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「How willing are you to find someone who shared a bond with you, even if it is in the next life? 」 AU Post canon - Egyptian Gods and Reincarnations: One Shot where the reunion of two beings that were close and distant at the same time in their past and present. -There will be use of some technical terms typical of Egyptian mythology as well as manhwa-based events with own things that come out of my imagination for this alternative universe. -You can consider this as a possible "Prequel" for the Long Fic "Reunion" that I will hold at Manhwa mingo. -For now there is no defined main couple, but there are strokes of a friendly HorusxSeth (for now), in the Long fic if there will be other established couples. (be hetero and / or Bl) -Adult vocabulary. -There will be action (my side Shounen comes out). - Those who have read me know that they will have at least small touches of humor. Cover : based in the Official Arts. Original Author and Draws: Sharay A.-ENG (Sharayanime) Beta Readder and Translator: SalemAyuzawa

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°《Author's Clarification & Disclaimer 》°

Hello everyone! For those who are new and who do not know me, I introduce myself: In my social networks I am known as Sharayanime and I specialize in making Original Art, Fanarts or Comics of any subject since I am an Illustrator (and in fact, I used to upload them here in small Spanish Fanbooks) and thanks to the support of several friends they encouraged me to write funny Spanish stories (I warn that I am a multishiper xD so I write everything)

For those who already know me in this place, her friend "La Shary" (or author and illustrator-fail xD) has returned

I have to relive from the depths of my grave with this immeasurable experiment, I say Mini Project! (By the way, I thank SalemAyuzawa for helping me translate this in English and make it look nice) and here I will mention certain details:

1. As it indicates, the following Fanfic is an AU of Egyptian Gods and Reincarnations, whose base lies in the events already known in the Manhwa Ennead shown as something past in the characters and the new changes that I will make when making it with the current era emphasizing OSIRIS, SETH and their memories as brothers. (and that by the way, due to a drawing I made imagining what the kind Egyptian piccolo would be like before it rotted in what we see today, it was that this whole thing was born xD) askhdgasdg Nobody takes away the idea that that green cucumber was damaged when he was pharaoh TOT or when he grew up and saw Seth as something else.

2. Take as Reincarnation or rebirth as: the way a good soul has to be reborn or the second chance of a soul that once did evil that when sacrificed for others can be claimed and thus exile its old sins. Like Thot, Seth and Matt died in battle, their rebirth or reincarnation will be like humans (their names change), but not everyone has their ancestral lineage making them guardians (when they are guardians they use their old name). in the case of Osiris ... who knows how he did xD

3. For obvious reasons in this story, you can consider it as a futuristic prequel, because it lends itself to develop a longer fic, and if I do I will name it "Reunion" and I will delve much more into the events that led me to this strange mixeo xD and even apply more things, objects and customs of Egyptian mythology that I can't pull one in this one shot xD. oh yes, the narrative that I used changed full and the same in its content, (it is serious although I do not deprive myself of putting some humor at the appropriate times) I hope and my experiment worked (and I hope that Naty does not kill me for my mockery with the times xD fuck)

The Ennead characters used here belong to MOJITO. about me, only the fanarts I made or the narration created must belong to me.

♧ [Forbidden to relocate in other places without my permission] ♧

Well, with that ready, have a lot of fun and thanks for reading!

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