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Is the boy on the stage an angel. He's so beautiful his eyes are big and wide and so innocent. He's dressed in white, I'm so mesmerized I can't take my eyes off of him. Jeon Jungkook an angel in disguise

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Chapter 1

Jungkook POV:

“Jungkook-ah… Aish..Jungkook-ah.” Jimin’s voice comes from my side once and then twice. Finally I turn my head towards him. “Yes Chim?” “Kookie, they're having singing auditions for scholarships in Seoul today do you wanna go?” Abroad as in leaving my abusive father behind? My eyes widen. “Will you audition to Jimin-ah?” “Yeah I will, apparently the auditions are being held by Kim Taehyung because his parents want him to help out with their company.” I nod Kim Taehyung was rich, his parents owned the biggest record label in South Korea. Taehyung and his friends were all rich kids. The three of them were known for being the kids of really rich CEOs. Kim Taehyung, Min Yoongi, and Jung Hoseok. “The auditions are at lunch, don't be late.” Jimin yells before running off. What song should I sing? I did write a few but I don’t know if I should sing one that I wrote. Maybe “Still With You?” or “Paper Hearts.” I keep thinking. It's a period before lunch and I still don’t know what to sing. I keep thinking and the teacher says something about waterfalls. My mind wanders to the song I wrote last month. “Euphoria” Maybe I should sing that. The bell rings and Chim is waiting for me outside. “Hey Jimin what are you gonna sing?” Jimin smiles at me. “I’m gonna sing the song I wrote last month when you wrote Euphoria.” My eyes widen again. “Serendipity?! Jimin that song is so good you’re definitely going to get chosen.” He laughs. “What are you going to sing?” I give him a sorry look. “I um I actually don’t know yet I was thinking about singing Euphoria but I don’t know.” Jimin looks at me seriously before saying. “Jeon Jungkook, that song is so amazing and you are so talenten-mmph” I cover his mouth with my hand, and give a sheepish smile to the people who are watching us with quizzical looks. He looks at me and then whispers-shouts. “You better sing that!” I nod. Jimin smiles and grabs my hand. He drags me to the auditorium where the rehearsals are being held. Smiling brightly he goes behind a changing curtain. “Umm Jimin what are you doing?” Jimin’s voice comes from behind the curtain. “Jungkook-ah did you expect to go out in those clothes.” I look down. I didn't bring an extra change of good clothes. Not that I have any. Tears blur my vision. The one chance I had to get away from my father is gone because I don’t have good clothes. Jimin’s voice comes from behind the curtain again. “Hey Jungkook-ah if your crying stop. I got an extra change of clothes for you too. I figured you didn't know about the wardrobe change since you didn’t even know about the audition. If you're crying wipe your tears now I don’t wanna see my Kookie cry on our big day.” I wipe my tears. What would I do without my Chim? Jimin comes out from behind the changing curtain and my jaw drops in the sixteen years we’ve been friends, I’ve never seen Jimin dress like this.


“What’d you think?” I smile at him. “Jimin-ah you look so amazing!” He smiles in embarrassment. His cheeks turn red as well. “Ah Kookie stop looking at me like that you’re making me feel like a celebrity.” “You will be one pretty soon.” Jimin hugs me. Then he pushes me behind the curtain. I’m going to go get our numbers you change into these clothes. He throws clothes over the curtain. I hear retreating footsteps. I look down at the clothes they’re so pretty I don’t deserve to wear them. I'm too ugly. I’m still thinking when I hear Jimin’s voice again, “Jungkook-ah hurry up we have to go we’re next after a few more people. After hearing this I rush to put on the clothes. I comb through my hair with my fingers and walk outside. Jimin squeals and looks at me. “Kookie why do you have to look so good you’re making me jealous!” He giggles. I turn red and look down. He makes me sit down on the small step and takes out a hairbrush and cologne. He sprays me with it a few times and then brushes my hair. When he’s finally done. He pushes me towards the mirror and I can’t believe that its me in the reflection.


Jimin chuckles at my reaction, and then he grabs my hand and walks towards a big screen. There are many good performances. Each leaving us both in awe. After a few more Jimin’s name is called I smile at him and nod. He takes a deep breath and walks out. I hear him singing and I listen intently. I love his voice. Tears fall from my eyes hearing the lyrics, I wish someone would love me the way Jimin loves who this song is devoted to. If I don’t get through I really hope he does. When he’s finished there’s loud applause and then I hear someone’s voice say. “Thank you Jimin we’ll definitely be getting back to you.” I see Jimin walk off stage and I know he’s dying to squeal. As soon as he gets close to me he screams really loud causing many heads to turn towards us. I quickly hug him, and he continues to giggle. He’s smiling really brightly when he breaks the hug. “Jungkook-ah they’re really nice you don’t need to worry about it except Kim Taehyung was making out with some girl on his lap. Don’t worry about it though.” I nod and we watch a few more performances. They’re amazing but they don’t top Jimin’s voice. My name is called and Jimin smiles at me before pushing me forward a little. I turn to look at him and he gives me a thumbs up. I walk outside, there are many people seated in the audience. At the front there are two boys sitting peacefully I recognize them as Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok. Jimin was right Taehyung is making out with a girl. I internally cringe at the sight of it. I don’t know what happened next but Taehyung suddenly pushes the girl off of his lap. She lands on the floor with a loud thud as I take my seat at the piano.

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