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“We have to make a promise Dawn, we must do,” I nod along with him “Yes…” His minor hand's warm mine, “If one day we separate, that we would find each other again and that we will never stop,” I nod in agreement, “I will never stop Car until I find you again…” He smiles brightly at me, “Me too, princess…” --- A handcuff over my lips softly, “Don’t move…” “Who are they?” My whispering sounds more like whimpering. His grip tightens around my middle but no word exits his mouth. The only thing I feel is his warm breath tickling my neck and without notice, the figure pulls me back into a dark closet…

Fantaisie Médiévale Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Year 1962.

River Wood.

In many fairy tales, some things contain important, whether it’s right or wrong, strong or weak, the power to change one’s life, or living a normal life.

Every night her mother read the same story over again and sing the same song repeatedly.

“Hush little girl, don’t you cry, you will live your dream just the way you are, no one will take them away, for you know in your heart, who you are,”

The fire slams strongly against the straw roof as they sleep silently in their beds, one harsh wind slams the window doors open, leaving the smoke to enter freely inside… their little voices cry desperately for help as they exit the small little hut… within a smoke they disappear leaving her parent’s hearts unease… they hope they will find her soon…

The two figures rush themselves toward the forest in fear, with the moonlighting their path, “Come on princess,” The black-haired boy rushes his words toward her.

She glances back at the red, fiery flame rushing toward each spot it can find to bring destruction, “Dawn…” She cannot withdraw her watering pedals from the view.

“O-our home…” He yanks on her hand to keep moving as she sobs in her stand, “Follow them, men,” it pulls dawn out her sobbing along with Cardio.

His grip tightens more on her hand as they rush into the forest, the deadly forest, “Cardio no, it’s too dangerous,” He does not bother replying to her as they run faster.

“Dawn, we have no choice,” She yanks his hand back and the burning sensation burst through her back as they fall backward, leaves tangled in her hair as she scrambles around on the ground.

“I see something…” Panic spread through both of them as they took notice of the few men running their way, “C-Cardio…” He pushes himself upward and pulls on her hand to stand.

“Over there,” Dawn panics even more than their view becomes clearer, “Grab them… grab the…” Screaming fills the air as hands pull Dawn away from Cardio.

They reach for each other desperately but the hands yank them away, separating them, “No, let go… of me,” His grip tightens on Dawn, and just when she thought it was over.

Cardio escapes their grip and rush over toward her, he jumps on the guard’s back and attack him, another guard slams his sword handle into Cardio’s head.

“No! You m-monsters,” Cardio falls backward lifeless, “Cardio!”

Her name is… DAWN.

Dawn POV.

Every night I can hear mother’s appealing voice fade as I peek at her glowing in beauty. Mother softly kisses me on the forehead and closes the door silently behind her.

I train every single day to be a warrior one day like father; I have to fight off wicked men, who will burn off every kingdom known to mankind.

They left me aside unspoken. I know I have a long journey ahead of me but I too wish for my chance to fight my fight and travel my journey where I can discover the world as it is.

However, I also know that someday I would get that chance and once I become queen, nothing can stop me.

Year 1968

Ten years later.

As time passes on.

Dawn grows into a beautiful strong-will-child with a kind heart, she has respect for every living creature and people.

Besides, the beauty of life captures her mind each time she opens her eyes.

Dawn POV.

“Don’t go easy on me just because I’m a girl Thunder…” He chuckles and swings his sword toward me, I block him and his balance gets the best of him.

“I told you Thuny,” He lifts himself upward on his hand and throws his sword aside, “What’s the point of fighting Dawn? You need no more training,”

I lower my hands and focus on him surprised, “Are you okay today Thunder? You don’t look like your usual self today?”

He scratches the back of his neck and focus on me, “No, I don’t know what’s wrong today, maybe I’m just tired.”

I nod and throw my sword aside, I flatten my flowery dress and make my way over toward him, “It’s okay Thunder, we all have one of those days,”

I pull him into a hug and he slightly flinch…

Ten years later.

Year 1976.

Heart City.

The meaning of life spans out into different directions, I understand most things and I know once I’m old enough I will have the chance to go into this world and make a difference.

“Oh, come on Thunder, where’s the dignity in fighting?” His smirk catches me off guard as he jumps toward me with his sword facing sideways; I block him instantly.

“You are getting there, just a little more practice and you’ll be ready,” He chuckles at me as I take my stand, “We have two more years of fighting and then we’re out of here Dawn,”

I smile sweetly at his low adverb voice whilst I grip onto my sword tightly, “What are you going to do once you are free to go Thunder?”

He glances at me off guard, “I-I haven’t thought about it, Dawn…” My expression falls in surprise, “Really,” He nods unsure of his actions as he hangs his sword onto the weapon rack.

I follow him and also hang my sword, “Well, I’m going to join the fight…” He laughs at me, “What fight?” I push my shoulders upward and relax them again with a huge grin plastered on my lips; I push a string of hair behind my ear.

“I don’t know… any kind of fighting,” He punches me slightly, “I should be honest Dawn, I hope that we can fight together once we get out,”

I punch him back with a huge grin, “Me to Thunder… me too,”

Year 1978.

Two years later.

Dustville Kingdom

Dawn POV.

I know that when the time is right, I will stand next to in throne… to become the next queen, however, mother, Uriti, and father, Aviv wants me to marry a very wealthy prince handsome.

However, I can see through his eyes, his heart belongs somewhere else, a mystery path he yet has to discover, yet in my mind.

I know my parents will listen if only I can find the right words to build a perfect sentence, but… nothing comes to mind.

The feather pen flicks in my hand between my thumb and forefinger as I stare down at the blank paper.

A knock on my bedroom door joins a voice that sounds like mother.

“Dawn? May I enter please?” I quickly push the blank paper underneath my studies and pretend my reading as I push the feather pen into the quill.

“Yes, mother, you may,” The door opens to a beautiful elderly woman, “Dear, you should not be sitting here by yourself…”

Her eyes land on my study books, “Oh, you are studying?” I can’t help my smile forming on my lips though as I shake, “I’m done for today mother and I’m also fine here… by myself,”

Mother enters my room, smiling proudly at me. Yes, I’m a straight-A student with many activities behind my name and the warrior training development.

Her skirl arms surround me instantly; she could try to comfort me but I don’t think this is necessary, “This arrange marriage is nothing to fear dear, soon you will be queen, and every queen needs a king dear.”

And the arranged marriage. Mother and father had the same faith. And it doesn’t matter if I want it, it only matters what they think is best for me.

“Mother, I have been thinking about this, and I want to ask your permission to join the…” she pushes herself upward and flatten her blue elegant gown.

“Dawn, we have been through this conversation, you cannot join the warrior program, you are going to be queen, a queen cannot weapon around when you have duties here, forgive me Dawn, but my answer still is not,”

I sigh silently, faking a smirk toward her, “I understand mother.” She let go of her breath, “Now would you join us downstairs? Our guest is arriving and I do not want my daughter to be late for her engagement ball, do we?”

I shake even though I have no choice but to agree, though I want to travel somewhere unknown, somewhere I can feel I will find what I’m seeking.

Far off from my destination, I know my travels will lead me to the fight I so desperately seek. I know in my heart mother and father needs me here to be the next queen.

To offer me a crown to cover my head… how different…. To picture every detail in the finest, a dress to bedazzle in the colors of a true queen.

To own a kingdom with eyes scanning through yours for demanding orders… how unbearable… all the pictures in my mind turns into an appealing voice, which sounds like mother once again.

“Dawn? Are you even listening to me?” I peek at mother heat of embarrassment, “Forgive me mother, I have a lot on my mind,” I rub my eyes, “I know you want to join the warrior program Dawn, darling, but at this moment…”

I glare upward at mother, her demanding gawk frightens me, “I know mother, I know, forgive me,” Her expression turns sweet, “Are you coming along, dear?”

She looks surprised; she doesn’t know my thoughts or what’s happening inside my mind, “Yes mother, I will be right down,”

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