strang3s0ul ꧁༺Strange Soul༻꧂

On Earth something crash lands causing panic to spread throughout the world... with one way in or out, Colier has to defend herself and find her vessel but in between, she meets a kind boy (Quillan) which shows only kindness towards her and wants to help her... But something else happens in between, Earth as we know it is dying and their only way off this Planet is through hibernation ships...will they reach the new Planet and save it from destruction?? Follow Colier on this crazy adventure...

Science fiction Tout public.

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The appearance of the scene draws in closer as the camera zooms in;

The bob blond-haired woman focuses on the small round screen in front of her, her panic underneath her skin is crawling through

“I am standing here in front of a scene which looks like a plane might have crashed,” Panic spread faster through her as soon as she turns around to examine it

“Wait a second, that does not look like a plane, it looks like a… space vessel, there must be some explanation here,”

She wipes the small sweat drops from her forehead as she turns herself around “It looks like they have found a vessel, do not panic folks, this might not be a threat at all, and this is Smith on Bakersfield morning news,”

One hour earlier

The struggle of her eyes causes small sweat drops to rest on her forehead; the liquid pouring from her head causes her vision to blurry, purple blood rest mess on her fingertips as she examines them

The grey flying suit she stole from the flying clothing cabin, slides along with her body and the thorn pieces of material on it causes part of her skin to shiver

Panic spreads through her as she examines her messy vessel, the color blue joins her small breathing… she snatches the helmet next to her and pulls it over her head, and clip it close

She pulls herself up and balances the lightheaded attacking her brain, her blurry vision searches for the control board; if she crashed, they will be on her tail in a few hours and she does not understand how long she has been here

Seconds pass her and she grips unto the control board, she punches her little strength against it and the vessel rumbles as it struggles to open “Come on…” She leaves the control board and picks up the door with all her strength she has left, with a few inches off the ground, she slides herself underneath through and rest on her knees on the feeling of small spikes poking her

The loud sound of roaring alerts her, she lifts herself and starts running towards who knows where

In the meantime, Mirth POV

The camera lower and switch off; our focus remains on each other “A vessel? Do you know what this means, Beo? We have found the biggest news ever; this is going to land us that job we have been longing for…” “Listen to Mirth; we have to leave before anyone finds us,”

My blank stare is all I can give his answer; does he even care about our future? This means so much to me and he just brushes it off

“It will not happen again Beo, this time I made sure we get the proof they so desperately seek,”

Beo push the heavy camera into the black bag

“What proof?”

His frustration annoys me sometimes; I pull the letter from my tracksuit and push it into his hand

“Oh, I see, so this is proof that we can be here before anyone else and record a highly classified case? Would you look at that, now we have a jail free cart,”

“Oh Beo, be a little positive for once in your life,”

Beo pushes the letter back into my hand with a shake of his head

“Can we just go Smith, please?”

I nod slowly and follow his trail quickly.


Panic runs down our backs as we quickly turn around towards a furious chubby officer

“I have a letter, Sir,”

His chubby finger swings along his head in scolding

“Recording classified areas will land you in jail,”

Oh boy, they told me this letter is a free jail ticket. They said I could record here but never trust secretive associations, right?

“Please Sir, just look at it,”

He snaps the letter out of my hand and unravels it in haste

“Even with this letter, recording at an area’s like this can mean jail time lady, I suggest you hand me that camera,”

My tracksuit is probably wet from all the sweat crawling down my spine.

“Sir, this is news, everyone needs to know what is happening in our world, even if it involves sentimental footage. If I asked you would have showed me away and losing my job is not an option for me Sir,”

His face tense up.

“You cannot just walk in here with a letter and recall that prove, you have no right to be here in the first place and if this news hits the television, investigations and dismissed will be our friend, hand me the camera and be on your way,”

His hands rest neatly on his hips and his furrow eyebrows hop with every word exiting his mouth… we are so screwed.

“Give me the camera or I am forced to lock you up,”

“Okay, we will delete the footage and keep our camera,”

He folds his hands before his chest in a fatherly figure and stares us down but even with all this staring I still mumble a few positive words towards him “If this hits the news then you better hide damn well,”

“Thank you, Sir,”

As quickly as we could we enter our white van “You are lucky Smith, if he locked us up, we would never survive government prison,” “Oh Beo, when are you going to listen to me,”

A black car drives straight for us and we both scream in horror as the car flips…

Colier POV

My breathing caved in as I push myself harder.

I can feel my lungs screaming for mercy and my heart beating faster than it should, I did not know if anyone is following me and I surely did not know where I am going, but I needed to get away, I needed to hide.

I run faster and dive into the bushes, my panting is hard and my body tries to calm down from the instant running, I peek between the bushes and I could see my vessel from here, many vehicles are around it and flying machines patrolled the area, probably looking for me.

A crashed scene also enters my view, there are humans with red and white clothing running up and down… I panicked, I know my color changing emotion is attacking my skin; I glance at my hand as the color red flash through me.

I have to clone myself or get the attention away from me; I need a fresh look and I need to find somewhere safe till I can come up with a good enough plan to get my vessel back and continue my mission.

The mission brings me back to Senerio, the reason I escaped my planet in the first place, and because I did not want to marry him but I figured all of his plans out and because of this, I needed to return what he stole to keep everything safe

It is rather difficult for me to blend in or even hide, with my color changing emotions, stealth made it rather difficult for me.

On my Planet (Alivo) they bore me with these emotional changes, I remember my parents complaining about me differing from all the other children, an abomination, an outcast, and I was always the one to get myself into some form of trouble.

However, this time I had to run, so I stole a vessel and accidentally crashed on Planet Earth because they (The Elder council of Planet Alivo) got word to punish me for something I did not even do.

The Elder council sits in a wide circle managing the Planet; nothing happens without their approval, and if you dare to make a mistake or crime, then they would punish you with your worst fear.

The roaring sound of a vehicle frightens me, I peek through the bush, and a black-colored vehicle stands tall.

Hard boots lands on the ground “FIND IT,” The deep dark voice screams in frustration. This is the first time I have heard a real-life human voice, and it frightens me, are all of them like this human male.

Do humans truly believe in capturing another kind and torture them until death?

The elders might have told us many human stories, but I am thinking they might have been right.

I can feel his presence, he is afraid, but also frustrated. The hard boots climb back into the black-colored vehicle and the machine roars to life, relief wash over me as it disappears out of my sight.

I learned English from spying forbidden human shows. The elders felt that learning from another Planet and understanding their cultures could destroy our entire generation, but what bad can it do to learn new things?

I know I accidentally crashed on Planet Earth, but here are exciting things to learn and discover, beautiful things to see and experience, I might have trouble now, but once I find a new form, I can do all that I want to do.

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