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Company of Love is a group of disembodied brazilian chroniclers, poets and writers who have been giving Wagner Borges (a brazilian medium) spiritual texts and messages for several years. Most of them are poets and very humorous. According to them, their writings are to show that the spirits are not little clouds or lights blinking in an ineffable spiritual plane. They want to show that they are still ordinary people, just living on other planes, without carrying their dense bodies. They want incarnate people to know that there is not only life after death, but also a lot of joy and love. Their texts are simple and direct, seeking the reader's heart. I'm currently translating these texts to english, since almost all of Wagner Borges works are in portuguese only. I do not gain any kind of money in exchange of this. Hope you all enjoy these wonderful words the same way I do :)

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Just one tiny little note from Wagner Borges

* * *

“I kept the spirits' way of expression, because I don't usually change anyone's way of expression, as many mediums stuck in moldy conditions do. Spirits are just extraphysical people. They communicate using the same expressions they used when incarnated, as in the case of these spirits in question.

* * *

The texts by Co. Of Love selected in this book are very fun and uncluttered. As their writings are aimed at the urban population, and they have no pretense of posing as spiritual sages nor are they committed to any particular spiritual line, their touches are always full of gallantry and aim to skew the reasoning of people with creative and humorous one-liners. The most attentive reader and stripped of “doctrinal gauges” will notice serious questions embedded in their games. It is often joking that the most serious truths are said.

* * *

The objective of this work is very clear: to talk about spiritual themes within the normal context of people and without any doctrinal capers of any kind. But readers should not be deceived by the simplicity of approaching the themes: here there are deep touches coated with fine irony and simple wording carrying intelligent and creative questions.

I confess that I heartily envy the brilliant way these guys have to write about spirituality, the way they spice up deep themes with hints of good humor and the naughty atmosphere with which they play with words amid the pertinent spiritual themes.

I think that their style will not appeal to readers more accustomed to messages of a more religious spiritual nature. However, this work is not directed at this particular audience. Its objective is quite another: those readers who seek a spirituality stripped of any doctrinal weight, especially those with a universalist mind and a heart sensitive to intelligence and creativity beyond conventional limits.

I thank this group of extraphysical poets and chroniclers for the opportunity to participate as an interdimensional element in the passage of their writings from Astral to Earth.

To all readers, Peace and Light.” ~ Wagner Borges

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RS Regina Santos
yeah sure thanks and I since I see your good work I will be following your books :)
February 24, 2021, 17:55
RS Regina Santos
I totally like this story
February 23, 2021, 20:24

  • C C C Clark Carbonera
    Hi, Regina, how are you? Glad to hear you like this story, cause I totally like it too! If you have any questions during your reading, you can ask in the chapter and I'll try my best to answer you back :) See ya! February 24, 2021, 12:48

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