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It was in that sea of guilt, hatred, envy and anger that she swore revenge. For everything he caused, lies he told and tracks he left, she swore. For the pain he caused, for the fruit he left in her womb, and the humiliation she went through, she swore revenge. Angelina promised vengeance to Vicente, she vowed to expose unspoken truths.

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Angelina has always been insecure about her hair, from which she has been bullied since childhood and was constantly rejected in the group of friends and by people in general. Sometimes she was envious of her sister Rachel, a beautiful girl with long blond hair and blue eyes like the sky. Angelina constantly compared herself to her sister, from her characteristics to her manner. And since these comparisons, a feeling was born, that of envy. At first, Angelina did not pay much attention and denied with her heart, despite everything, she had a feeling of love for her sister, who has always been so good to you.

However, things started to go wrong when he met Vicente, the man his father always took home for meetings, the girl who for life was rejected by everyone and everything for her "witch" hair as they said , she saw there, the man praising her, caressing her, saying words of love. It wasn't long before the two began to have a secret affair and Angelina's heart was in the hands of Count Phantomhive.

On an autumn night, under a tree in a small garden of the mansion, Angelina was with Vicente in deep and un chaste kisses, despite everything, Angelina felt inside her the need for Vicente to take as a wife, but Vicente hid that one relationship. Dalles knew very well that what she did with the Count was forbidden and wrong, but she did not care, she never cared at all about what society at that time imposed on women, she always hated that and was very out of it. from the box always giving your father headaches.

The young girl was looking forward to a marriage proposal, in secrets in her thoughts, yearned for it, yearned for her father to call and announce her engagement to Count Phantomhive, believed faithfully in her heart and believed in the vows of love of the man who so much he said to himself, he wanted to believe that that different and loving man with him would do it for himself.

That love that for men was forbidden, because a girl who kisses a man without being married to him, a family girl was not, those were the thoughts not only of Vicente, but of society at that time. The earl was aware of what he was doing, and thought of a "maybe" with the red-haired woman, he knew, that the girl's father wanted him to marry Rachel, who for her was a beautiful girl, but the his charm was for that insistent girl who wanted to be a doctor at any cost, she was great, he admired the girl's courage and strength, that was what he liked.

But as predicted by the boy, Rachel's hand was delivered, and to the girl's disappointment he swore to love, she felt shaken. Even in the face of her sister's marriage to her brother-in-law, and the latter who insisted on continuing the relationship, the woman took the attitude, the attitude she never thought she had, the attitude she got sick and hated, of being the lover.

It devastated her, she loved her sister and she felt guilty for continuing this relationship, in which the Count swore that there was no love at all, she felt that she loved them both and did not know which one she would choose. Her dear sister, who before the Count, always taught her to love herself and loved her as she was. Or Vicente, the first man who noticed her, praised her, and loved her - in her view - she was confused and didn't know who to choose, and in the midst of this confusion, this relationship dragged on for days, months and years.

Some time later, she got the college she so longed for, even with her father's rebuke, she finally managed to become a doctor. Until the thud came to her, she was pregnant and was being promised to another man, desperate, sought out the one she loved, and in return, received rejection and humiliation, saw him promise the world and funds to his sister. Disconsolate, alone, and angry at the attitudes she and he committed and filled with bitter feelings of guilt, envy and pain, Angelina took another step, the attitude of revenge.

For a moment she thought about having an abortion, but she thought about the child she believed was not to blame, so she decided to raise that baby in secret with the Baron, asking her father to speed up the wedding. Angelina broke off her relationship with Vicente, swearing vengeance, and the earl did not listen to her, thought that the woman's revenge was marriage to Baron Burnett, and did not worry, following his life betraying Rachell with other women he came to know of the redhead later. thus increasing his hatred and disappointment for man.

Requested and carried out, the girl's wedding was quick, in a following week. Even though the daughter's attitude was strange, her father did not contest it.

The young, rich and beautiful baron took the attention of Angelina, who was affectionately dubbed by him as Madame Red. After the honeymoon and a few weeks, her pregnancy was announced, despite how fast that was, the man did not suspect, and believed in the woman. The man was happy with the pregnancy and swore it was the boy and called his belly by a name and made the woman swear on laughter that she would put that name as soon as she was born, and the woman accepted it, all that made the redhead laugh, because she felt the opposite even so, she was happy.

For a moment, Angelina forgot Count Phantomhive, but when she remembered the man's side, the pain, the guilt was taken from her and soon her feeling came like a punch. Swearing to God and the world, she vowed revenge, prayed, that when that happened, she could have peace, even if it meant dying at the hands of her father, her husband or the royal court.

But the unexpected happened, on a business trip that her husband was taking, the man died after a serious accident in the carriage with only her and her son left in her womb. Grief took her, she prayed to be healthy and not to do anything stupid, her beloved and dear sister became her safe spot, and that only made her guilt grow and she cried day and night for everything she did, the mixture of those feelings always came even you, and everything in your mind made it one thing, hate.

And so, Angelina swore vengeance to God, blinded by hatred and envy. Hate for Vincente, and envy of the sister to whom she had the man she loved so much and who was disgusting. She was aware of her blindness, but she refused to heal herself from it. Starting then, Angelina's plan for revenge, she would take revenge and expose untold truths about that man in the mask of a good boy, who had no good boy.

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