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18-year-old Cathy Charlotte somehow has a soul connection to the ancient Vesperian legend. Not that she knows, until Sylvia Elle, an angel in disguised came to reveal the secret, that Cathy is born from the mother who inherits an Italian royal bloodline. One day, Cathy is astonished to know that her mom is part of the frightening secret fraternity. Her mom doesn't want her to get involved. But the more Cathy is being pushed away, the more she demands the truth. The fraternity is seeking mysterious knowledge from the Vesperian legend. Whoever possesses it can empower the world. And they deeply believe in the old prophecy; "the one inherits the soul, the one holds the knowledge." Once the mystery reveals, Cathy terrifies. Before anyone finds out what she knows, Cathy must save herself and her family from the wicked chaos. © 2021 by Keefe R.D All Rights Reserved

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In the darkest hour of night, the moonlight shone over the ravine stone.

The sheer of wind swayed among black birds in the sky.

The whispering voice sung the lullaby softly.

The beautiful white hair girl stood there.

Her emerald green eyes shimmered in the dark.

As if this was a dream.

But then came again, and again.

The dreams.

Those recurring dreams led to the truth.

For one truth would reveal the darkness in each chaotic mind.

Of the story that was made of chaos and greatness.

Of power and virtue.

Of knowledge.

And her echo was heard;


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Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
WOW the prologue is short but in only a few paragraphs you have hooked me!
September 28, 2021, 21:32

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