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Part 1


Tensura Zogarai was a MAX lvl. Demon lord, his stats were unrivaled by nearly any player…

Tensura stood at the 95th floor of the infinity tower, waiting for the next player to reach his floor. That’s when a warrior-class player came into the room with a five-member party. He was level 500 out of the 1,000 level cap. His teammates were between level 420-450.

“Alright Tensura, I’ve heard from many that you’re the strongest player in Corruption Void, however, all of us combine should be capable of defeating you!”

Tensura wore black armor with a silver heart emblem on his chest with a black cape, boots and glove. He had black hair and eyes glowing in the large darkened room. “You really expect to defeat me at such a mid-range level? Hehe I insist you all go back before you lose the loot you gained from going up the tower”

“Never, me and my team of the pure Guard won’t give up, I Nobuharo Nagasaki, leader of the pure guard guild shall teach you not to look down on players who’s level is lower than yours! Kari, give me some defense while the others do what they do best!”

“Yes sir!” A woman with blue hair in a hooded white robe with a red cross on her torso clapped her palms together as green sparkles of light shined around her. “Holy barrier” A green shield made of mana formed around Tensura as he charged their over-powered opponent.

“For pure guard!” The demon lord sighed as the player threw his sword down with a powerful slash. Tensura didn’t flinch as the blade came down, hitting his shoulder full-force. The team of players watched as the sword shattered to pieces like glass. Both the party and their teammates watched as all that remained was the handle of the blade.

“What!? But this is the sword of Bloodworth! It shouldn’t beak so easily!”

“Poor fools, haven’t you realized, any breakable weapon that’s level 500 and below will shatter on contact. I hope that wasn’t your trump card” A grin grew across his face. Their captain orders an all-out attack against the brute in hopes their combined power is enough to defeat the heartless player. The three party members who were long-range began shooting an onslaught of attacks, two archers and a mage unleashed flaming arrows and bolts of lightning.

Even with their combined efforts, Zogarai stood motionless with their attacks barley having any effect. The arrows broke on contact with the flames and lightning barely taking his HP down. Nobuharo was shocked at the invincibility of their target.

(Why aren’t our attacks having any effects? Surely he doesn’t have immunity to all attack types!)

“I’m sure you’re all wondering why your attacks aren’t working. Well there’s multiple factors, I'm 500 levels above all of you which should be the first red flag for any strategic and rational player, also my ring of Lancaster nullifies any attack that’s half or lower than my ATK power. So than, any last words before you’re all sent back to the low-level city of Ocyria...players such as you will never belong to Lincore, the place of the gods, I alone will be the one who it’s bestowed upon. Dark essence of true despair” A black mist swarmed around the demon lord before spreading out across the large stone tower room, poisoning the entire team.

“Damn it, my HP’s decreasing at an immense rate!” Noubharo fell to his knees with the black mist floating around his body. He looked behind him to see all his team members on the ground as each of their HP reached zero. They vanished in a flash of blue light as if teleported. Right as the guild master’s health was about 2% Tensura released the warrior from the cures, picking him up from his armor's collar.

“Looks like the outcome is clear. Any last words before you’re sent back to your middle-class allies?”

“I hope someone stops you one day, I love a good challenge, but some players will want to reach the top of the tower and fight NPCs, not a selfish player who thinks he’s above everyone else”

“Enough of your rambling, come back when you’re stronger” the max level player pulled out his black katana, piercing it right through his victim’s abdomen. “Be careful of this dark path you’ve chosen” The blonde warrior vanished while the demon lord slit his blade back to his side, walking over to the loot the team dropped in the room. He picked up gold and low-level equipment.

He thought about what the player ad said but brushed it off. (He’s just a mid-level player, what would he know!? I have a right to do what I please in this world, why else would I reach MAX level!?) The dark player opened a rift to Ocyria and walked through it, emerging through the other end where many players took notice.

Ocyria was a small town with stores aligning both sides of the street. They called it the shopping district. The homes were to the east called the commons district. Most lived in small or medium-size wooden houses.

To the west was the upper-class players who lived in near-mansion size houses made of stone. You needed a good amount of gold to live in the upper-class area. Zogarai just used the tower as his home, no need to waste money on a house when he could stay in the tower for free.

South was the training district where low-level players could drain if they didn't want to leave town.

“Hey that’s Tensura Zogarai, the highest-level player in all of Corrupted Void! What’s he doing here in the public area!?” A random warrior said as they watched the player walk into a store walking up to the front desk in a small lobby. “Hi, I'd like to sell this armor”

The black-haired woman in a white dress stood behind the desk and nodded. “I can give you 50K gold for all of it. He sighed at the low price but agreed taking the gold. Their was a bank next door. It was a large stone room with a massive vault door behind the front desk. A man dressed in a black suit with short black hair stood behind the desk.

“Welcome to Ocyria bank, how may we help you?”

“I would like to make a deposit” He looked in his inventory to see he had 10M gold. “I would like to deposit 5 million gold into my account”

“Very good sir” The man bowed as the player watched his money go down to 5M. He took his leave walking out when a level 10 boy tugged on his black armor.

“Ugh, Tensura sir, can you spare 20 pieces of gold?” The demon lord gave him an angered look before back-handing the young boy instantly killing him. Many gasped in shock as the kid reappeared. In the metical inn where all dead players went after death.

“How could you do that to a mere child!?” A woman cried out. The demon lord gave them an emotionless expression when a tall elf with long white hair dressed in a purple mage uniform without the hat and blue eyes stepped out from the crowd of angered and shocked players.

“Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, I'll take care of the demon lord” Many looked at each other thinking: (Who’s that? I’ve never seen that guy before) Zogarai tried to read the elves' stats but all it read was: “???”

“Just who are you? I may not be able to read your stats, but I'm the strongest demon lord in the entire world of Corrupted Void!”

“My name isn’t of importance...You on the other hand have been nothing but selfish, someone like you doesn’t deserve such power. I’ve come to end your evil ways”

“I’d like to see you try!” He said putting his hands up similar to a Kung-fu position. Just then a fierce blue aura swarmed around the elves' body before walking toward the tyrant.

“RRRgh, die!” Tensura throw a punch right for the mage when the caster abruptly evaded the attack. The shockwave of his melee attack sent a wave of force, smashing into a mountain outside the city limits. All watched as it shattered to pieces.

“It’s time for your treachery to end” The dark player realized the mage was behind him when the warrior struck the player’s skull with a strange blue light. All watched as the once invincible demon lord collapsed out cold...

CHAPTER 1 Starting With Nothing

The player awoke in a dark room, he felt lighter, that’s when he realized he wasn’t wearing his demon lord legendary items. “W-where am I? Where are my legendary items!?” He forced himself to his feet to find himself in a small wooden house that was so old it was surprising it was still standing. He looked at his stats to see he was only a lvl. 1.

“What!?” He looked through his inventory to realized it was empty, even his gold was missing. “Alright don’t panic, I put 5M gold in the bank today, I can use that to get back on my feet and kill that elf that did this to me!” He walked into the city only wearing brown rags. That’s when someone recognized him.

“Hehe, hey everyone, the once powerful Tensura is now just a level 1” Many looked at him and started laughing at him. The once great demon lord clinched his fist throwing a punch toward the fat armored man with orange hair. He hit him head on but it only did one damage.

“Heh, what’s wrong demon lord, is that all you got?” All watched as the once powerful Tensura was struck in the jaw, knocking him off his feet.

"Haha! What happened to all that power you had! Now you weaker than evreyone here!"

"That's enough!" Players watched as Nobuharo, the armored warrior that had lost to the tyrant mere hours ago. "He might've been a jerk, but treating him like this doesn't make us any better. He doesn't have friends or even a guild. I will try my best to show him things can be much better when you do things as a team rather than alone"

His 2nd in command Kiri looked at him responding: "Are you sure sir? He was very mean to evreyone, he even hit that poor child in public!" He put his hand on the cleric's head replying: Don't worry, I know what i'm doing. Besides at his level, he wouldn't be able to do anything anyway"

One of the player's got one more punch to his gut before they walked away. Even thought it was a game, players could feel pain as if it were real. The solo player coughed with the air knocked out of him laying on his stomach.

'Tensura, if you join us we can help you make more friends. You can't go around looking down on those lower-level than you" Nagasaki held out his hand but the stubborn player declined. He pushed himself up still feeling the pain from the other player's attack.

"I-I don't need your help, i was able to reach MAX level on my own, surely I can do it again" He weakly walked off back towards the beaten down shed he was forced to call home. He sat up against the wall with the window right above him as the sun went down and moonlight filled the small room as he fell asleep...

[First Day Of Corupped Void]

"Hehe, look at this rookie, he's only a level five and can't even beat the first boss. I was able to beat him at level four!" Tensura tried to fight Kenkura, the first boss of the game which was a level six. It was a He pulled out a short sword, lunging towards his foe for an attack but was back-handed, staggering across the grassy forest, hitting a tree.

"Really noob, you can't even beat the first boss of the game?" A high-level player dressed in knight armor pulled out a long sword with a gold handle and purple gem by his hand. He had long purple hair with green eyes. He slowly approached the beast, unphased by it's bellowing roar. It picked up a large rock, throwng it right for the coming target.

With a sudden slash he broke the bolder in two as the split pieces flew past him hitting the ground. "To easy" He advanced toward the one star boss, evading it's slow but power strikes until the level 50 found an opening. Slashing through the monster as it hit the ground. It faded into millions of pixels until it was gone.

"A player like you is such trash, you'll never be anything more than a low-level player who gets in our way. Just do us all a favor and stop playing, no sense in joining a game you'll never win" the bullies' team mocked the player as he ran of crying.

Tensura sat alone in the forest crying. (I-i will get stronger, stronger than anyone) Just then he heard something ruseling in the bushes nearby. That's when a small but fast goblin jumped out with a small dagger.

In anger Zogarai pulled out his small blade just in time to stop the lvl. 1 goblin's comming attack. He stopped it's blade with his own, kicking the monster square in it's big head.

"If defeating you will get me a step closer to getting stronger, then come at me!" That's when dozens of goblins came pouring out of the bushes charging right at him. He gripped his sword tightly preparing to attack...

In the end he stop above a pile of dead monsters, his level now 15. "I will show them I'm not weak" He continued fighting monsters, growing stronger unti he had finally reached MAX level. "I've done it! Now no one can call me weak anymore. He walked through a crowd of pepole when he bumped into a player dressed in silver armor with a great sword.

"Hey watch where you're goimg!" Tensura regonized their voice, it was the warrior that treated him like crap months ago.

"Erith Veldore..." The knight looked at him confused when he realized who it was, Tensura? But, how did you reach MAX level before my guild!?"

"Who knows, maybe you're not as strong as you think you are" The player gave him an angered look. "So you think you can beat me!? Fine, but let's make things a little more intresting, if i win...i get all your loot and you're account's banded from the game"

"Very well, if i can beat your entire guild, you're all band from the game and i get all your loot as well"

"Hehe, you think you can beat all my guild? I'm sure i'll beat you alone. So fine, i accept your terms" The character of an admin that was in control of the servers and player info, had both players write their names down. The admin character was a huy with short blonde hair dressed in a white robe. Tensura wrote his while Erith wrote his and his guild member's names.

"Let the fight begin!" The adminastrater announced. Many players watched as both players went to the fighting arena and prepared to fight.

"After you low-class" The demon lord taunted. His combatant dashed forward at great speed, the player was suprised at the warriors speed but managed to evade the coming sword slash as it barley missed his left shoulder.

Tensura quickly struck Veldore in the abdomen, sending him flying off the large arena rolling across the dirt. "Heh, seems i got the first shot" Erith stood up, his health still at 90%.

"That was a lucky shot, but i'm just getting started"

"That's what all players say when they know they can't win" The demon lord smirked as his enemy aimed his blade up toward the sky. "Holy lightning, rain down!"A bolt of fierce blue lightning struck the warrior, electricity surged through his body and blade as he prepared another attack.

"Get ready, this boost increases my speed and stregnth! Here i come Zogarai!" Once again the warrior advanced toward his foe at great speed. The demon lord had no time to react as the blade sliced his abdomen. His HP went down to 95%. Erith was sure he could get another strike, he attempted another atack when Tensura pulled out his black katana, stopping his blade.

"Well, have you realized the advantage i have over you, at this rate you're going to lose"

"Quick your bluffing, i can see where nearly even in power, however i can beat you single-handed!"

"Is that right? Then let's see you habdle one of my unique attacks... "Demonic fire spear" Tensura broke from the clash as a spear made from dark-red flames manifested above his head before getting sent right for the knight.

Erith put his blade sideways to block the coming attack. Many watched as the hell fire spear shattered his blade, hitting him right in the chest. The flames then spread to his body as a fierce burning sensation traveled all throughout his body.
He fell to his knees, his body scorched from the imense flames.

Zogarai could see his opponet's health was down to a mere 30% He was out of breath but managed to get back on his feet.

"This can't be happening, i'm the strongest player in the game! I should be the one to reach Lincore, no one else! In a blind rage Velmore charged his foe without thinking. In a split second, the demon lord unleashed a barrage of slashes so fast, all that could be seen was fast moving lines of light.

The audience watched as the level 800 warrior hit the ground. All his items were sent to Zogarai's inventory while he began breaking apart into red pixels fading away.

"Erith Velmore defeated"

"Alright, who's next?" The MAX level player called out. He stood back in the right side of the arena with his arms crossed as his black cape blew in the breeze. That's when the leader's guild showed up. They had two mages and two assasin class players.

One mage wore a red hooded-robe while the other wore a black hooded-robe. Meanwhile the assasins wore black mercanery armor. "We'll make you pay for taking our guild leader away from us! Face the might of Ukaria the name of our guild. I Leonax shall kill you here and take the position of guild leader for my dear lord Erith!"

The party of players attacked him all at once, the assasins threw daggers right for him but missed as the demon lord evaded them with his great speed.

(They're only in the 600's, what makes them think they can beat me. Also, why would Velmore join with players with such a level diffrence, he always hated low-level players, why join up with them? Maybe they were near his level at some point but he got way stronger and thought is was a waste of time to look for a new guild. Or maybe they have the same views as him and saw it as his only way to make friends)

Tensura dashed forward, dodging each projectile that came his way. "Illusion of time" He casted a high-level spell that slowed time down just enough for him to move right up to both mages that stood along side each other, striking a powerful blow into both their abdomens just as his time spell wore off.

Both casters hit the ground with only 20% of HP left. "Just as I thought, most mage players focus more on their power and attack instead of their defense making them the easiest to defeat" Leonax clapped his palms together... "Dagger duplication: All-out attack!"

The demon warrior watched as dozens of daggers appered in flashes of light aimed right for him. The darted at great speed. Tensura stood motionless as the blades struck his black armor before hitting the dirt. His HP was still 85% even after taking so many hits.

“Heh, hahaha! That was nothing, I took your attack head-on and barley lost any of my HP, surely you’ve realized you have no chance in beating me” Their leader grinded his teeth in anger, everyone, we’re going to use magic of unification!” The weak but still alive members nodded as they rushed over to their team leader. They put their palms on their leader’s shoulder as their MP began flowing into him. Leonax began to swarm with a green aura as he aimed his palm right for their foe.

“Dimond shard of unification!” Several people gasped as the large shard manifested in front of the caster’s palm before launching right for the demon. “Demonic spear of fear” Tensura created a shard made of black energy with a red aura swarming around it. The projectiles clashed with fierce power shaking the entire town. The guild members used all their power to keep their shard from getting pushed back while Zogarai watched with a plain expression on his face.

“Together your power is admirable. However, the outcome of this battle is clear. Behold, the power of a MAX level demon lord” His black shard abruptly forced their attack back, hitting them head on. All watched as an immense eruption of light filled the arena before slowly fading. Some gasped as nothing but a scorched crater remained. Red pixels ascended up from the hole before fading away.

“Winner: Tensura Zogarai. As per contract, he will gain all loser’s loot they’ve collected both in their guild and solo” Some cheered for the powerful player while others felt sorry for the defeated and now banned players. The demon lord raised his fist in the air calming victory before making his way over to the infinity tower which was just outside of the town to the north...

[Present Day]

The weak and now human awoke to the sun shining down on him. He sat up looking up at the window. He got up from the dirty wooden floor and looked out the window to see the pure guard guild had set up camp nearby. Their leader looked up to see the once demon lord but now human player walk out of the small shed.

“Good morning, glad to see you’re finally up. My other members aside from Kiri are at the tavern eating breakfast. Let’s hurry over there and get something to eat before we head out on our first boss mission. Tensura was about to reject when he remembered his dream of the past and held in his anger. “Fine, I'll go with you, but only to get stronger and reclaim my title as the demon lord of Ocyria”

Nobuharo was surprised to hear him actually agree. He smiled and nodded as they went over to the large red tent where Kiri was fast asleep on a mat. She only wore a white tank-top with her blue hair now in a ponytail. Tensura waited outside impatient while the blonde warrior gently shook her. “Kiri it’s time to get up. She opened her eyes to see her guild leader kneeling down beside her. She smiled before sitting up.

“Good morning sir, are we heading out for the first mission?”

“No, I have plenty of gold to treat us to a good breakfast. Also, there’s no need to call me sir Kiri, as my 2nd in command I want you to be yourself, I don’t care about all that formal crap”

“Y-yes...Kobuharo” She stood up on the red carpet of their tent where her cleric robe was hanging up in the right corner of the room where she was sleeping. She put it on letting her hair down. “I’m ready to go Kobu” He smiled as she got more comfortable saying her captain’s name. They stepped out of their tent where their guest was watching a red bird flying from tree to tree.

“Alright Tensura we’re headed into the city. The player felt uneasy, he thought about what happened to him yester, getting kicked in the gut and laughed at by everyone. He could feel anxiety building up within him. He walked behind the pair as they entered the town. Zogarai nervously looked around, surprisingly no one was making fun of him.

They entered the bar where the three other members of Nagasaki’s party were. It was the two archers and another warrior he had seen when he fought them but never heard them talk, mainly just support their leader.

“Hey demon lord, glad to see you again, you had amazing power when we fought. You were a little harsh, but I hope to fight you again sometime” Tensura sat at the round large table looking at the archer who was an elf with long orange hair with green eyes dressed in a brown adventurer uniform.

“Please don’t call me demon lord anymore, I no longer deserve that title any longer” The team looked at each other than at him before Kiri asked: “Why?” Anger grew across the man’s face as he responded: “Because I'm nothing but a Low-level human! I’m not worthy of such a title, a demon lord is the strongest and does whatever they want, I was bullied for being a low-rank player by most middle and high-level players. They treated me like I was trash. So I pushed myself to prove them wrong, I grinded on the game for months alone until I was the very first player to reach the MAX level of 1,000. Now all that work is gone. I might’ve won against my taunters a year ago, but now I'm back to square one”

The team actually felt sorry for the player. He might’ve been a jerk, but the players he’s had to deal with weren’t any better. “Don’t worry Tensura, with our help, you’ll reach MAX level much faster. All those jerks who’s hurt you, forget them. If you bully others just like they bullied you won’t make you any better than they are”

The player didn’t say anything, he just chugged a mug of water and stayed silent. Nagasaki sent a PM messaged to their team saying: “We might be getting through to him. I’m not sure how long it will take, but at this rate he might open up more to us” They nodded and finished eating their food.

“Alright, since a party only allows up to five people and this is a mere one-star boss, you two will stay in down while me, Kiri and Zogarai go monster hunting. Alright Zeno and Kiris?” Both archers nodded as the trio went off into the forest. Many players were exploring the forest of all different types of races such as elves, human, undead, dwarf and more. Their average level ranged between 5 to 20.

Not long after walking they found a hidden area in the forest where the large ogre sat there sleeping. Nagasaki handed the player a sword with a silver handle. “Here, this is a strong blade, at your level it’s the strongest I'm able to give you for now” With a sigh he took a step forward. The large green ogre awoke with a ear-piercing roar. Zogarai stood his ground, dashing right for the large monster, his sword gripped tightly in his grasp.

The monster reached for the player when Kiri fired a magic arrow right into the monster's eyes. With his target wide open, Tensura unleashed a combo of aword steikes. The ogre was already at 20% HP when it suddenly back-handed the player across the face, sending his flying backwards a few feet before their cleric used a spell to slow him down.

"Heveanly light" Kiri held her staff up as a green ray of light came down, covering Zogarai until his 50% HP was back to 100% He gave her and nodded a nd planned to attack once more when Nagasaki threw a dagger right into the creature's heart. Blood ran down it's wound before hitting the ground.

[Boss Defeated]

[Level 12 Acheived]

An A.I voice announced. Their party recieved rare weapons but with the two members being up in the 600's, the items they got were basiclly useless they decided to hold onto them until they got back to down and sell them for extra gold. Meanwhile the low-level player got silver battle armor and a rare royal sword with better damage.

[Skill Unlocked: Mana Blade]

"Nice, you unlocked your first skill. That'll come in handy once you get your stats back" Tensura clinched his fit but replied: "You're right, hopfully i'll return as the once invincable demon lord at once was"

"The fastest way to level up is the infinity tower, we can work are way up. You should be powered up by the time we reach the 100th floor" Nobuharo said placing his hand on his ally's shoulder with a smile. Zogarai wanted to knock the warrior's hand away, but since he's been here to help him even after how the once demon lord treated them in their first meeting.

"I never asked you...why are you helping me Nobuharo? After how i treated evreone, why help me? Why not let me lay in the pool of my misfortune?"

The smile faded from the chaptain's face, he turned to Kiri who gave him a sad ecspression. "My brother...he was bullied too...most pepole called him a loser in reality, he was near a mental break down, i could hear him crying in his room often. When this game came out, he was sure things would be diffrent, he'd find friends in this world. Howecer, he didn't count on the same bullies joining the game so soon. They convinced other to treat him as bad in this world as they did reality. One day...my brother went offline and he stayed offline...My mother found him dead in his room, he had comitted suicide"

The player's eyes widened in shock. "His name was Eric, i always saw such pain in his eyes. I had myself remeber that exspression, when we fought, i could tell you weren't evil...you were just filled with pain and hatred. I assume like him, you were treated like trash when you started out. And after what hapened yesterday, you had to endure it once more. But i know you can change, me and Kiri aren't like all those heartless players. You were stubborn, killing players and being a jerk. But you waited in the tower where you exspect hard bosses. You weren't going town to town killing innocent pepole. You hurt that child, but you don't deserve a life of despair"

Tensura tried to hold it in, that's when he broke down in tears. "It was stressful! A game is suppose to be fun, not torure! In real life i didn't have any friends either, just came home and sat in my room alone and unlike Eric...i didn't even have a brother! Mom was always at work and my father wouldn't take the time to know me!"

Both his guildmates sat beside him placing their hand on his shoulders. "I-i don't want to become the demon lord to kill off players anymore...i want to protect those who had to endure the mental pain i had to go through...i...i will regain my powers and when i have, all the one's who dare treat lower players with disrespect, i shall show them the error of their ways"

CHAPTER 2 A New Goal

They made their way back to Ocyria where Nobuharo and Kiri sold their low-level equipment for a total of 1,000 gold. "Hmph, for level 20 items that's a decent amount of gold. Now then, Kiri how many potions do we have all together?"

"Between the both of us we have about 200 potions" Nobuharo smiled responding: "Good, with that amount of potions we should make it very far up the tower. You both wait here, i'm going to fill out a party member request"

Party member requests could be filled out in the guild center. It was for any player that wanted to join a party faster instead of going around asking evreyone. Party hosts could put certain conditions on the request so only certain levels or classes could join their party.

"Thank you for your request, we'll be sure to sent you a notification when a player with your qualifications sents a join request" The woman behind the desk of the lobbly replied.

[Party Member Request Form]

LVL. 20-100





Nobuharo returned to his party as they began making their way over to the infinity tower. "Here we go, this only my 2nd time doing this challnge in over a month and yet i'm doing it two days in a row!" They reached the endless stone tower. The large black gate slowly opened with an echoing squeak. They walked inside as the doors slowly shut behind them.

They found themselves in the first floor. Each floor was a large stone room with stain glass windows and the number of the floor they were on, on a banner on the wall. Tensura watched as a small door on the left corner of the room opened, releasing a horde of level one goblins. His teammates stood back and watched as Zogari charged toward the monsters gripping his blade tightly.

The small green monsters let out screams as they ran towards him. With them onlying being lvl. 1 while he was lvl. 12, he easily sliced his way through the creatures without them being able to lay a hand on them. He was out of breath but untouched.

"Ugh, they might've only been level one, but when there's a whole mob of them coming at you at once, that makes up for it" They watched as the big steel door in front of them slowly opened. They proceeded two the 2nd floor to find a tall buff troll holding a great sword waiting for them. It had gray skin with orange eyes.

"Hmmm, a level 7 troll, he looks far stronger than his stats" Tensura commented. The monster growed charging towards them, the room shaking with each step.

"Guess it's my turn" The armored knight gripped his sword tight still in it's holder... (Now!) In an abrupt movement, Nobuharo made an instant slashing motion before sliding his blade back to it's side. All that could be seen was a line of blue light. Both allies watched as green blood spewed from the creature's abdomen before hitting the ground.

"Looks like i timed it perfectlly. Than again, trolls aren't known for speed anyway"

"That was amazing Nobuharo! You showed that ugly monster who's boss!"

"Heh, are you ok Kiri? Suprised to see you this excited all of a sudden" She blushed as her blue hair fell across the right side of her face.

"Y-yes sir, i'm fine, let's head to the 3rd floor, i'm sure it's my turn to defeat the opponet" In the next floor they were facing two trolls this time, one green and one blue. The green one had no weapons while the blue one had a large hammer.

"Hmph, guess they're trying to save the good ones for the higher floors, whatever, two level 20 trolls can't put a scrach on me!" Both trolls charged right for them in anger when Kiri aimed her wooden staff in their direction, lightning strike!" A fierce bolt of electricity shot out from the trip of her staff as the two fat monsters were send backwards, electricuted by the cleric's powerful attack.

"Suprised to see a cleric have that kind of skill"

"A cleric is a magic-user that uses mostly healing spells but also can learn a few offensive spells on the side. Why be a cleric if i can't even defend myself? That would be such a hole in game to the point most player's wouldn't use the class unless they already had friends to be the offense"

They made their way up to the 4th floor where an elf dressed in rage mage clothing stood with a magic staff that had a blue ball on the top. “Hmph, if you wish to get past, you’re going to have to force your way through. He said pointing the blue crystal ball in their direction. He had long blue hair in a ponytail. Tensura saw the boss’s level which was lvl. 36. He looked at Kiri and Nobuharo who smiled at him as their healer casted a protective barrier equal to her DEF.

Both warriors advanced toward the mage while their healer stayed in the back. “Rain of lightning!” Their foe raised his staff open toward the ceiling as a barrage of lightning strikes came down at a fast rate relentlessly. The pure guard warrior managed to evade each coming strike thanks to his S-rank speed. He was one of the fastest players in Ocyria. Meanwhile Zogarai was struck several times, his shield taking damage at such a fast rate, his barrier would soon break.

(Damn it, only a 20% Chance of Tensura surviving that many lightning strikes in a mere second!) “Skill: Multiplied movement!” Nobuharo’s body outlined in a gold aura as he moved far faster than before. Moving right up to his foe, he decapitated the elf, thereby stopping the lightning strikes. “Phew, for a mere level 36, those lightning strikes were insane, even I almost got hit by one. Their barriers faded and they continued to the 5th floor.

[Level 30 Achieved]

Their next opponent was an undead sorcerer with 10 undead protecting him, multiple of different classes. The trio prepared themselves when two archers fired ice and flaming arrows right for them. The two warriors manage to dodge the coming arrows as they hit the wall. The flame arrow caused a wave of flames like a tiny dome of fire. While the ice arrows took out the flames covering the entire backwall in ice.

“Endless shards of purity!” Raising her staff up, the young cleric summoned a barrage of sharp crystals that went soaring across the room right for them in a fierce bombardment. She lowered her hand to see the group of undead were nothing but a pile of bones. But after a few seconds, the sorcerer aimed his body hand at the pile of bones as a dark purple aura swarmed around his cold bony palm.

The dozens of bones floated up, spiraling together to form a colossal skeleton around the magic caster. “Hehe, prepare yourselves for my trump card, the skeletal giant!” Casting another spell, armor formed around the skeleton with a samurai sword forming in his hand. They saw the creature’s level was now at 50.

“Tensura stay back, at that level he might be strong enough to one-shot you, allow us to handle the hiding coward!”

“Coward!? How dare you disrespect the great undead sorcerer Edon! For that I will crush your first armored knight!” Nobuharo smirked pulling out his blade as the undead giant threw a punch right for his face. Nagasaki managed to stop the coming strike with his blade, the strength of his opponent's strike shaking the entire floor of the tower.

“He stopped it with his mere sword!? That’s blasphemous! Fine! If you’re so egger to make a fool out of me, take this! Hell flame!” A dark red flame shot out from the skull’s mouth, shooting a blaze of dark-red flames in their direction. Kiri sealed herself and Tensura within a barrier while their leader put his blade up toward the coming attack. All witnessed the flames split off into two blasts of fire passing it’s target hitting the walls.

Once the flames had stopped, he threw his blade right for the giant undead monster, impacting it’s skull with the tip of the blade piercing through the forehead of the skull. As the enemy let out a deep bellow that shook the room, Nobuharo jumped into the air, kicking the sword deeper with his foot before backflipping off the end of his blade landing back on his feet as the undead skeleton's skull began cracking apart.

“No my monster!” The giant’s body collapsed on it’s back as it faded away into black smoke. Their target stood there defenseless with no more MP. Nagasaki dashed to his sword, turning around and splitting the undead mage in half. The boss fell to pieces defeated with no one to revive him as he did his undead horde.

“We’re making good progress, on to floor six!” They continued forward, this time their opponent was a vampire, he had long black hair, pale skin and red eyes that glowed in the shaded room.

“Welcome mortals, time to get in a good meal” The foe moved at great speed, he threw his hands out like a dagger, his fingers closed together as he stabbed Tensura in the neck. Kiri used a spell to send a wave of force, knocking the undead creature back. He tasted the blood from his sharp nails. “Hmm, your level is low so I can’t gain much power from it...yet your blood tastes unique, seems at some point you held great power but now it’s gone. (This one’s fascinating...) I’ll make you a deal, if you can fight me one on one and manage to hit me, I'll join your party”

“Why would an NPC want to join a party?” Nobuharo asked. The vampire smirked responding: “I sense this human once had great power, I would like to see what kind of power it was and what it might taste like” Before their leader could respond, Tensura stepped forward with his sword ready.

“Fine you’re on” His party members were surprised but stood back to watch while the vampire advanced right for the player, attempting to stab him in the neck once more.Even though he was only a level 30 battling a level 50, Tensura had hope he could at least land a blow on his opponet. The boss threw his palm out like a dagger, just barley missing his target.

"Impressive, hard to believe you'd dodge such a fast attack given our level gap. Now then, what will you do as an attack?"

"Mana blade, his sword was suddenly engulfed in a red aura like flames. He charged toward his target full speed. In a split second, the vampire unleashed a fierce onslaught of strikes with his sharp nails. The warrior managed to block each one with his blade and watched as sparks flew from the connection of each blow.

"Hehe, this is fun. Sadly i'm going to finish you here, have fun starting from floor one!" His assalient moved at great speed about to stab Zogarai in his gut. That's when the player swung his blade with all his stregnth, piercing through his target's abdomen.

After just mere moments, the long cut across his torso slowly closed until his wound was completly gone. "Well done, how did you manage to get such a clean hit on me even at your level?"

"I knew you'd try an attack like that when you said you're going to finish it. Along with the fact you use simaler attacks involving your nails"

"Seems you're smarter than you look, i said i'd join your party so i'll stand by my word and help you up the tower" He placed his palm on the door, they watched as it slowly opened...


(Have him check his account it has 0 gold in the bank and can't log out)

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