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Rayn is the typical female that chooses the road to become the greatest racer. When meets a Rookie racer, she becomes curious about her way of life, sending her into an adventure about finding yourself and going to great lengths to find the truth.

Aventure Tout public.

#powers #Racing #romance #love #drama
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This is the story about how I became the greatest racer in the world.

Sounds awfully cliché but hear me out.

My story took the world by "Storm" and they just want more, where do I go from here, will I remain the most notorious racer out there, only one way to tell, by telling my story from the beginning first.

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Sammy Alle Hi :D I'm Sammy Alle. The Creator of Valerix. I have been an artist for a LONG time and has expended ALOT over the years. I'm so happy to be on this platform. <3 -- Read my Book here:

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