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My life was involved in trouble all the time, financial problems among others. But when she came into my life, everything suddenly blossomed. The most beautiful, most radiant, most powerful woman, helped me to get ahead. I love her with all my heart, but my beautiful diamond has a wicked side to which she slowly drags me. By Cory Massiel All rights reserved. Registered in safe creative with the code 2006094362558

Romance Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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"Good evening my dear viewers, tonight what I promised is debt, with you the most beautiful woman in the world according to People Magazine, the second richest woman in the world and the first in the United States. The dream and fantasy of many men, the envy of women, the diamond of the Hamilton Family, and the youngest of all businesswomen: Diamond Hamilton! " they announce on the television screen.

I see through the screen as she leaves a side with a genuine and arrogant smile, she knows that she is beautiful, she knows that she is rich and above all he knows the power that she has in this shitty society. She sits in a chair on Helen's show, the brunette that interviews celebrities, anyway, they greet each other and Diamond smiles at the general public.

"How are you, Diamond?"

"Very well, happy to be here" with one hand she moves her hair back and crosses her beautiful and groomed legs "How are you?

"Pretty good, beautiful, eager to ask questions sent by our followers on Twitter. And starting there, you have 75 million followers on your Instagram account and 80 on Twitter, you have become a celebrity. Watch the others! " Helen says and Diamond laughs.

"Well, three days ago my accounts reached that figure and it is truly amazing, I did not think I would get there, nor that they would rank me among the fifty most beautiful in People Magazine, I never imagined being in the middle of the show business, always mine was the companies.

I look at her, she is really beautiful, her skin looks like porcelain, her eyes are almost transparent blue, her hair is brown and very silky at first glance. Her body is beautiful, she has what she needs and that's it. A little prominent hips, narrow waist, buttocks not exaggerated, her breasts are medium almost small, her kilometric legs and her plump and voluminous lips make her a complete goddess in my eyes. The Perfect Woman.

I don't hear what both women laugh about, so I focus on the interview.

"Who's Diamond? Is that your real name?" Helen asks her.

Yes, it is my real name, my father called me that because he was the only baby my mother could have. Who am I? " she sighs and changes the crossing of her legs "I am a girl with dreams and goals, who had to mature at an early age due to the death of her parents, who inherited a great fortune very young and had to put her feet on the land because many people wanted to take from her what by law belongs to her.

"Does it hurt to talk about your parents? How old were you when they died?"

"It hurts as if the news was being given to me at this moment, I was only nineteen when they were taken from me" despite telling something ugly, her smile remains firm without falling off a bit. Who really is Diamond?

"Tell us about the Hamilton Empire, how can you handle so much?

"It is very difficult, but not impossible. The Diamond Hamilton Empire has 25 hotels, six here in the United States and the others are in different parts of the world. There's the Hamilton law firm, Diamond restaurants, boutiques and clubs. There are also four motels that are the start of it all.

"Motels? We didn't know those.

"Yes, those are the pillars of the castle, my father inherited a house from his grandmother and turned it into an inn, The Moon is called, after that came a roadside motel called The Sun, my father was not very original with the names " they both laughed, including me "then he met my mother and they opened the third motel called The Love and the last The Family, I suppose that for the fourth they had already married.

"Where are those motels?

"In Texas, my parents are Texans. Then comes the Diamond hotel chain. When I was born my father won a lottery ticket, he said I was lucky, and we moved to New York, there he founded the first Diamond Hamilton hotel, in my honor. After that, everything has my name.

"Great, I understand that the restaurants, boutiques and clubs were built by you after his death.

"So is.

"Do you do charity, Diamond?" She looks at her as if she had told a joke. And it's true, everyone knows about the great donations that woman makes at Christmas and the start of classes for poor children.

"You offend me with that question. It is no mystery to anyone that I have several foundations for human aid, there is one that takes care of orphaned children who live on the street, I give them education, food and when they come of age they have a secure job in one of my companies. I have another foundation for sick children and adults, another for women and children who suffer abuse, and another for families without resources, each with the same privileges: food, home, education, employment, vacations. Forty percent of my employees are parents belonging to my foundation. Not to mention the donations I make every year. All this my father did and I will continue doing until the end of my days.

"That's great, you have a good heart.

"For those who deserve it, yes" returns to smile showing that perfect white teeth.

"The clubs? People are criticizing you a lot for that, what do you have to say? " she bites her lower lip and stares at the camera. It's like she's looking at me.

"Everyone knows that I have five clubs, two are nightclubs, the other three, not so conventional. They are not a place where violence is allowed, nor are they brothels where women sell themselves, they are a place where people go to discover themselves, to know their bodies and everything is under their consent, and payment for sex is totally prohibited. You see ... " He sits in his seat and I pay more attention " the clubs are like everyone else, only things change in the name, Couples Exchange Club or Erotic Club, my business is not illegal, it is on the contrary, to belong to it you must request a membership that has a cost, this allows you to enter with two more people, only. In the process of society you have to carry out some clinical analyzes to know the condition of your health.

As she spoke her eyes darkened a little, she spoke passionately about this place, as if it were his personal sanctuary.

I can't deny that I drool every time I see her, I never miss any news of her, it's like my little obsession, I saw her once at the opening of her second restaurant and I was hooked on her beauty. She is like my platonic love, my impossible love. But what I did not know at the time is that she would be my greatest perdition, that she would take me to a totally different world and envelop me with an aura of passion, lust, eroticism and wickedness. But condemn me if I say that I do not like being surrounded by all her morbidness.


Hello, Readers. I am Cory and I am very happy to share one of my stories with the English community. I really hope you like my new adventure.

I am new to writing in English, so I apologize for any errors that may appear, do not hesitate to notify me when this is the case.

I thank you in advance for her support, I hope that My Lady is as well received as her Spanish version.

You can find me on my Instagram profile in English @corymassiel_author

With much appreciation and emotion, the writer.

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