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Cookies for Mom

For Grellie, being a mother was not easy, it was a double job. When she married William and adopted her girl, Glie, she realized that while children can be unbearable, they can be loving and amazing, and Shinigami learned a lot from her daughter, Glie.

The girl with red hair similar to hers, and blue eyes, was a mini human, who had an appreciation for Grellie for her strong personality and long red hair. The young woman with a bald personality and a very calm personality, used to give her mother a job, who often arrived tired from work and still had to take care of her "brat" - a nickname that she affectionately calls her daughter.

Glie was used to her mother's personality, she liked it and found it funny, the bad thing was when she decided to imitate her mother, Grellie had to constantly correct her by giving her education and saying that that way of behaving was wrong. Sometimes Glie was angry with Grell, and thought, "Why, why couldn't I act like her ?!" Despite some fights and disagreements, the fact was that one could not live without the other.

It was no surprise and nothing new that her mother was a transgender woman, she greatly admired Grell's courage and strength, and one day dreamed of being like her. From the moment she saw the redheaded Shinigami for the first time, she was enchanted by the delicate air and her strong posture, at the same time, Glie wanted to be adopted by her. Day after day, she insisted to the director of the orphanage that she wanted to be adopted by the "weird" couple - the last name given there by the children in the orphanage who feared the couple, due to Grellie's main fact for her sharp and pointed teeth, but Glie she didn't mind. it mattered.

When she saw the woman on the iron swing saddened by the fact that everyone feared her, Glie was the only one who approached and wanted to stay close, and as soon as she was adopted, becoming the "little bug" loved by her mother.

That particular day was mother's day, Glie wanted to make a special gift for her queen that she loved so much. Since she was seven, Glie knew how to cook cookies at the orphanage and was known for it, it was one of the few foods she knew how to cook, now 10, she was learning from observation, since Grellie was terrified of seeing Glie on the stove cooking.

She took flour, milk, eggs, chocolate and vanilla, and began to make the food she so longed for her mother. However, she was surprised by her father, William, who always woke up earlier than Grellie. The girl made a sign of silence with her hands and the man sighed.

“What are you up to this time?” Asked the father.

"I want to give Mom a present, as I have no money, which gives Mom delicious cookies." Do you want to help me light the fire? ”He spoke to the girl and the man nodded.

He finished making the dough, took the heart shapes and started to put them on the dough, then put them in the container to bake the cookie. After a few hours, the cookie was ready and her father got ready for another day of work. Helping Glie to remove the cookies from the fire, the girl placed the cookies on her mother's favorite dish and placed a glass of milk on the tray and together with her father, took the food to the couple's room.

The older woman was awakened with curls in her red hair, when she opened her eyes one day, she parted ways with her daughter with a mischievous smile on her face. Still drowsy, she thought of turning to the side and ignoring the girl who in her head just wanted to upset her, but then she heard her husband call her, and then she got up, finding a tray in her lap all adorned with roses and heart-shaped cookies.

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom." I love you so much! ”Said Glie, hugging her and kissing her on the cheeks.

-Thank you honey! ”Grell said, his eyes shining with happiness and love for his girl.

"You didn't make a mess, were you, young lady ?!" he asked and the girl shook her head.

-Who touched the stove ?! - She asked exclaiming and William answered her:

"Don't worry, I'm the one who lit it for her."

Sighing with relief, Shinigami hugged her daughter, filling her with kisses and then immediately eating the delicious cookies prepared with much love from her daughter, that day for Glie and Grell, it would be perfect, there was nothing better than being accompanied by someone she loves. , protects and admires so much.

Happy Mother's Day, to all moms!

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