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With a view to becoming future heroes, a new generation of young prospects joins the UA Hero Academia, where ideals and personalities of all kinds will converge, whose destinies will only become intertwined more and more with each encounter and mistakes, discovering that, far from being disparate, they could complement each other more than they could ever have imagined, while, in the dark passageways of uncertainty, the threads of the most unimaginable chaos are woven. Notes: This is the first part of a trilogy (I'm writing the 2nd part). The plot this fanfic is inspired by and the main characters are authored by the magnificent Horikoshi-sensei, the rest is mine. Contains - Graphic descriptions (which will be warned with prior notice) - Lemon mild (for the moment ...) - Sensitive topics (distress, abuse, anxiety, depression) - Imprecations Everything else is cute and beautiful: D (I'm serious). Ships * TodoBaku / BakuTodo (My OTP) * ShinKami * DabiHawks * EraserMic * IzuOcha

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1. New Year


After much meditation, I decided to become a teacher where I couldn’t think setting foot again, UA Hero Academia. The opening ceremony was as monotonous as I imagined it and, after evaluating who would be my students in the entrance exam, I must admit that some of them caught my attention, especially that greenette boy who almost ended up quadriplegic after destroying that robot.

In the same way, the results did not convince me. Since I was here, little or nothing has changed with respect to the evaluation system, except that abilities of a mental nature or whose effects cannot be considered in inanimate objects have not been able to be evaluated properly. Had it not been for my swift action, I would not have ended up on the hero course, but for the rest of the aspirants in the same condition it is a clear disadvantage, especially for Hitoshi. Although he managed to enter 1C, it will be a matter of time before he shows his full potential.

The day after the ceremony, I summoned the boys to training ground. They were understandably surprised, but he wanted to measure their abilities through different physical tests. As I imagined, most of them demonstrated why they ended up in the hero class, although they must continue to improve as Kaminari Denki who is dissociated from reality once he is at the limit of his power or Aoyama Yuga, whose quirk I question may be useful to unless you learn to deal with stomachache. Two of the most notable were Bakugou Katsuki whose ability to create explosions demonstrated great power and dominance, as well as the recommended student, Todoroki Shoto, who despite having skills of ice and fire, only limited himself to using the first, creating an imposing Ice fortress that, had it not been in open space, would have significantly damaged the facility's infrastructure, though I suppose you can't expect less from # 2's son, Endeavor.

But, one of the reasons that motivated me to take this exam is to rule out possible defects that were not fully considered in the entrance exam, such as Midoriya Izuku's obvious inability to master his quirk without ending up disabled after using it, although I must. However, how long would it take before he was out of play before breaking all his bones?

– That's all for today – a collective exhale was heard. – Midoriya – the boy tensed his muscles as he addressed me. – You managed to pass the test, but that does not mean that you pass the rest. After all, a hero must be able to stand not only to fight, but also to save. – I was about to walk away, when his voice, trembling but determined, made me turn to him

– I will do my best to have greater control of my quirk – his eyes gave off the characteristic brightness of any young aspiring hero, but despite his feverish voice, he maintained his posture. I nodded as he went back to the entries, I made by changing "poor" to "moderate" in the skills section of his evolution sheet.


It was time for a test in teams, which had been divided and I was paired with that kind girl Uraraka Ochako, but unfortunately for me, I was the villain who had enough practice being it. Despite the constant mistakes that I had to face while my mind wandered between my past and my present relationship with Kacchan, I managed to face his constant insults and knock him out, hoping that Uraraka could face Iida, that boy who me praised after passing the entrance exam.

After our victory, Kacchan did nothing but a great explosion as he made his way out of the building and I felt exhausted in the rubble and my pulse was full, but satisfied with my performance; he was not significantly injured. I was beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the quirk that was given to me; I want to show All Might that I am a worthy successor.

After leaving the infirmary, I almost lost my composure to find Kacchan, stripped of part of his hero suit, chatting with my mentor and our favorite hero, All Might who advised him to keep going despite setbacks. As always with his surly attitude, he only limited himself to offering him a grimace before said professional left the room, so that only an expression that I had rarely seen Kacchan make would remain; impotence. His hands were made into fists and his gaze was lost on a fixed point on the ground.

I was ready to withdraw, but the sudden change in the blond's face touched me; his fists loosened and his face remained fixed on the monitor. To the surprise, and the growing curiosity, I wanted to get closer to have a better image of the scene and it was not for less. He knew that Mashirao Ojiro and Hagakure Toru were the ones to play the villains, but they were totally overshadowed by Todoroki Shoto, who even outshined his teammate just by freezing the building. Needless to say, I was very impressed. In Prof. Aizawa's exam he had given a sample of his power, but it was still impressive, to such an extent that even Kacchan kept his gaze dumbfounded at the monitor, and to be honest, I didn't know what impressed me: that the Todoroki's team managed to complete the exam in such a short time or that my eternal stalker was intimidated by someone else; knowing him, he knew he would never allow anyone to see that shocked expression.

I was also overwhelmed by that impressive ability, thinking that it is only half of his potential, and that his left side had not manifested until now, even more considering that his father is known for his incredible mastery of fire.

Before I tried my luck even further, I slipped away from the blast user, to join the rest, who when I arrived were whispering about Todoroki's exemplary execution, including All Might, who praised his skill.

After being reprimanded by All Might for being injured during the combat, I ran to catch up with Kacchan because I felt that I owed him an explanation, although I did not give details of my quirk, hoping that he would attack with his uncontrollable fury, I saw a part of my friend of childhood that I never thought I would see: he was crying. Admitting defeat, as well as Yaoyorozu's subsequent feedback regarding our awkward performance, while referring spitefully to who I later understood to be Todoroki (he called him "Half–Half").

With one last grimace, he strode away without looking back, while I held my injured arm. He was right, there was still a lot that we needed to improve, but this was only the first semester of everything that awaited us.


That morning he had woken up drenched in sweat, having that recurring nightmare of when I got the permanent reminder of why I won't give him the pleasure of using my left side.

The driver, as on other occasions, deposited me at the entrance of the academy and again, the murmur began, especially from the girls, which used to manifest once I set foot in the facilities; it was stressful. Sometimes I wish my appearance didn't give away my ancestry.

I settled into my seat while the rest of my classmates were present in the room. Yaoyorozu was one of the first to arrive, who greeted me as soon as she took a seat. Our families have known each other for quite some time, but it was during the referral test that we managed to talk a little more. She had always been very polite and exemplary; it was nice to be with her.

Bakugou, as always, was present with his shrill tone of voice as he made his way between what he called "extras". He dropped with the usual abruptness in his seat that it would not be an exaggeration to think that eventually the piece of furniture would give way to his brutality and end up broken under him. It was remarkable that Kirishima managed to get close to him without his physical or emotional health being damaged by their interactions.

Shortly after, Midoriya, Uraraka and Iida appeared, the latter being the representative of the class and who approached the most confrontational and explosive of all to exhort him to settle down properly, while making mechanical gestures. After the screaming got louder, I just looked at my blank notebook, to clear my mind. The last thing he wanted was remotely related to them.

But despite my attempts to ignore them, the sparks in Bakugou's hands alerted us all, especially Midoriya who understood was his… friend? Which brought me back to the recent exam we had been on. Although he has a bad character, his power is undeniable and as volatile as his personality, whose intensity seemed to increase exponentially with the presence of whom he calls "Deku". I suppose the blond must be resentful for losing to him, whose quirk reminds me of someone else's, but it must be mere chance.

Prof. Aizawa was present and only then did relative calm return to the room.

On my way to be picked up at the entrance to the Academy, my eyes caught a familiar silhouette. Bakugou was training with a punching bag while yelling expletives accompanied by the pronoun he refers to when he despises Midoriya. What a way to get motivated, although now that I think about it, it just gave me an idea for my next training session. Maybe the thought that I hit the old man's face encourages me to improve.

Leaving, I could see Midoriya clearly blushing, perhaps a heat stroke, as he awkwardly walked beside Uraraka, as Iida joined them soon after. Is that what they call "friendship"? I could not delve further into my question as I was interrupted by the car horn assigned to me during my time at UA. Looking out the window on the way to my residence, I looked at my left hand and an almost imperceptible spark escaped from the tip of my index finger. I closed my eyes and focused on the soba plate that I expected to find served by Fuyumi in the company of Natsuo, the only ones I expected to find once I arrived.

I wonder what a cold soba soup prepared by my mother would be like.


After two damn weeks announcing our USJ training, we finally reached such a place. I was numb from the nearly two hours of travel and the constant chatter that Shitty–Hair was trying to extract from me. It only fell silent once we reached the large dome divided into sections of various rooms.

To my dismay, I got paired right up with the red–haired talking rock. Without more to do, we were assigned to the land devastated by an earthquake where we had to carry out rescue processes. What a bummer, I'm supposed to train to be a non–rescue hero. Snorting, I could see that maybe having the walking stone was not so useless, its quirk allowed it to pass through walls quite easily without generating as much debris as my explosions would.

We had not found anyone, but it did not matter because the rescues were left behind in the background as we were interrupted by those who called themselves villains. I must admit that at first, I thought this was a pathetic attempt to intimidate us, but, when one of them lunged at the now unsmiling spiky hair, I knew this was a battle royal, and I couldn't be more excited to face these idiots. I lunged at them easily enough, like insects that they are, watching as my companion's now–standing stripped off his opponents effortlessly.
– We must help others – taking me by the shoulder
– DON’T GIVE ME ORDERS! – having contemplated that beforehand. – Others can deal with weaker villains. We must get rid of the ringleader of this ambush. – I expressed looking around seeking for more villains. His expression changed to a look that gave off detestable flashes, questioning what tone of voice he had used. Ignoring his unpleasant expression, I sped toward the exit with propulsion speed as the other caught up with me.

On the way, it was not difficult to dispose of all the idiots who thought they were capable of facing me. I listened to the insistent complaints of whoever my partner was in this failed exercise to keep my distance as a precaution, because we didn’t know what they were capable of, but I was not willing to give them the opportunity to attack, so it didn’t detract more than to serve me as support. Quicklier, we managed to make our way to the front where the scene we saw was unexpected: on Eraserhead was a tangle of muscles that was not human, on a par with a puny fellow covered with hands near the useless grape, the frog and stupid Deku. An obtuse figure in shades of violet of untidy composition stood on the sidelines. I couldn't quite define the warnings that my ally yelled at me for when I was faced with whatever that thing was. But within seconds, All Might had already annihilated the rest of the villains with enough speed to perceive it at first glance.

However, in the fight, the talking smoke engulfs him, leaving him in a disadvantageous position, forcing me to intervene, despite the restrictions that Shitty–Hair made behind my back. I had been watching the villain long enough to realize that any attempt to get closer to his upper body would take a defensive stance, prompting me to throw myself at him. As I expected, my hands felt something like metal at the height of his neck, and I subdued him by pinning him to the ground.

– I in your place wouldn’t make sudden movements if you don’t want to end up in pieces – making a controlled explosion that made him falter in any escape attempt.

Then the temperature dropped, to reveal that it was Half–Half entering the scene, frowning slightly. It was understandable that he was unscathed, after all his offensive flair couldn't be a match for these morons. We had to make time for All Might to take over.


Had it not been for Hagakure's warning, he would have covered her in ice along with the rest of the villains. We thought it was one of our colleagues when we began to be deliberately attacked. I froze them without mishap. But of one thing he was sure, the rest must also be under attack. One of them tried to catch me off guard, ending up just like the rest. I held his cane while his body covered in ice. Before thinking of doing anything else, I had to find out what this was all about.

– If you don't want to die of hypothermia, tell me what your intentions are – while thickening the ice sheets. Visibly frightened, he went on to confirm our suspicions; we had been attacked, what I did not expect was that it was for the purpose of getting All Might's attention.

– Hagakure, we have to get out of here as soon as possible. – The girl, whose movements I could only follow by her gloves and boots, followed my steps.

Once we were in the open space, I could see in the distance how Bakugou was advancing rapidly to where they were a beaten Prof. Aizawa and a guy covered with hands; they were to be the leaders of this rampage. I suggested Hagakure meet with the rest, ignoring the words that I did not manage to hear when I was heading to where he can then also identify Midoriya, accompanied by two others. This was not a simple exercise; we were at risk.

By the time I got close enough, practically out of nowhere, All Might was subduing an anthropomorphic figure that was making incomprehensible sounds. There was also a kind of purple haze being subdued by Bakugou and the weakling covered in hands. Who the hell were these guys?

Seeing the position All Might was in, I quickly proceeded to freeze the aforementioned monster with a thick layer of ice as Midoriya and Kirishima joined the fight. As I guessed, the pro hero was able to free himself from that thing's grip and regain his composure.

Most disturbing of all, is that, despite the chaotic situation, the guy of gray hair was unchanging, as if it were under control. We must be missing something, and by the time we wanted to react, Bakugou was on the ground and the thing they called Nomu is embedded in one of the walls of the main square. A movement of such speed was only possible for hero number one. Even the blond who was starting to stand up was shocked.

It was just this attack that motivated whoever was apparently the leader of this ambush to direct his attacks at us while All Might dealt with the jet–colored figure of muscles. Between the four of us we managed to neutralize it and it was when the stupor of the final blow that the Nomu shot out with such suddenness that our adversary did nothing but tremble violently as he called "Kurogiri" to the smoke that opened a portal that allowed them to escape.

We were all overwhelmed, the fight that we had just witnessed was not mere chance, but a premeditated attack, and observing the state in which All Might was after concluding the fight, it was a sign that this was just a sample of what that we would face on our way to becoming professional heroes.

As expected, the news reached my old man who, after a long talk with Director Nezu, continued his interrogation with me. I only limited myself to confirming what I had already clarified for him; that it was a surprise attack and that we should attack to defend ourselves. With no intention of continuing our conversation, I withdrew before he futilely lengthened his efforts to obtain information that I clearly did not have. On my way to my room, my peripheral vision briefly caught the photo of my absent brother Touya, and I was just thinking how lucky he was to not be present.

Once we took the classes again, we were informed that both Prof. Aizawa and Miss. 13 were stable, but absent for a few weeks. The classroom was filled with an atmosphere of uncertainty as preparations for the sports festival began to materialize.


For the two days that I was sedated, I only thought about how worried Hizashi must be, who wouldn’t move away from me while I was almost completely immobilized. I felt sore, wrapped in all the bandages like a mummy, while the detectives waited for my condition to improve to do the site investigation regarding the incident at USJ.

– How are you? Does something hurt? You want something to eat? Are you thirsty? Do you need to go to the bathroom? – Seeing how animated he was made me feel even more exhausted. I just limited myself to turning my head in denial. In some contradictory way, having him there was enough. He held a confused look and I just limited myself to taking his hand. Only this gesture was enough to relax the expression on his face for a gentler one. With gesticulations I asked him to hand me the notebook and pencil on the table next to my bed. As a result of the injury to my elbow, I could only write "Hitoshi" accompanied by a question mark.

– He is fine, worried, but fine. He told me he would come to see you this afternoon. – He offered me a shy smile. After seven years, we were still adjusting to this family dynamic, in which we both figured out how to deal with a reserved but mischievous enough teenager to rip off a thirty–year–old man like he was twelve. Somehow, that was their way of interacting.

That night, after he left, I remembered the brutality with which I was attacked by that thing. It is as if it were some kind of anthropomorphic weapon, as if it were an experiment, that even the symbol of peace proved difficult to defeat. If they happen to be mass–manufactured, it will be a difficult task to cope with them.


I plan to put at the end of each chapter a fun fact regarding the creative writing process.

Fact # 1

The name with which I saved the word document at the beginning was "One Step Closer", from the 2nd ending of Fruits Basket, because I love the lyrics and the melody. I invite you to watch the anime or at least listening the song.



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