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Wishing people were more attentive


Cared more...

Like I did.

Like I still do.

Because although I'm destroyed and my tiny little pieces are all over the floor, I cannot help to feel enough in my heart to build myself up from the ground and help in any way someone I love.

Because I still love others more than myself.

And they, well... who can blame them.

Life's already had as it is.

Would be very selfish to ask them to do and feel the same way about me, as I do about them.

My soul genuinely feels compelled to run for others what I wouldn't run for myself. But then... after they're back on their feet, and my broken pieces are crumbling down again, it feels disheartening how easy it's for them to run away from me.

It's not intentional, is just... they don't love me as I love them.

You don't love me as I love you.

Especially you two.

How can't you realize how much I wanted you to be ok. How much I wanted to be with you, know you, care for you, make you smile, heal you, love you.

Was I so easy to leave behind?

Was I not memorable at all?

common? Simple? boring maybe?

Just broken perhaps.

Not worth it.

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Ela Gonzalez I love writing in English and Spanish. Short tales have always helped me breathe again when I've lost air. Poetry is a passion of mine. Currently working on a book regarding one of my many unexpected experiences.

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