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When you lose your own heart, and you become in the monster you have always been. Could you be able to love? Or would you transfrom that love into another monster?

Action Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The strength that I needed to knock him was more than I expected.

He cried like a pig and hit me several times.

‘Hopefully I am alone’ I thought.

The idiot even begged for his miserable life.

What an idiot. Did he really think I was going to forgive his disgusting life? He was a stupid pig.

“Is it done?”, the voice on the other side was my engineer.

“Done” I said.

Nothing like a job well done. Nothing gives me more pleasure than this.

“Your daughter is not okay, ma’am”.

That is the last memory I had of my mother. She was like this pig, useless and stupid.

Since I was really young I learned that I was alone and I didn't need anyone to be what I wanted to be. I only needed myself. No one else. And so far, it has worked well.

“The Director wants to meet us in two days in Milan”, my engineer told me a moment later.

‘Damn’ I thought. This only means one thing.

He has another project for us. Not that I didn't enjoy it but I was looking for some vacations. I really wanted to go to the Fashion Week in Paris.

“Fuck”, I said.

“Yeah. I wanted vacations too” my engineer said.

I knew he didn't like to work with me. Nobody likes it, but at the end I don't give a damn what other people feel, think or do, as long as they do their job.

"I bet you wanna," I said.

He just stayed in silence.

"Tell Johna that I'll be in Milán in 3 days not 2"

I was planning on doing a cleaning on my way, and Johna was not going to stop me from doing it.

"Understood" and then came silence.

This was my favorite moment of the job. The quietness of being alone was magnificent.

I prepared the body. According to the client, this job needed to look like an accidente, so I took his fat body and injected some good mix of drugs that all together would kill even an elephant.

And after a couple of minutes everything was ready.

I left him on his bed. He looked like he had a wild night that went too far.

‘Perfect’ I thought.

Nowadays there are not so many professional killers as they used to be. Of course, with all that bullshit of social media, you can destroy someone with no need of killing that person.

But the good thing is that our agency has been getting more jobs, due our specialization in being the “perfect” killers, unnoticed, unreacheable, unstoppable. The perfect final way, for a desperate client.

“Job finished. Meet me at the point A” I said to my engineer.

“Done” he answered me.

I left the room and changed my clothes. I wore the same uniform as all the maids this man had, also a wig with the same cuthair of one of them, which was his “special girl”.

All the paths will lead them to her. Of course, she was no longer here. She was in the bottom of the mediterranean ocean. They will never find her. That was the plan from the beginning, of course.

I move fast, we only have a couple of minutes when my engineer unlocked the system and turned off the cameras. Of course, all this costume was just in case one of them was on. I don't want them to recognize me.

I move through the garden, the place is quiet and dry.

I run over the road that follows to the first door of the property. Then I jump over the door.

I have to say that in my training doing this becomes part of the day and day.

He is waiting for me a couple of miles away, in a dark and hidden spot.

I get into the Van and watch him. His blond hair with white and perfect skin makes him look more like a model than the engineer of a killer's company.

“Hey” I said.

“Hi” he said. He doesn't look happy. Of course, he is with me.

“Let’s move, I don't want to be here” I said to him, he touches the window that connects to the front part of the Van, and the driver starts the engine and moves.

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