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The chipettes roles as Super Girls and his adoptive aunts are living in the treehouse near the Seville house of 702 Liberty Lane. Her adoptive giant sidekick nephew CGI animated Dave Seville of Giant boy aka lives in his gigantic clubhouse outside of the backyard, so he assisted them to stop the bad guys and protect the towns.

Non-fiction Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Pilot of Evil Artist Man

Beginning pilot scene in the Chipettes' treehouse of 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... "Bring some oatmeal to our adoptive giant nephew Dave is hungry," Eleanor? "Of course! I will give it to him," Brittany. Her green-clad ten years old chubby sister Chipette Eleanor Miller took this and walked out of the pink front door then headed to his gigantic clubhouse whereas her giant human childish nephew Dave Seville lives in it.

Scene inside the gigantic clubhouse... "I miss my adopted dad Alvin and uncles are on mission at space orbit that I stuck here with my adopted aunts Brittany, Eleanor, and Jeanette now." He sat down on the giant leather tan red stripes white chair near the white tablecloth. "Here's your breakfast oatmeal," Dave. His adopted green-clad chubby aunt Chipette Eleanor Miller came in. "Oh! I pick it now," Aunt Eleanor. Her adoptive human giant nephew Dave Seville took this. "I have to go back my treehouse." She left out of the gigantic front red door.

Meanwhile in the kitchen at the Chipette's treehouse outside of backyard at 702 Liberty Lane of Seville house... "I think our alert computerized is beeping now," Brittany. "Turn it on now," Jeanette. Her pink-clad fabulous leader sister Chipette Brittany Miller said. "Sure! No problem." She agreed with her. "Tell me what's wrong," officer Doris Dangus? "There is a new supervillain evil artist man been spraying his graffiti on our towns is vandalism," Supergirls. He communicates her by his talkie radio. "Don't worry. My sisters and I will be there to stop evil artist man," Officer Doris Dangus. She spoke to him on the technology alarm computerized monitor screen. "Brittany, What's about our Dave?" Her green-clad ten years old chubby sister Chipette Eleanor Miller concerns about it. "He will stay in his gigantic clubhouse while we are going to find evil artist man before it's too late. Let's transform into Supergirls," Eleanor.

After eating... "Aha! Aunt Eleanor! I am finish to eat my breakfast oatmeal. Oh? She and her sistears are flying? All right. I put my cape on with red and white D letter on my light blue shirt that I will be her giant sidekick boy to prove them now!" The Chipettes' adopted giant human childish nephew Dave Seville said.

Since situation spraying on the museum of Towns... "Ha! Perfect! I might vandalism on the target of school. OH!?" "You can't vandalism on that," evil artist man. The chipettes landed on the street near the sidewalks. "Who are you," brats? A CGI animated remake evil artist man puzzled at them. "My sisters and I was supergirls. Are you surrender?" A CGI animated remake pink-clad ten years old leader Chipette Britrany Miller introduced to him recently. "Never! I paint all of you with my stable solid painting gel," Supergirl! He sinister laughter at them. "Grunting! I can't move," Jeanette. "Nor me too," Brittany.

Peeking at behind of the building corner... "Oh no! My adopted aunts are in big trouble!? I have to rescue them now." Her adoptive human CGI animated remake nephew giant boy peeked at this. To be continued...

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