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Humour Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Everything started in a little village with a teenager dreams, his name is Diego, “Diego Vera”. It was 2:00am in the morning when he could not sleep because of all the ideas that were circling on his teenager mind, he was so attentive to all those ideas because all that he was thinking on were things that he loved to do, even if his family does not have the economical recourses for it. He loved acting, so one of his ideas was “how to become a famous and recognized actor”, so there was this beautiful girl that does acting and is the same age as Diego, the bad thing about this girl is that she was too famous, and Diego could never talk with Shay, that was her name “Shay Rudolph” she was so beautiful, long blond hair and a perfect smile.

Diego though that if he could be a close friend or just a friend to her, she could tell him some tips and he could become an actor.

Like Diego could not sleep he start doing pushups so he could get tier and go to bed instantly but that didn´t work because of all those ideas he had. He call Chema “his best friend” he was a little nervous but that was not bad at all, because he had a good personality, he was funny and he knew a lot of things about sports, he loved soccer and golf.

Diego told Chema that he needed to get closer with shay, be friends or just talk with her, Chema took a minute to think about his idea and try to make it better, after some minutes Chema had the best idea on his mind, Chema told Diego that he couldn´t get close to shay if he wasn´t famous, so they start searching for theater programs so Diego could be in tv show, they search a lot of good programs till they found one in town, they start taking a deep look in the program. They found what was the TV show about, how was going to participate on it and what was going to be Diego’s character. It was 5:00am and they didn´t went to bed so Chema hung out the call and went to bed.

The next day Diego woke up at 12:00pm he sleep a lot because last night was a night that he could not forget, his mom left him some breakfast because she left early, when Diego was eating his breakfast, he call the producer of the TV show, “Tom Hither” in the call he sounded like if he was a nice guy but Diego didn´t met him in person yet so he did not know how he was.

Tom toll Diego that he needed to be at 3:00 for the audition, so Diego was running late he needed to take a shower and get ready for the auditions in only 2 hours.

When Diego started his shower it was 1:30, he put some music and turn on the shower, he took the shower like he always do with a dance and the music. When he finished taking the shower it was already 2:00 so he had 1 hour late, the auditions were in the theater, that was going to easily take 1 hour till he get there walking, so he didn´t wait more and took the car, his mom was going to be so pissed at him but he didn´t care because he had something else to do, and that was the auditions.

When he got there it was 2:45 o’clock so he did make to the auditions, but there was this other guy, his name was “Ben Horsley” an old friend of Diego but know he was his enemy, all girls are in love with him because he is so beautiful and his dad is the owner of the biggest company, his father’s name was “Brayan Horsley” the most famous entrepreneur of the city.

The point was that he was the competition for the auditions, Diego believed in his self even if that was not enough, he was convinced that he was going to win those auditions. Tom toll Diego that he need to present a scene, in which the protagonist of the story was scared, he needed to escape from a big prison and a monster was following him trying to kill him. Diego was concentrated but the laughs and the whispers at his back was making him nervous, they were saying that he could not do it. Diego remember a phrase that his grandmother used to say “never let someone tell you that you can’t do something” so he take a big breath and start, at half of performance Tom stopped him, so Diego got so nervous he was asking his self, “did I did something wrong?, is he going to kick me out?, what is happening?, when Tom started talking he said “Diego you don’t need to finish your performance” Diego ask him, why? He answered because you are hired, you are the best participant for this character, you are strong, tall, with a perfect personality, you are simply perfect for the character. Ben claim to Tom and even tried to bribe him, but Tom did not care because he already had his perfect participant “Diego”.

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JV Juan Carlos Vera Espinosa
im so proud at you bro
December 24, 2020, 01:58
JV Juan Carlos Vera Espinosa
Diego you a good writer
December 24, 2020, 01:57
JV Juan Carlos Vera Espinosa
IT WAS A GREAT CHAPTER!!! i really liked it, hope the next 9 chapters are as good like these one.
December 24, 2020, 01:57

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