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Catherine Jones, a 16 year old teen has to face the struggles of coming back to her old town. She meets her childhood friend Josiah again, however, he is not the same as before. He is hiding a secret. In this story they both face the challenges of the secrets and pasts they hide. How will this turn out?

Romance Romance jeune adulte Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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~No one's POV~

Donovan Jones watches as his daughter and her best friend, Josiah Ajax, run around the back yard. He smiles softly at the memories of when they were just kids, he remembered when Josiah and Catherine were running on the beach and she tripped. He had helped her up and checked on her like a big brother always did for his sister. He remembers as she cried because she had fallen on seashells and thought she killed a thousand hermit crabs. He laughs at the thought.

Catherine and Josiah have been inseparable for years, and he gained a solemn look on his face as he remembered why they had to go. Josiah has been desperately trying to get Catherine to feeling better after her mother’s death. Donavon was happy to see how Josiah had succeeded to do just that in the short span of a week. He was afraid he wouldn't see his little girl's smile for a long time after tomorrow. Her mother had a history of debts behind her, hospital debts, to loan debts from college. Donovan wished he could stay as much as Catherine would. But unfortunately, he got behind on the mortgage this month and the bank is taking the house away due to the significant decline in his credit to his late wife. So he called his mom and she agreed to let them stay with her until the were economically ready to be on their own again.

"Catherine? Sweetheart?" He calls out to her, motioning for her to come over. She smiles and skips over to him. Even though she was eleven she still had the carefree spirit of a seven-year-old. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, he was glad to see that he still had time with his baby girl.

"Yes, daddy?" he smiled at the nickname, she had always called him that. He thought she would've stopped when she got picked on by the other kids about it but she never did. She always kept a smile on her face and accepted that "They just don't have a good enough relationship with their daddy to call him that." She always told me. The smile starts to fade as he remembered that he had to tell her the most heartbreaking thing.

"Baby girl, I am so, so sorry." He began to apologize frantically as she cocked her head to the side a little bit, confused. He hugs her. "We have to move, I know this is sudden bu-" she cuts him off.

"Move? Move where?" He looks at her and then looks at the ground scared of her upcoming reaction.

"To your grandmother's sweetie... I can no longer afford for us to live here. We will be moving with her until I can get us back to where we need to be." Catherine stared into his eyes trying to take in all of her newly gained knowledge.

"Is Joey coming with us?" She asks smiling, she loves her grandma. Probably her next favorite person beside Josiah. Donovan shakes his head.

"Baby... me and you are going. No one else, Josiah has to stay behind. I am sorry." She begins to tear up and Donovan's heart begins to break. He hated when his baby cried.

"But why? I need Joey, he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, daddy! I can't leave him!!" she cries out and Josiah comforts her as he heard the whole conversation from afar.

"Caty, listen to your father. He is only doing the best for you. I promise to come and visit all the time if that is ok with Mrs.Jones." Donavon looked at Josiah, secretly praising him for his help and maturity in the situation.

"B-but Joey-" He puts a hand over her mouth to shut her up.

"No buts Caty, listen to me, you have to go. It's not like this is goodbye forever right and besides when do you leave?" He asks after reassuring her. Donavon holds up 1 finger and Josiah takes the hint.

"Okay, Cat. You leave in a day, so how about we make the most of it! Let’s go make a time capsule so when you come back we can dig it up and remember the past memories together?" He smiles softly to keep her calm and collected. He always did seem to have that charm on her, to keep her calm and to make her pretty much do anything he wanted. Not that she minded any.

"Okay... But you have to promise me okay. No matter what we will dig this up again one day-" She says unsure about the idea but going along with it as well. He smiles brightly and holds out his pinkie.

"I pinkie promise! When you get back it'll be the first thing on my to-do list!" He laughs and she smiles, nodding to the idea in agreement now.


Yesterday, after they had buried the time capsule Josiah's mom had hosted a good-bye party for the Jones. Donavon was so happy to see some old friends from his old job and everyone from Josiah's family. To the Ajax's the Jones were family and belonged there with them. Catherine was so sad she cried herself into a deep slumber in her dad's arms. He was so upset that she had to go through this but it just had to be done. The next day the Ajax's were there as they departed. Catherine and Josiah took the longest; in saying their goodbyes.

"I am gonna miss you Cat." He said, his voice strained from holding back his tears. His best friend since diapers is leaving today and he could do nothing to stop it.

"I'm going to miss you too, Joey. Don't forget about your promise, you have to visit me sometime." He nodded. Catherine got into the car and buckled. She watched as her dad started the car and they pulled away from their new old home. She began crying, wishing that this day had never had to happen...

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