Edward Blackstar

When you write someone's feelings, you don't have to think, you have to let your heart take over the keyboard, you have to travel to where those moments are.

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Love or hate

As the night goes on, I want to give voice to my feelings, I want this hatred that I have inside to disappear. I want the tears to stop falling on my cheeks, I want this lump in my throat to be relieved, to let me breathe and think clearly.

I hate him, I want to meet him and face to face make him suffer twice as much as he has damaged me, I want to lock him in a lava jail and burn every inch of his skin. That his soul be exiled and humiliated, I want him to lose the right and the desire to laugh, I want him to die. Let no one remember his existence, because he only lives to cause harm to me and my loved ones. And only then can I feel again what happiness is.

She is the only person for whom I am still alive and human. Because every time I look into her eyes I see the universe in one place, I see her sadness and her strength to overcome her fears, I see her kindness and her love, I don't deserve her, but just thinking about her makes me happy, it makes me my lungs fill with air and my heart with life, she is capable of making me laugh even with the worst joke, she is the personification of a fallen angel, beautiful and happy to be free. Her beauty makes a fool of any muse and her intelligence makes her superior to any other, her modesty and compassion make her perfect. They can tell that she is weird. I know it is unique.

It is time to get away from you sadness, it is time to vent, I want my tears to come out on their own and my screams to untie the thick lump in my throat, I want you to go, but I want to thank you, because without you, I would never have felt happiness , I fire you but without hatred or remorse, because I know that in life everything must be balanced. And although I will always have you in my past, today I want to give way to my future, today I want to learn from you. Free me. Happiness that you have just arrived, I want to ask you to stay a good time, because I already missed you, I would like to see the rainbows surrounded by my friends and see a happy future with them. I would like to feel those butterflies in my stomach to share you with everyone who does not have you, I would like to feel the warmth of a hug, the cold of an ice cream, I would love to try something sweet, that does not remind me of anything but always makes me remember it, I would like you to spread around the world and hug everyone who needs you. I would like your unique touch to flood the universe.

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