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The world of Zyllyön have so many mysteries like people alive. In a remote past, one crown was forged with madness and evil intentions. The klaevdros ethnic have this curse in the land of Vaetaeleaes, one of the most important island of this civilization. In the present, the menace of the awakeness of this crown is in the world of Zyllyön again. One small group goes to Vaetaeleaes from the continent. At the same time, three imperial ships goes to the same destiny from the imperial lands. If they want the crown, first, all of them must try a lethal conquest of Ethereal Herbarium.

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World of Zyllyön

Once upon a time a huge planet wasted and frozen that turned around a star called: Küny. This dead world, one day, was victim of a violent impact from the deep space. A planetoid with wandering orbit, unstable, collided against this wasteland. Burning poison was shoot to the high atmosphere, the clouds of dust took millions of years to disappear. The planet never was the same again. Eventually, the dense clouds went away. The wandering planetoid was merged with the principal planet. The results, millennia after, was the born of a very most huge world with a massive mass, liquid water and good weather for the beginning of all kind of life.

In the future this world will know as: Zyllyön.

After the impact, the primitive world got surrounded by a ring made with crystals, ice and rocks. Millions of years later of evolution, the ring ended up forming a solitary and natural satellite called: Kava. The size of Kava once completed, was a quarter of the diameter of Zyllyön. The orbit of Kava surrounding this world, was leveled off in what is known as cycles of Kava. Each orbit of Kava surround Zyllyön in twenty-eight cycles of Küny. At the same time, one cycle of Küny is the time that Zyllyön takes to give a complete turn on its own axis. Since the most remote and historical age of Zyllyön, is known that Küny throws his luminous and calorific power at the day, while Kava shines with silvery light at night. Is the object most bright in the nightly sky. Thirteen cycles of Kava, divided by four phases each one, generate a cycle of life.

Different civilizations that inhabit today in Zyllyön, have Küny and Kava in them own genesis about the world, beyond of diverse creeds. Almost everyone included it directly or indirectly. Nobody ignores the towering presence of these two. Many calendars yet have a strong connection with the sidereal balance of cosmos, beyond any race or religion. The people have an important social influence, cultural y evolutive derivative of the studying the sky, something inherited by ancestors that in remotes ages inhabited the first citadel of the humankind named: Rdrilveria.

In Rdrilveria lived together people of all the ethnics of Zyllyön, in peace, joined inside the elevated walls with only one religion and language. They had a creed based in deities known as Essentials. This group of gods had the powerful and the responsibility about light, life, creation of beautiful beings and all that have goodness. Likewise, was also attributed to the Essentials kindness or evil alike. They can be benign and maligns, creators and guilty, painful and healers, organize and chaotic. Since centuries, the humankind inhabited the citadel of Rdrilveria with this creed, until that some events forced dogmatics breakdowns.

One bad day, the people could no longer live together and in peace anymore. Differences surfaced and the creed about the Essentials was broke. Almost all the ethnics abandoned Rdrilveria gradually. Massive exodus happened in a simultaneous way. The humankind was disseminated to many corners of Zyllyön from Turbedruv to Turbakrov; from the west coast of the supercontinent with the mythical Micminasz Ocean, to the east coast with the mysterious and unknow Sandulansz Ocean. The ethnics settled in different territories, a few of them disappeared without traces, other ethnics were merged. After the cycle of life zero, exists some of these primal ethnics around the world yet.

Now, this world called Zyllyön is in the cycle of life two thousand eighty-seven, the brutal and dark cycle of an unexpected and surprising conquest of the Ethereal Herbal.


Küny: It pronounced cúuni in Rdrilveria's Language or common language, mother of all the languages.

Zyllyön: Zyl=Infinite beauty; Ly=Soul; Ön=Is part of. It pronounced zíllioon in Rdrilveria's Language.

Turbedruv: North pole of Zyllyön

Turbakrov: South pole of Zyllyön.

Micminasz: It pronounced mítsminass in Rdrilveria's Language or common language.

Sandulansz: It pronounced shándulanss in the language mentioned.

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