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Some Jecorn for starters :> (i drew the image so it's original) jett is taller acorn wears hoodies

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Jecorn Fluff

Jett sniffled, tears threatening to expose him. Not here, not today, he thought to himself. Acorn was so happy. "Not today," he murmured, unknowingly. Acorn was prancing around, pointing out everything he saw. For a boy raised in downtown Los Angeles, snow was new to him. They'd lived there for so long that Jett thought bringing the younger boy over to visit his parent's house would be a good idea. His parents agreed. It'd also been the first time he'd ever set foot out of California. Jett's parents, who lived in Wisconsin after his maternal grandmother's funeral was set there, decided to let Acorn visit a new place thinking it'd give the boy a chance to experience new things. Jett smiled, reminiscing when he was a kid and acted the same way after he first saw snow. But then he remembered. He wondered about telling Acorn the truth, telling him what was going on, but he didn't have the heart to do it. After his parents split, everything went downhill. His mom was frustrated and sad and most likely had the house looking like a mess. It was before his dad left that Acorn was invited. The boy would be expecting a happy family, full of joy and laughter and love, but would instead get a scared mom and a sad boyfriend. He was a mess. Jett wiped his hot tears using the sleeve of the sweater discreetly so Acorn wouldn't see. That would make him worry and that was the last thing Jett wanted him to do. Just seeing the bright smile on Acorn's face made his heart ache. This was the first time Jett had ever kept something from Acorn. The older boy sighed. He didn't want to ruin their day, nonetheless the week, they'd be spending together. Acorn was staring at the sky, little huffs of breath visible by the quick rise and fall of his chest. The younger boy turned his head and smiled at Jett, who was now staring at him. Those amazing eyes, thought Jett as he placed a water-proof blanket on the ground to sit next to Acorn, who had turned his attention on making snow angels in a pattern where they were holding hands. His little huffs had turned into pants as he stood up to admire his work. Jett had watched him the entire time and nearly forgot about his parents. It doesn't matter right now, he thought. Not when I'm here with the most amazing person I've ever met. His trance led him to fall asleep and soon he was knocked out on the blanket. Acorn smiled, and stepped over Jett and curled up next to him, not forgetting to place a quick kiss on his forehead. And there, on the ground on top of the water-proof blanket, they slept for their very first time in Wisconsin.

Jett woke up in Acorn's small car, warm hands patting his face. "Wake up!" Acorn whispered, excitement in his voice. "We're here...?" Jett muttered. The older boy rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked, his eyes adjusting to the light. A fresh layer of cream paint was on the walls of the big house, opposed to the dull navy it had originally been colored. The roof tiles had all been replaced with darker brown ones and the porch windows were brand-new. "Wow!" Acorn breathed. "I've never seen such a beautiful house in my life!" He wandered around the sides, his eyes big in full admiration. "A lot of it must be new," said Jett, amazed by the beauty of the house. He strolled around the side of the house and walked up to the entrance. He knocked twice and stepped back to let the door open. His mom answered, her wavy black hair up in a messy bun. "Jett?" she asked. She gasped, then wrapped him in a hug. "Oh, I missed you! How've you been? Oh my gosh, you're so big! We have so much to do, I can't wait-" She turned her eyes to focus on the person standing behind him, awkwardly waving at her. "Oh, is this Alex?" she questioned, peering at the small boy. Acorn nervously nodded his head yes, and nearly backed away until Jett's mom hugged him and whispered "Welcome to the family." Acorn was struck with shock, as he had never felt any love or remorse from his parents. How did he feel so familiar with Jett's?
A few hours passed, and the two were starting to feel a bit tired. After spending all afternoon with Jett's mom (which they later found out her name was Elizabeth "But you can call me Liz!"), they were beat and ready to go to bed. Despite that though, they stayed awake and chatted with each other all night. Acorn laughed. "Are you serious? You cannot find a tiny dinosaur at the top of a palm tree," Now it was Jett's turn to laugh. "But it is! Someone found one," They sighed, and it was peacefully quiet until Acorn shifted into Jett's arms. "Hey, um, do you know what exactly happened to your dad? I never saw him," Acorn asked. As soon as the word "dad" came out of the boy's mouth, Jett knew he was screwed. "Uh, well, I'm... they... not sure," was Jett's fumbled response. Acorn immediately saw through the stuttering and knew something was weighing the older boy down. Acorn sighed. "What happened?" he asked, worry making his face frown. "Nothing happened! Why would you think that?" Jett nervously laughed, then looked down, hair tumbling over his one blue eye. "My parents split two weeks ago. I didn't want to tell you because I thought my mom would wear you down. I didn't want to be a burden. Not when you and I and all of us are supposed to be enjoying the holidays and not- ah what's the word- feeling depressed?" Jett looked back up, only to be attacked by a hug from Acorn. "Why did you think you'd be a burden? I- Jett!" Acorn pulled himself away from Jett and dug into his pocket, and what he pulled out of his pocket was the last thing Jett expected. A small ring with a red gem right in the center of it; a ruby for Jett's birthstone. "W-what? Acorn, I can't believe- are you serious? Oh my gosh, how?" Jett was shocked out of his mind. Acorn rolled his eyes. "When are you going to say yes?" asked the boy impatiently. "I- I can't. I'm sorry. I just can't marry you." said Jett sadly. Jett turned away. Tears filled Acorn's eyes and he reached for Jett. But when he pulled out a ring of his own Acorn nearly screamed. "I was going to ask you the same question." A silver ring with a tanzanite gem was pressed flush against lighter blue ones. "Oh my gosh, you chose my birthstone too?" Acorn stared, wide-eyed. Jett chuckled. "Marry me?"

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Jett has heterochromia for those that didn't read the description. Also, Acorn is Alex.
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