he couldn't not top the meaty midnight snack and the inked breakfast.

to sirenhead his lament was over for one until the next world crisis be it war or disease.

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Elena My name is Elena Melanson from Ottawa Canada, I am an artist, author for Amazon kindle direct publishing and wattpad. I am also musician who plays the acoustic guitar and will be playing the kalimba thumb piano. I do body piercings about my face and am planning on doing more. I am an astronomer and stargazer. I am an ptsd warrior and aspiegirl. I was born in Romania but is mixed race and adopted. I find solace in writing and reading. Most of my works are original but I post on any writing site.

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