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Love Kills

As a devout Spiritualist enjoying simple things as meals alone seem divine when the world is spinning ferociously. Zucchini noodles, mixed vegetables and tofu was the delicacy of the evening alonged with lemoned water. I felt vibrations coming from the phone before it began to ring. It reeked of despair. But not ordinary despair. Undistinguished. "Hello", said Bokemet. "Hello" replied Hattie Mae Dixon. "How you doing? My name is Hattie. Are you a worker? Reverend Pastor Roy Charles referred me to you. I heard you was a powerful prayer warrior....

It was at this point that my delicacies were no more of its essence yet I was intrigued to see how I may could help this woman. Ms. Hattie said, "I need your help with a situation. It's a man I have been seeing for a few years now. He hasn't been contacting me like he used to. He loves me. He loves me now! But I just don't know what's going on.."

I was so glad we were not face-to-face because I was shocked by her request being of love at an age of seventy-three. I immediately removed such judgemental thoughts. Took in a deep breath.. and said, "Is he married? How long have yall been in a relationship?" She responded, " twenty-five years off and on. I believe he is back with my cousin. I took him from her and now she's mad. I believe she put something in my yard. I've been having landlord issues and I have never had landlord issues in my life. I pays my Bill's on time or early." I flag for waitress to come being me my bill. I want the waitress to "bein ondalay". A cigarette is needed now. As I get into my car I inform Ms. Hattie that she would have to get a reading to determine if there was anything that could or should be done. At first she hesitated but shortly afterwards she agreed to contact me again for the reading.

Ten days had passed the Ms. Hattie called to schedule and purchase her appointment for a divine spiritual reading. I set her appointment for two days later.

Ms. Hattie was prompt and ready at ten-thirty that morning. After I explained that the reading would be typed out for her convenience and afterwards she could call me and ask any questions she agreed. I properly ended the call and started the reading. Within the reading Spirit spoke of the man not belonging to her and in her pursuit of him she will lose great things she has worked hard to obtain. Of course, I shared this important information with Ms. Hattie. She was more intrested in the part of the reading that spoke of a few coins coming her way. Although, I did include that she should be mindful to save for a rainy day she did not connect that with that money. She blew the money within a month. Ms. Hattie was displeased that I didn't eagerly jump on her proposition.

About eight months later I ran into Ms. Hattie Mae at the grocery store. I was happy to see her! She looked a little worried. She asked if she could call me to set another appointment for a reading because things were getting out of hand. I assured her she could and gave her my card. Moments later Ms. Hattie explained that she was getting evicted. i asked her was she still involved with that man. She giggled. I asked her did she save up some money for the move. She told me that she loaned majority of the money out and now no one can pay back because they can not work due to quarantine. Ms. Hattie had one week to move her things out of the house she knew as home. With no where known to go, income monthly of $883, and car payment of $376 that insurance was an added $164.

I shook my head and let a loud sigh. "Ms. Hattie i told you, you would lose everything if you continue to see this man. Is he worth all of this negativity that has entered your life? Even you said you had never had issues with your landlord's. That is not your soulmate Ms. Hattie. That is your cousin's soul mate. Let him GO!"

Ms. Hattie asked for a medicines to ease the pain in her heart and the yearning for his touch. I started creating it immediately. I made an oil of Balm of Gilead, carnation, lavender, basil and rose. I used the oil on white, brown and pink candles. I told her to take a bath with salt and vinegar with a white candle and use Psalms sixty-nine through seventy-two. Within forty-five days Ms. Hattie had another vehicle and double wide trailer on a private lot.


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