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Eyes’ Encounter is a description of a short-lived experience involving attraction and loss of interest.

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Eyes' encounter

It was in Basel, I was quite lost that Sunday, walking along the corridor, looking everywhere, not knowing exactly where and when to stop. I was intimately somewhat disturbed by my worries, already old followers which accompany me during the lunch, dinner and sleeping time, when suddenly we felt strongly attracted to each other.

As he perceived my presence, he laid his eyes on me and the mutual magnetism made us stare for minutes. Without taking our eyes off each other, he approached to see me closely. Without moving more than his instinctive desire commanded, he positioned himself so that he could perhaps better contemplate me.

He observed me, curious as if asking about my world and my being. I had the same behavior towards him. Maybe he was wondering...why does she look so much? What is she looking for? What does she want? What does she have in mind? And so, wondered I; why does he look so much at me? What did he notice especial on me? What is he looking for? What does he want? What does he have in mind?

And our worlds seemed to be intriguing and curious to each other. Which one of us would be the most inquisitive? Which one of us would be the most acquiescent to our prefixed ideas? Which of us would face more worries in our daily lives? Which one of us would be the most prisoner in our worlds? Me on this side? Or him on the other side?

In the depth of his gaze, I could read, "we have a lot in common". Yes, we are both submissive to imprudence, we are both always accompanied by afflictions, and we will both die without answers for everything.

Our instantaneous passion passed in the moment when other people broke this ephemeral attention and aroused in him new interest. There was, of course, a clear second of disappointment.... but more than a minute of strange satisfaction. As if under the effect of enchantment, my gaze followed him until the last moment while he left. It was the end of our flirt. The fish turned sideways and swam in another direction.

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A propos de l’auteur

Margot Schneider Margot Schneider é o pseudônimo adotado pela escritora brasileira, nascida em Santos. Mudou-se para São Paulo, estudou Ciências da Computação o que lhe permitiu mais tarde trabalhar como desenvolvedora de sistemas de informação na Suíça, onde mora desde o ano 2000. A escritora adora tocar piano, violão, ler, viajar, conhecer gente, conversar, aprender outras culturas, novas línguas e atualmente só usa os computadores para trocar e-mails e escrever, mais uma paixão descoberta.

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