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Moosak Raj, the king of rats had become old. His only daughter, Chuniya was of marriageable age. Moosak Raj had given a good education to his daughter. He and his wife decided to hold a Swayamvar for their daughter so that she could select a groom of her choice.

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A short story inspired by an Aesop Fable

Moosak Raj, the king of rats had become old. His only daughter, Chu-niya was of marriageable age. Moosak Raj had given a good education to his daughter. He and his wife decided to hold a Swayamvar for their daughter so that she could select a groom of her choice. Many local and foreign marriageable young rats assembled to participate in the event. Chuniya garlanded the prince Kutarbeer of a neighboring state and selected him to be her life partner.

The wedding date was fixed for the full moon day after one month. Moosak Raj started preparations for his daughter's marriage with great zeal. A few groups of youth rats were sent to the neighboring towns to bring grains. Sweet fruit trees were marked in the forest. New and huge holes were dug for the stay of the bridegroom's party.

Moosak Raj sent invitations to all the animals in the forest. He also in-vited the King of the forest lion Sher Singh.

On the other hand, the local rats rejected by Chuniya in the swayamvar and their families were angry with the Musak Raj and his family. They wanted to humiliate the Musak Raj. They started provoking local people. They said to them, "Mookak Raj has done great harm to the local society by accepting foreign son-in-law. Hundreds of rats will come from the neighboring state in the marriage and will eat and finish the food grains of our state. As well as Musak Raj has called all the animals of the forest including Sher Singh. By the way, they may not come to a rat's wedding. If a big beast comes and something went wrong, then our lives will be in danger. "

When people asked them, "What should we do?"

So they advise, "We should boycott this marriage. No one should go to this marriage.

In between, Sher Singh was also confused. For the first time, he got a wedding invitation from a rat. He could not understand whether he should go there or not. He consulted his father, Shera Singh. He knew his father and Musa Raj were friends. Although he had not seen the Musak Raj ever coming to meet Shera Singh. Shera Singh too had grown old and used to pass the time reading the holy books after giving his throne to son Sher Singh.

Sher Singh asked his father Shera Singh, "Dad, should we go to the marriage of the daughter of Moosak Raj. Is this act not against our status? "

Shera Singh said to his son, "The king's respect does not diminish by giving respect to any person, indeed the reputation of the king increases by such act. Then the Moosak Raj is a king himself, even if of a small king-dom of rats. He is also a true friend who does not forget anyone's grace. Many years ago, I once happened to catch him and left him unharmed. It was easy for me because I was physically many times stronger than him. It was just like a game for me catching, leaving, or killing him. I had left him. In return, he saved my life by risking his life on an occasion. Once I was trapped in a hunter's trap-net, when he saw me trapped in the net, he cut the net with his teeth and I ran away safely. In return I allowed him to live fearlessly on the small hill in the forest on one side. By his intelligence and hard work, he established a small kingdom. We will surely go there and bless his daughter.

When the animals of the forest knew King Sher Singh's family was going to the wedding of the Moosak Raj's daughter, they too got ready to go to the wedding. A large number of guests attended the marriage and presented Chuniya with various types of gifts. Shera Singh and Moosak Raj were very happy by meeting each other after a long gap of time. Moosak Raj felicitated King Sher Singh and his family with due respect and introduced it with his relatives. The opponents' move failed. Chu-niya's marriage was performed grandly. The family of Moosak Raj was very happy.

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