Cough Smoke

Here I'll share smoking fetish oneshot stories that I've sometimes in my mind... hope enjoy it...

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One night on madam's bed.

Madame Annely was a rich woman who had a maid harem. She always was smoking a cigarette or vaping; she always was exhaling thick clouds of smoke until her maids got covered in a thick mist and cough among her smoke. She usually accustomed to call a maid to play with her at night on her huge bed. She always asked to her maid in turn, what did her like to play.

One night, a maid named Janet was called by Madame Annely to play with her on bed all night. Janet had smoking fetish, coughing fetish and she liked to be tied, and finally, she had a bit of choking fetish.

It was a quiet night on the Annely’s mansion. Janet was near to Annely with her maid uniform and an ashtray in her hands. She was a beautiful white woman with black and long hair, very thin and a middle breast and hips with long thighs that were covered by her long skirt. Annely was a woman with long and red hair, white skin too, thin and an outlined breast with a sensual and soft hip.

Annely was smoking a cigarette while she was checking her drawer with underwear. She changed her clothes in front her maid. Annely was underwear, she dragged her cigarette, and she blew the smoke to Janet’s face.

“Well… it’s your turn… right?” said Annely to her and she put her cigarette on her red lips to inhale it.

“Oh... y... yes ma’am…” responded Janet trying to do not cough.

Annely dragged her cigarette and she did a lot of smoke to Janet. Janet grimaced a little because it was too hard to breathe among that thick smoke to her.

“Well… tell me… what do you like to play?” said Annely to her and she sipped her cigarette and did more smoke to her face. “Ashtray… please…” said Annely. Janet brought the ashtray to Annely and she put the ashes of her cigarette on it while doing a more smoke to her.

Janet hawked a little and responded:

“Ejemh… yes… ma’am…

“It’s okay… cough it… don’t keep smoke inside you…” said Annely. Janet covered her lips softly with her palm of her hand and coughed on it a little to clean up her choking throat. Annely smoked on her face again leaving a lot of smoke and added to her; “Better?” said and she put a hand in her shoulder with sweetness.

“Yes ma’am…” responded Janet while she had fogged her gaze and was breathing shallowed among her smoke.

“So… tell me… what will you like to play? Tell me all…” said Annely and she did the last drag to her cigarette. “Ashtray… please…” she said with smoke in each word and Janet put the ashtray to receive the cigarette butt of Annely.

While she was breathing the thick smoke from exhaling Annely and the smoky ashtray, she responded something uncomfortable.

“I like bondage, and…” she said, and she coughed a pair of times then she added. “and… I like your smoke ma’am; I like when it makes me cough… I think it is a bit of choking fetish…” said the maid.

“Choking fetish?” said Annely surprised. “Argh!” she said, and she took up her Janet’s neck with a hand and tried to strangle her but with sweetness. Maid loved it and she left her to strangle it. “No… I’m not a cruel woman… but I have something that you will love…” added the woman to her.

Annely took up a soft silk red ribbon, a gag ball, and a vibrator from her drawer.

“C’mon... let’s go to bed…” said Annely.

Annely watched Janet with naughty gaze and said:

“Let me undress you…

“Yes ma’am…” responded the maid.

“But… before… I need a cigarette…” said Annely.

“Yes ma’am…” responded the maid.

Janet took from her pockets of long skirt a cigarette pack, and she prepared one cigarette and brought it to Annely.

“Thanks…” responded Annely and softly she aside her long her with her fingers and took up the cigarette with her lips.

Janet back to her pockets and took a lighter, then she lighted up her cigarette.

“Oh… you’re a great maid… so helpful…” said Annely to Janet while smoke was in the air.

“Thanks ma’am…” responded Janet among the cloud of smoke.

Annely laughed a little then, she clapped a pair of times and called another maid.

“Hilaria… please come here…” said Annely.

In a moment Hilaria appeared. She was a young maid too thin, with short and brown hair and white skin.

“Did you call me ma’am?” said the maid softly.

“Oh yes… please, could you give me my special toy for this night?” said Annely.

“Yes ma’am… in a moment…” responded Hilaria.

“Thanks…” said Annely.

Hilaria left the room. Annely sipped her cigarette and caressed Janet’s face a little.

“Well… let me nude you…” said Annely and she dangled her cigarette her lips.

“Yes ma’am…” responded Janet.

Annely soft and sweetly, started to undressed Janet. She removed slowly her dress; she untied the ribbons on her uniform while was smoking. Among of a thick smoke cloud, Janet was underwear, she coughed a little because it was too much smoke. Annely got turned on, and she smoked her cigarette with a deep drag.

“Now bra…” said Annely and she blew smoke to Janet’s face.

“Yes ma’am…” responded Janet among her smoke.

Annely kissed her mouth softly with a little smoke, Janet could taste it. Annely gently removed her brassier and she kissed her nipple delicately with love.

“Now… your pantie…” said to Annely and she blew smoke to Janet.

“Yes ma’am…” responded Janet something red and turned on.

Janet laid out on the bed, Annely took her pantie gently and she started to down it by her thighs, until she arrived at her feet. Janet was opened in front of Annely.

“Beautiful…” said Annely while she was seeing Janet’s crotch open, and she blew smoke to her.

“Ma’am?” said Janet something anxious.

“Okay… time to tied you… ready?” said Annely, then she saw her cigarette. “Oh… where’s my ashtray?” said Annely

Janet rejoined and took her ashtray that was above the shelf near bed.

“Ma’am?” said Janet.

“Oh… sweety… thanks…” said Annely while she put down the ashes in the ashtray.

“Well… let’s to tied you…” said Annely with smoke in each word to Janet.

Annely took the silk red ribbon and she started to tie Janet. She passed the ribbon to her while Janet put her hand behind herself. Annely passed the long ribbon for Janet’s naked body until she got completely immobilization in bed.

“Ready…” said Annely gently.

She took her cigarette from the ashtray that was in bed next to her. She dragged her cigarette, and she blew the smoke to Janet’s face. Janet blinked a little because smoke was a little uncomfortable to her

“Well… this is the next thing…” said Annely while was seeing the gag ball. “So… open your mouth…” said Annely while she approached the gag ball to Janet.

Janet obeyed and she opened her mouth. Annely gagged her.

“Okay… that’s all…” said Annely, suddenly she saw the little vibrator on bed. “Oh… I forgot this…” said Annely.

She saw to Janet; she was tied, and she couldn’t open her crotch to get the vibrator.

“Mmm… okay… let me put this into you…” said Annely.

Annely hugged Janet, she started to caress her and kissed her neck. Then she licked the little vibrator while softly she caressed Janet’s crotch. Slowly and gently, she started to introduce into her the wet vibrator.

Janet started to moan in Annely’s breast, and she trembled a little while Annely was introducing the vibrator into her.

“It’s okay… it’s okay… just a little more… it’s okay, it’s okay…” said Annely while Janet was crying.

In a moment vibrator was inside Janet.

“That’s all…” said Annely and she licked her wet finger. “Well… let me see if this thing works…” added the woman.

Annely took the remote control of the vibrator and she turned it on. Janet started to moan and squirm a lot on the bed. Annely turned off the vibrator.

“Oh… I see…. It works okay…” said Annely.

Just in that moment Hilaria back to the room. She had a box in her hands.

“Oh… thanks…” said Annely.

Annely stood up from bed. Then she got undressed in front the maid. She walked to the shelf and she opened the drawer to take a little black box and a little container. It was her vape and that was it vape juice.

“Hilaria… please… put the box on bed…” ordered gently Annely.

“Yes ma’am…” responded the maid.

She took a sit on bed and opened the pack. It was a gasmask with a large visor, and a translucent plastic tube.

“So… Did you say that you like my smoke, until it makes you cough? Right?” said Annely to Janet while she put the tube on the nozzle of the gasmask.

Janet couldn’t respond properly, because she was gagged, she tried to say “yes ma’am” but she only did a little guttural sound while her lips moved around the gag ball and she tried to sip her saliva escaping from her open mouth, forced per the gag ball.

“Ok… I understand…” said Annely.

Annely approached to Janet and she put kindly the gas mask to her.

“Well…” said Annely and she took her vape and the cigarette pack. “Cigarette or vape?” questioned Annely to Janet while she was showing those stuff.

Janet couldn’t respond, and Annely saw it, for that, she turned to Hilaria and questioned her.

“What do you think? Cigarette or vape?” said Annely.

“Why not the two ma’am?” responded Hilaria.

“Yeah… I like your idea… but, I want to use one first…” said Annely.

“Oh… well… I think…” said Hilaria, she watched with some naughty to Janet in bed tied for a moment and she turned to Annely. “I think I would select cigarette first ma’am…” said Hilaria.

“Okay… I’ll take cigarette first…” said Annely and she took a cigarette from the cigarette pack.

Annely saw to Hilaria and said “Hilaria… please…” and Hilaria quickly, took her lighter from a pocket of her long maid’ skirt. Annely smoked the cigarette while Hilaria was giving the light to her, a lot of smoke appeared among the two women.

“Thanks…” said Annely pleased.

“You’re welcome ma’am…” said Hilaria.

Annnely got closed to Janet and she said “Ready?” then she dragged her cigarette for a long time. Janet only did a guttural sound. In a moment Annely took the tube of the gasmask and she blew the smoke into the tube.

Gasmask got filled with smoke until it fogged its large visor. Janet started to cough too strong, she was despaired for air, she shook herself a little, she wanted to take off the gasmask to breathe air, but she couldn’t. she continued breathing that smoke into the gasmask and she coughed more and stronger.

For each cough, smoke got escaped from the tube, it was its only exit from the closed space of the gasmask, that smoke bounced above Annely’s face, she smiled a little among that smoke and she said:

“It’s okay… It’s okay… Breath all… you said before that you like choking fetish… but I wouldn't strangle you, I'll suffocate you with my smoke… so… breathe it deeply… enjoy it…” then, she dragged her cigarette again, she took a long drag, and she took the tube again. “This is for you…” added with her smoky lips and she blew the smoke into the tube.

Inside the gasmask, Janet watched the smoke, and she breathed it again, she had the gag ball, she couldn’t close her mouth, so smoke got inside her, she could feel how smoke was burning herself until she felt uncomfortable. She couldn’t breathe for much time, she started to cough again, because it was too much smoke, and the odor was too strong for her. She coughed and coughed and coughed while Annely smiled in glad.

Annely saw to Hilaria and she said to her “See this…” then, while Janet was suffering into the smoky gasmask, she turned on the vibrator with the remote control. Janet, suddenly, started to moan while coughing and she squirmed a lot while was tied. She just did guttural sounds while was shaking herself.

“Ha, ha… Oh my… you’re a true sexy woman, I really love you…” said Annely while Janet was coughing and crying. Annely turned off the vibrator then she watched her cigarette and she saw the large ash line. “Oh… Hilaria…” added to the maid.

“Ma’am?” said Hilaria while she brought the ashtray to Annely.

“Oh… thanks…” said Annely and she put down the ashes to the ashtray and left smoke to maid.

Annely watched Janet with lust and she said:

“One drag more… this cigarette has already just little tobacco to burn…

Janet coughed a little weakly, Annely felt a little shame and said:

“It’s okay… c’mon, this is the last drag sweety…

Annely sipped her cigarette until she down the cigarette to the end, then she took the gasmask tube, and she blew the smoke into the gasmask. Janet did a strong guttural sound like a cry while she was receiving the smoke, almost immediately she started to cough.

“It’s okay… it’s okay… enjoy it… enjoy it…” said Annely then she turned on the vibrator.

Annely moaned a lot and she took a huge drag of smoke inside the gasmask and turned cougher. Her breast shook a lot among her own coughs.

“Oh my… I really love you Janet…” said Annely while she started to masturbate in front her while she was in agony.

In a moment, Annely ask for the ashtray to Hilaria to put down the cigarette butt in it. Hilaria received the last and little smoke from that cigarette and turned off the vibrator.

“I wanna kiss you…” thought Annely then she said: “Ok… time for a little break…” said, then she got closed to Janet, to her left. “Hilaria, please, could you remove the mask from Janet?” added to maid.

“Yes ma’am…” nodded Hilaria.

Hilaria got closer to Janet, she was coughing a little weakly, Annely started to moan a little because she was caressing herself panty while was waiting for Hilaria. She took the gasmask gently, and she removed slowly it from Janet’s face. In a moment, a thick smoke cloud escaped from the mask and caressed Hilaria’s face.

“Oh…” exclaimed surprised the maid among the thick and stinky smoke.

“Oh God! That’s so smoky! Did I make that?” mocked Annely while she was fanning the smoke with falsity, pretending surprise.

Janet was salivating a lot, a little bridge of saliva was taking form between the bed and herself, she started to breathe air with glad because Hilaria removed the mask from her. Annely took Janet’s face and she said:

“It’s okay sweety… bad smoke is gone… Breathe air, c’mon… it’s okay… It’s okay…” said while she had her face between her hands. For a moment Annely saw to Hilaria and added as order to her. “Clean up the gasmask Hilaria…”

“Yes ma’am…” nodded the maid, she took the gasmask and she started to clean the soot that was fogging the visor of it.

Then, softly she saw to Janet and said something naughty:

“Let me remove the gag… I wanna kiss you…

Annely removed the gag ball and she saw that the ball was covered with a lot of saliva, her finger got wet for that, then she called Hilaria.

“Hilaria… please…” said Annlye while she gave to her the moistened gag ball.

“Yes ma’am…” responded the maid.

Annely licked her finger in front of Janet, then, she took her face and started to kiss her mouth.

Janet closed her eyes while she was kissing by Annely, then Annely stopped gently and she downed to one of her nipples, she started to kiss Janet’s nipples. Janet grimaced a little while Annely kissed her and did a little guttural sound.

Annely saw to Janet, then she took the remote control of the vibrator and she turned on it. Janet started to squirm on bed while she swallowed her moans, in a few moments, Janet couldn’t resist the vibrator and she started to scream and moan.

“Oh my… I really love your moans and screames… it’s like music to my ears” she said, then she took Janet’s face and then she hugged her. “Please… sing for me…” she said to Janet and she turned off the vibrator.

Gently, Janet started to moan softly in Annely’s ear, she could feel warm and wet Janet’s breath.

Annely got turned on, she started to caress herself. In a moment, Annely couldn’t resist it, and she got complete undressed.

Annely lied down in front of Janet, then, she opened her legs to her. Janet dragged herself to arrive at her crotch, then she started to lick Annely.

Annely started to moan in glad while Janet was licking her. Her nipples got erected and she started to touch herself, after that, she took Jane’s head and she started to smear her in her crotch.

“Oh! Don’t stop that! Oh! You’re incredible!” said Annely.

Then, Annely took the remote control again and she turned on the vibrator. Janet moaned a lot and she tried to lick Annely while the vibrator was working.

“Oh! You’re fantastic sweety!” said Annely while she was masturbating with Janet face.

In that moment Hilaria interrupted her.

“Gasmask and gag ball are ready ma’am…

“Oh… yeah…” exclaimed Annely and she turned off the vibrator. Janet was too agitated and sweating.

Annely took up her stuff, Hilaria was helping Janet to take a sit on the headboard of the bed. In a moment Annely was preparing her vape in front to Janet.

“Well… sweety… Time to back to the gas chamber…” mocked naughty Annely. “Oh… sorry… to the gasmask…” added with a little smile to Janet.

“Yes ma’am…” nodded Janet.

Soon, Annely sipped her vape, and she pointed to Janet with her open mouth, then, quickly, she turned to Hilaria and she blew up all the smoke above her, until she got covered in a thick smoke cloud. Hilaria stayed immutable among the smoke and her little breathe was moving the thick cloud.

Hilaria and Janet saw to each other among the cloud for a moment.

“Oh…” exclaimed Janet red to Hilaria. Hilaria turned her gaze to other side.

The cloud of smoke got scattered in the air until became a mist, in a moment got a little transparent and just stayed the sweet aroma of the Annely’s vape.

Almost Immediately, another smoke cloud appeared among the two girls, it was Annely again, she smoked over the two girls and said:

“It’s okay… kiss her…

“Oh… ma’am?” said Hilaria to Annely.

Annely formed another smoke cloud above the maids, girls could feel the perfume of her vape in the air while breathing together.

“C’mon... just kiss her… I know you want to do it…” said Annely.

“Yes… ma’am…” nodded the maid.

Softly, Hilaria took up Janet’s face and she got closer to her, in a moment, Annely done another smoke cloud over both girls. Hilaria kissed Janet among a dense mist.

While Hilaria kissing Janet, Annely smiled mischievous. Soon, she turned on the vibrator. Janet breathed with despair in an instant and moaned on Hilaria lips while continuing kissing together.

Then, Annely masturbated herself a little, but she got jealous about her kiss. She interrupted them.

“Ejem… so… well… time to back…” said Annely and she turned off the vibrator.

Hilaria stopped her kiss and nodded “Yes ma’am” a little indifferent.

“So… Hilaria… gag Janet and put her gasmask…” ordered Annely.

“Yes ma’am…” said Hilaria while took up the gag ball.

Hilaria gagged Janet and then she put the gasmask to Janet face.

“Well… time to vape…” said Annely anxious.

Annely took up tube of Janet’s gasmask and she inhaled her vape. She blew smoke into the tube and gasmask was filling until it got overflow inside. Janet could feel the sweet smell of Annely’s vape too concentrated, and she was swallowing the smoke on each inhale of her breathe. Gasmask was so fogged inside Janet could see nothing outside the mask.

Annely saw that Janet was no coughing and said:

“Vape is too cool, but, I need too much smoke in a very closed space to made you cough… so… here come the second blow…” said Annely and she sipped her vape.

Annely took the tube again and she blew smoke to the mask. Janet couldn’t breathe, because there was no air, smoke got inside the mask into her while was breathing. In a moment, among a monstrous thick smoke haze inside the mask, Janet began cough a lot.

“Oh… that’s it…” said Annely in glad and turned on, then, she turned on the vibrator.

Janet shivered a lot and started to cry inside the mask while breathing smoke for each moan. Inside the mask smelled as perfume but steam was too concentrated, Janet could feel her throat irritated by the amount of smoke that she breathed done.

“Well… last drag my beauty…” said Annely and she sipped her vape.

Annely took up the tube again and she filled the gasmask. Janet only coughed and coughed inside there. Hilaria got a little jealous. Annely saw to her and said:

“It’s okay… next time it will be your turn…

Annely kissed her in her mouth and then, Hilaria nodded “Yes ma’am”.

Annely turned back to Janet, she is continuing coughing choking in her smoke. Gently she took her nipples and she kissed her. Vibrator was on, and Janet was feeling tired, her moans were weak and soft, she was breathing all the smoke in the gasmask and that didn’t get cleaned.

After a bit, Annely told Hilaria.

“Well… Hilaria… unmask Janet and untied her please…” she said and she turned off the vibrator.

“Yes ma’am…” said Hilaria.

Hilaria took up the gasmask, and she unmasked Janet, she could feel the smell of the smoke like a soft perfume. Janet shivered in her own cough trying to breath properly while Hilaria was untying her.

Annely was watching them, then, she ligted a cigarette. Hilaria ungagged Janet and then, Annely hugged her.

Janet was sweating and weak, she felt herself too tired on the bed while breathing softly. Gently Annely dragged her cigarette and she blew the smoke to Janet’s face and said:

“It’s okay sweety… bad smoke is gone… It’s okay… I’m with you now…

“Ma’am…?” said Janet to accomplished while she was receiving a smoke cloud blew Annely.

Annely dragged her cigarette again and she kissed Janet, smoke covered both girls. Hilaria was seeing the smoke around them and herself, she noted that Annely’s cigarette had a long column of ashes and the took the ashtray.

“Ma’am?” said Hilaria to Annely while brought it.

“Oh… thanks…” said Annely and she put down the ashes on it. Smoked bounced above Hilaria’s face.

Annely watched Hilaria was covered by smoke too, and she took her and kissed in her mouth. Then Annely lay down in bed with naked Janet. Annely called Hilaria.

“C’mon…” she said.

“Yes ma’am…” responded Hilaria.

Annely sipped her cigarette until the end and she blew a thick cloud of smoke over the maid. Hilaria hawked a little because smoke was too hard to breathe, the Annely put down the remained cigarette butt on the ashtray while doing more smoke with it and with the remained smoke on her own breath. In a moment, Annely hugged Hilaria and Janet. Both girls had her faces in her nude body and felt her nipples while Annley had her faces on herself in her hug.

“Gals… I’m really glad with you… thanks…” said Annely in glad.

“Thanks ma’am…” said both maids while was receiving her nipples in her faces and felt the softly and sweety smell of burned tobacco and vape on her skin.

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