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Sara Jhonson lived her ordinary life until some strange identities followed her.She was in a mental chaos difficult to overcome.Now she’ll find out who she really is and what those creatures want from her.

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#nightmares #psicologicalhorror #mistery
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The beginning

—“Run, run... I heard a distant voice that encouraged me to keep on fleeing, I look back and I scream full of terror. I was immobilized, my legs don't respond”.— “Help me, they are close,no, no, noooo...”

Everything became dark; and suddenly, I woke up. turned on the lamp that was near to my bed ; I breathe so deep so I could control my tachycardia.

I couldn't believe it, that dream again, They were everywhere; everything looks like a life's joke.

No matter where I was, those spirits always looked at me, intangible before my eyes but real in my soul.

Those creatures hid behind from their penetrating glances always watching every move I have made.

Nights caused me conflict, it was not easy to sleep. My mind was tattooed wih their shadows, those voices reverberated like an endless symphony, whispersdissapeareswhen the night came, everything ended until dawn.

— "Get away from me, I shouted when I saw that two-meter-tall creature, deep gaze, long hands and feet, grayish skin that it looked like if it was covered in ashes all over, red eyes as lava and sharp teeth as if they were belonging to a great shark who is waiting to see his victim to devour it."

That intimidating being kept his sight in me without blinking, there was nothing or no one just he and I, he ready to attack me as he used to doit, I look at him insistently; I was ready to have the victory, but the place where we were was not helpful for me. That land was unknown to me but well known for him. He knew every hectare of it.

I was confuse. Sundenly I was in a dark forest in the middle of nowhere and for no reason I appeared elsewhere.

What do I do in a burning forest where there's an abandoned hut and the ground is cracked? How do I get here? I did not know, no matter how I tried to remember it was in vain. I was afraid and alone , no one was there, but it was the best, If they would see what would happen, I swear, they woud never forget that day..

The beast went after me, his aggressive steps only kept me on my toes and I was ready to defend myself , even when I was full of fear I tried to be brave, he almost reached me when I heard a voice calling me and telling me:"it's late" in that moment the beast began to vanish and then...I opened my eyes, it was just a bad dream the beginning of my nightmare.

— “It's already late you have to go to school“ . My mother said while she was pulling the blankets to incite me to stand up, but I resisted it . In the distance I heard my sister's voice asking for her breakfast, pancakes as she used to do every day, my father's footsteps leaving the house and I was standing up as if someone was threatening me with a gun” . —“ Look at the wall clock is nine in the morning“, my mom said.

—“Oh my God I'll be late for school”, I said while I was taking the first clothes in the closet, I wore jeans and a black t-shirt that had the logo of my favorite band, I rushed and put my books into the backpack while I was remembering that class would start soon, I ran as fast as I could.

When I got to school, I came in into my classroom, I had physics class, I asked for permission to pass by, the teacher looked at me and he frowned at me, he said choleric:

—“take a seat”. I followed the command and I began to take notes.

For no reason I felt overwhelmed, my body started sweating uncontrollably, every sound became acutest , my sight was clouded; my nerves started to change, my heartbeats were faster, for a moment I lost consciousness; when I woke up, I was in a dark, windowless room, completely alone, I got goosebumps , I started listening to whispers all over the place, I could not figure out what they were saying but I heard their distant voices.

I wanted to cry, I was full of fear. My tears always dropped down when this feeling attack me.

I was not ten years old anymore; I am nineteen, but it does not matter , it was the only way to feel free.

I heard chains being dragged, by the sound I deduced that they were heavy. His rapid breathing was getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes hopeful that he would leave but he was not, in fact he was behind me. He tighted my neck with his long hands; for a moment I thought I would died suffocated and I was right. I could hardly breath, anyway I asked him frightened:

— Who are you? What do you what from me?

He did not answer, I looked down and I saw how long his nails were. That creature belonged to another place, he had a putrid odor that filtered my stomach. His pale skin, red eyes without iris, curved, tall and skinny body could not get out of my mind. He ignored my question and said :

— You belong to me.

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