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The third of the 3 part saga Ciella now at the end of her rope, tries for the last time to save her relationship with Lewis, but will their love survive the wave of change.

#24 Dan Romance #13 Dan Romance jeune adulte Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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New Year, Same Attitudes, New Drama

I never thought Lewis would become so cold and distant, he rarely even talks to me anymore and when I try, he just says he wants to be "alone". We had an argument about it, I'm trying to understand what I did for him to avoid me like that. January 7th was his birthday, he didn't even bother having me with his boys to celebrate with him that night. I sat down in the living room waiting for him to come home and when he did, I thought maybe I could treat him to some, adult fun.

"Welcome home, my love"

I said getting of the couch to hug him. Lewis saw me coming and took the earphones out of his ears and placed his phone down.

"Hey, I'm really sorry about my attitude lately. Nicole and I had a massive fight, so I needed time to myself"

I stopped and looked at him.

"Oh, maybe now you can dump her and get on with your life, right"

Lewis stared at me and shrugged before picking his phone up and sitting down on the couch. Roscoe came running and jumped on the couch, laying beside Lewis.

"I thought maybe we could have some fun, since it's your birthday"

I added. Lewis remained sitting down, typing away on his phone. I walked over to him and sat beside him, curious about what he was typing. I got a glimpse of a familiar name and a text from them, but couldn't read it since as soon as Lewis knew I could see, he jerked around.

"Could you not do that"

He said, still typing away. I furrowed my brows, stood up and looked at him, growing furious.

"Lewis, who the fuck are you typing to"

He looked up at me, a brow furrowed and a scowl across his lips. Something was wrong and I demanded an answer.

"Nicole, why"

He replied. I rolled my eyes.

"What did she say to you"

Lewis looked back up at me then back down at his phone.

"You don't want to know. it was ugly"

He said his eyes fixated.

"Tell me, David"

Lewis stopped and looked up at me as he lowered his phone to his lap. He was taken aback by me using his nickname. He stayed silent before getting up and walking to the bedroom.

"I'm tired, good night"

He said, before disappearing and the light turning off in our bedroom. I walked in seeing Lewis in bed, asleep. I took his phone and looked through it, he was indeed taking to Nicole. I messaged her and hoped she would respond.

- Hey, bitch, I see you haven't left us alone

-Yeah maybe because he is MY boyfriend. He may be your husband now, but he is going to leave you so fucking fast. He rather was married to me because I was there last year, you are such a fucking coward.

- Bitch, you want all his attention, AT LEAST I support his career

- At least I ain't a young skank like you.

- At least he married me

- Well news flash, he never wanted to break up. He only said that to distract you from our relationship. He never wanted you to find out, but I guess I have to tell you, since he won't. And no, I'm not lying. I can show you photos. if you unblock me on Instagram

- Fine.

I did as told and unblocked her then she sent me the messages. I couldn't even believe my eyes. He actually really wanted this to be a secret and pretend he was in love with me. He never really loved me, it was all a fucking game.

- See, I warned you, you never listened, will this make you understand. he was mine from the start.

- Y-Yeah, well, he is all yours. Take him back, I don't care anymore.

I could barely even breathe. I was physically shaking that packing my suitcase for the ten-trillionth time was a task. When Lewis awoke from the noise, he sat up and saw me exit out of our bedroom.

"Hey, hey hey hey, where are you going?"

He said, gently grabbing my arm. I pulled away and looked at him disgusted.

"Tell your fucking girlfriend"

I replied before exiting out the door and taking Coco with me. I made it in the elevator and down to the ground floor where I raced out and toward my car. Threw Coco and my baggage in, then started my car, speeding out. The last thing I ever saw was Lewis standing in the road as I drove away.

January 8


Hey guys.

So, a lot has happened, I'm sorry it took so long.

So, after meeting up with Nicole in Paris some time after spending time with Stephanie, she informed me that Lewis had been acting weird with her too. She thought about dumping him finally, but knew he was going to choose me over her. She wanted to be friends and I agree'd since she was honest the whole time.

That aside, I'm staying with Stephanie till Lewis finally makes his decision. I need privacy and time to eventually heal, since this has completely changed my look on love. I will never love another man the way I loved Lewis because he was the longest relationship I ever had.

But I guess, love doesn't last forever.

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