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Rebeca Blairen was a secretary in a multi-business company, she was chosen to work in a underwater business. The company sold porn, soft-porn and hardcore-porn videos for internet. She didn’t care what happened in those sections, she only worked in the section of “soft-porn” to record the models in the section of fetishism, like pedal pumping and smoking fetish. One day a new model entered to work, she was new in the world of soft-porn under water in the company, she was a smoking model. When they crossed their gazes, both girls fell in love…

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Knowing me…

My name is Rebecca Blairen, I was a secretary from a company of electronic devices, like washing machines, radios, tv’s, etc… but, as many companies, it also had businesses under water, and sold electronic cigarettes and vapes electronic devices with mods (to do more vapor) with its respective vaping juice (with/without nicotine)… well besides it worked in entertainment too doing smokes machines and other devices to dj’s and parties stuff.

Also, it made smoking fetish and pedal pumping videos and other that they call as “soft-porn” videos (I never entered to the world of porn, because it scares me, but I heard that the company had “middle-porn”; “normal-porn” and “hardcore porn” videos too in a special site of internet… I avoided problems and I never told with someone about this) to earn extra money. When the company started to do those videos, I was one of the chosen to help the team to record the models, eventually I became the only one with extra shifts under this job (yeah… to solve my economic problems… like department rent…).

Many times, I asked for a dust mask, because I frequently was exposed to a lot of smoke during the workday, until start to cough, sneeze, or get sick by breath that smoke all day. The source of the smoke was from smoking models and pedal pumping models.

I worked in a special room with a private location far away the company, there was and special illumination and a special decoration for the camera to foreman the smoke from the model. The company had contracts with several products of tobacco for the smoking models.

I had workday of six to seven hours at the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, after my normal journal day of work into the company. I was the supervisor of the models, my job was checking the correct function of the equip, cameras, lights… until lighters and cigarettes, before, during and after the recording.

The true problem started during the recording, I had to see how the model was smoking while was recorded to the video. The room was a closed space without air, in a session of record, the room ended filled with cigarette smoke, because, in one session, only a model could smoke until twenty five cigarettes, the record team, I and even the model, ended coughing in a missive haze of burned tobacco in a closed space.

Another problem that had the company about the work of record the models, was that the room could not be ventilated, due to its secret location, so, the janitors only cleaning the place and left aromatized the ambient with air conditioner (try to imagine the air quality of that place, the smell from previous sessions mixed the smell of the cleaners and the smell of the next session, that’s the reason for I get cold… the reason that I get several times cough, for several times on the week... it was hard to breath there)…

With time… I started to love the models, because they were too beautiful, they were thin, with a formed breast, and had beautiful hips and legs, long hair and a flirty personality. Many of they were porn actress, and others were only smoking models.

We had a section that was called “dark side”, basically I was recording, with the team, a smoking model coughing while smoking, (tobacco cigarettes, marihuana joints, or vapes with a special mix of vaping juice with strong nicotine, or strong THC, specially made to make the model cough).

Due that I always was breathing the smoke from the models, I asked for a special dust mask for me. I was the unique that had a dust mask, because, the wife of the owner of the company was my childhood friend, and she gave the dust mask that I would work among the toxic air from the smoking models in that closed space. Time passed and the members of the team got jealous, because I was the unique that had a dust mask specially for me, so the owner of the company call me to told me about one rule on my mask: “You only can use the mask when you get totally sick, under other circumstances as coughs, sneeze or another condition in the job, you cannot use the mask” (I just could nodded, because I needed the money, and it was an extra money… so… I only thought; “welcome smoke to my body! I will breath you until you make me cough… or until I my throat burns”… that was ridiculous… but it was a fact… I should be like all the workers in the place, without special exception… so… cough in the smokey room was my job literally)…

Something models coughed like they had a problem, because they got a lot of mucus on their throats (I could hear that), as they had real respiratory problems, others had a dry cough, the last was my favorites, I liked to see the smoking models coughing among her own smoke, with time, it started turn me on…

The other section was “pedal pumping”, this kind of videos was too hard to produce, because the model took a car to do smoke with its exhaust pipe, until the model had, literally, around her a thick and massive smoke cloud formed by the exhaust fumes of the car. The vehicle, obviously, was modified in its motor to make smoke with its fuel. For fear of complaints from people, we had to take places away from the city to make smoke with the vehicle.

This section had since little motor pruners (actually that little stuff can do a massive pollution… don't underestimate it), passing to motorcycles (a lot of blue smoke… that was really disgusting… even the model needs air to do this videos, because she could started to cough among the smoke), cars, busses and trucks (fuck! I hate the last because its dense exhaust fumes make me cough a lot and it make the sky gray literally at the end of the production by its black smoke…)…

One day a smoking model entered to do the job to smoke “120s” cigarettes, many people love that kind of videos, she was new in the world of “soft-porn” videos, and she was beautiful.

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