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Life was great for Aadya, an element fairy who specialized in fire magic. She'd always observe humans from afar, with the occasional times that they'd pick her up. However, her world is flipped upside down when she meets Gabriel Kalmar, a vampire who has a secret that he doesn't want her to know. Will they prove the saying "Opposites attract" to be true or will they be two different from each other and experience the ultimate rejection?

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

Ten years ago...

It was a cool, calm night in the middle of October. The leaves were falling from the trees that surrounded the small town of Mythrest. My father and I had just gotten home from the workshop along with my uncle Axis, who was my mother’s brother. We had just sat down for dinner. My mother sat across from me as she filled my plate with food. I had just opened my mouth to take a bite when the four of us heard a woman scream.

My father glanced out the window and saw a black blur pass our house.

“Blow out the candles and hide the food!” He ordered in a hushed voice. I shot up to blow them out, but before anyone could do anything, our front door burst open and a tall, hooded figure stood before us.

“Axis, take Aadya, and run!” My mother screamed.

“How rude, and here I thought fairies always welcomed guests,” the stranger said, lifting his hood and revealing his face. His irises were black as night and the scleras, which should be white, are blood red. Vampire.

“You are not welcome here!” My father protested, “Go, Axis, and take her with you!” My uncle grabbed my hand and the two of us ran.

As I ran, I heard my parents scream, and when I looked through the cracked front door, I saw their lifeless bodies with their heads in the monster’s hands as if they were trophies. My uncle and I fled to the Maidree Forest, which neighbored our small town, and hid there until the invaders left.

Present day...

“Come on, Addy, we’re going to run into traffic if you keep this up!” My best friend and roommate, Celena shouted from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” I shouted back, putting on the finishing touches of my outfit.

“That’s what she said!” She giggled. She’s the unholy one between the two of us. I roll my eyes and walk down the stairs and she was waiting from me at the bottom with her arms crossed.


“Could you have picked a more conservative dress to go to the club in?” She asked, disappointedly. I was wearing a mid-thigh length, red dress that was airy at the bottom. It had a crew neckline that covered my collarbone and straps.

“Believe me, if my uncle wasn’t my neighbor I would be more than happy to wear something else,” I told her.

“How about I lend you a dress and you can just slip that dress over it until we get to the club,” she suggests with a mischievous grin.

“You are truly the devil on my shoulder.” I laugh. She runs upstairs and grabs a dress from her closet. When she returns, she’s holding a rose gold sequin dress.

I took the dress and walked into the downstairs bathroom. After closing the door, I take off the dress that I was currently wearing and slipped into the other dress. The dress was shorter than my other one, only reaching a fourth of the way down my thigh with a deep v-neck that showed my cleavage. The dress hugged my hips, showing off my ass and curves. I walked out of the bathroom, my silver heels clicking on the wooden floor.

“Yes, girl!” Celena cheered, pridefully as I spun around. I slipped my other dress over me to cover up the other side of me that my uncle doesn’t know exists.

“Come on, let’s get going.” I laugh, exiting my house. When I step outside, the summer breeze hits my body. I look over at my uncle’s yard and see him weeding his garden. Our town is small, but we have some technology. Instead of making weapons, the blacksmith has become more of a welder and the bakery now has propane ovens instead of the one gigantic furnace; they replaced it five years after the vampires’ invasion ten years ago because they couldn’t make enough bread in time to meet customer demand.

“Bye, Uncle Axis!” I say before getting into Celena’s car.

“Be safe, girls!” He calls back, going back to his weeding. Celena starts the engine and we begin our journey into the city. It was about a thirty-minute drive not including traffic, so we had a while before we would arrive there.

“You can take off that ugly thing now,” Celena said, keeping her eyes on the road.

I unbuckle my seat belt and pull the red dress over my head and throw it in the backseat. “Oh, I’m so happy that thing is off because it made me feel Closterphobic,” I commented, buckling my seatbelt once again.

When we finally arrive at the club, Celena and I get out of the car and approach the club. It was a tall building that almost looked like a fancy apartment building. The sign read Amor Et Libido, so it was pretty obvious of what we were walking into.

We showed our IDs to the bouncer and entered the building.The loud, booming music filled my ears as we entered the room. There were strippers dancing on poles, creatures of all kinds conversing, dancing, and engaging in unholy acts. This isn't any ordinary club, I conclude with my observations. The bitch lied to me!

"Celena...what kind of club is this?" I ask, putting her on the spot.

"What do you mean? It's a club," she replies, trying to act oblivious.

"You've been here before," I remind her, turning her body towards a couple fucking. "That doesn't look like dancing."

"Well, really this club can be whatever you want it to be, that's the beauty of it!" She says in an attempt to make me see the positive of the situation.

"I'm leaving." I turn around and slam into what feels like a rock. "What the-" I look up to see who the hell was in my way and I'm even more irritated.

"Watch where you're going," the stranger demanded, walking past me.

"Oh, I need a drink," I mumbled, walking over to the bar while Celena goes to the dancefloor. I can find her later.

"What can I get for you, young lady?" The bartender asks, drying a shot glass.

"Two shots of Jack," I tell him. He nods and begins pouring my drink.

"You're new here, aren't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" I let out a breathy laugh.

"It's written all over your face, especially the shock," he says, placing my shots in front of me.

"Well yeah, I mean this isn't a normal club. Who owns it anyway?"

"Gabriel Kalmar," he tells me. All of a sudden, I feel like someone is watching me. I take a shot and turn around, seeing a man in a suit, surrounded by women, staring at me from across the room. I look away and act like I don't see him and take my second shot. After that, I walk onto the dancefloor and shake my ass while Celena is grinding on a werewolf I think? I can't quite tell because mostly everyone is in their human form, but I could have sworn that I saw canines.

After a few hours of grinding on strangers, well Celena was the one grinding and I just danced by myself as the strange man in the corner continued to watch me. He has a dark and powerful aura, meaning he must be part of a powerful, dark family. I continue to ignore him until his staring goes from flattering to downright creepy. So, I confront him.

I stride over to him with determination in my eyes. When I'm in front of him, I give him a stern look. "Is there a reason that you keep staring at me?" I ask, my voice laced with irritation.

"I just find you attractive is all," he replies, smirking. He had a strong jaw and beautiful amber eyes. His short, chocolate brown hair was styled perfectly. Every female on earth would want him; the thirsty women surrounding him made that clear.

"Well, I would appreciate it if you didn't because it's rude and creepy," I say through gritted teeth. He stands up, towering over me, and gives me a flirtatious smile.

"You'll learn to appreciate it." That was all he said before walking away with his herd of thirsty thots trailing behind him. I marched over to Celena and tell her that I want to leave. Without hesitation, she grabs my wrist and we leave the club.

The second that I walked into our medium sized victorian house, I kicked off my shoes and sat on the couch, sighing. I didn't even realize how tired I was until I fell asleep moments later, still in my skimpy dress.

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