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The limb of alcohol and the truth

The first thing I said to the silence in the darkened room was, "You are missing a great feast." At the same time I assumed that somewhere else, anywhere else, it would be better.

No one was there at the time and although it might have been a sensation, for me there was no one celebrating. That feast was born out of nowhere, it was made -in some way- real out of nowhere, that's why it was as if it didn't exist. Was it there? in the mind, or perhaps in a more real world.

The last thing I said to the sleeping room of eternal mourning was that the birds were already singing outside, while everything was sleeping; I whispered in front of the flame that had not yet been extinguished in those timbers that were there to burn.

There I accepted it, that I did not know what anything meant... that in reality my truth is that I do not know anything.

Tears and whispers in front of that chimney, the one that will never shelter me like before.

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Lumina Nix Caminando entre palabras no escritas.

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Monocat De Valle Monocat De Valle
I didn't know you also write in English or if this was a translation. Otherwise, this is something refreshing form the common stories that you have posted so far. I'd like to tell you that this, as simple as it seems, was very likely to be very valid in real life. While drinking and getting drunk, before losing yourself to the act of alcohol, there is a state in which one can perceive everything as non-existing, and yet very real. I guess that's where the story comes from, this state. It reminded me of it, anyway. Thank you so much for shearing! I love reading you!
September 04, 2021, 13:01

  • Lumina Nix Lumina Nix
    Hey! Yeah, I also write in english. I love the language since I have memory. I'm not as good as you for sure but I really, really appreciate your comments, here and in every writing. So, thanks for helping me to improve myself. Lots of good wishes, Lumina. September 07, 2021, 01:15
Lumina Nix Lumina Nix
Thanks for reading! Remember to drink carefully. Lumina.
March 30, 2021, 02:42