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A rainy night

It was around 12.30 am. Clouds were thundering and it was raining. Rakesh was a few km away from his house when it started raining. He stopped his scooter near a shop on one side of the road. The market was closed. He parked his scooter near a closed shop and stood in the shadow of the tin above the shop door.

He was returning from shift duty from 4 pm to 10 pm. Heavy rain started on the way. As soon as the rains started, electricity was cut and the town was drowned in darkness.

When dark, a window in the front house opened. A lamp was lit. A young woman stood close to the window and started looking outside. Rakesh felt that she was watching him. She seemed to be a beautiful young woman by the outline of her figure.

He had a fantasy that he was sitting in her room and drinking hot coffee with that woman on that cold rainy night.

He looked towards the window. He was shocked to see that the woman was calling him by waving her hand. He walked towards her tied up in a strange charm.

When he approached her house, the woman gestured for him to come and closed the window. He reached the door of the house. The woman opened the door and asked him, "Would you like to drink hot coffee with me?"

Now she was seen. She looked beautiful. But talking about drinking coffee, two big pointed teeth came out of her mouth and her face started to look like a vampire.

He panicked and ran away without answering. He came near his scooter, started it, and drove fast to his house

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