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He was curious about her, he knew it was a scam, but he wanted to live at least that day, that theater with her: Where she was an innocent young girl, and he was a crazy demon to devour her.

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Promiscuous Girl

She exuded innocence with those big eyes and sweet smiles, although tall and slender, she had that delicate appearance and singular beauty, her brown hair, long, silky and beautiful, the emerald-like orbs, were so beautiful. He knew that behind that innocent face, the Burnett's butler, was nothing like what he looked like.

I'm curious about you, you seem so innocent ..

She was melted with love for him and could barely disguise her desire and passion for that sexy, handsome and very smart butler, not that she was like that, after all, she was as smart as he was. But that was just a hoax, he was aware that now and then he would discover that she was a shinigami and that he helped his lady in the murders.

It was necessary to be cautious, even though this side was not his favorite, he had fun playing at being a teenage girl who was starting a hidden romance. The devil would take advantage of the breach to catch it, and she would take the opportunity to have an unremarkable night with the devil disguised as a good butler.

He majestically taught her how to behave, cook, complete household chores without doing anything stupid, and she followed in the footsteps of the butler pretending not to know anything, they both knew about each other, but pretended and lived in that theater. He was often irritated with her, but Sebastian did his best not to expose his anger. After a few days at the little count's house, during the night, she says goodbye to the butler by pressing the man's hand on his chest, he saw between the lines second thoughts, she would not escape him.

On one of the days when Lizzy visited the Phantomhive and decorated the entire house including the employees together with Grell who spent the day there at the behest of his lady, Sebastian saw her for the first time in a dress, oozing innocence, purity and a hint of drama. as always. After Elizabeth's little confusion with the little earl and the incident that irritated the Phantomhive, Sebastian decided to play the violin and Grell took advantage of that moment to show some of the talent he had, his voice was not as soft and smooth as she presented, it was serious but not so thick, it was perfect for the demon.

You wanna get in my world, get lost in it

Boy I'm tired of running, let's walk for a minute ...

After playing the song, the two danced a little together playing, entertaining the people present, as usual, she became flushed and red with approximation and with some indirect alternating between sweet words and some not chaste in her ear leaving her red with shame. When evening came, she was still wearing that whitish blue dress, they were both in her young master's garden, he gently removed a white rose and offered the woman and she accepted all embarrassed pretending to be shy.

Roses are red

Some diamonds are blue

Chivalry is dead

But you're still kinda cute

She couldn't take it, she wanted to show a little about herself, she knew that her mistress would be furious, but she didn't care, she just wanted to be with him, to enjoy that night so that one day she would never see him again. Soon after appreciating the rose, she questioned him:

ㅡ Do I annoy you?

ㅡ No. ㅡ It wasn't quite a lie, but at that moment she didn't dislike him.

ㅡThat's what I thought.ㅡ She replied with a brief smile.

Approaching slowly Sebastian kissed her, the girl's face turned very red and the fire spread throughout the entire pale body. Falling in the middle of the garden, both deepened the burning kiss, after the kiss not chaste, Grell felt so hot that he breathed even though he didn't need to. The butler did not limit himself, he lowered the neck of the target dress a little, and began to mistreat the white collarbone of the girl who held herself so as not to moan loudly and draw the attention of the people who lived in the mansion.

Looking at the girl's flushed face, she saw an innocent smile there. She let go of her hair and nibbled her lips, it hooked the man who loved that beautiful contrast that only she did, it was all she needed that night.

Promiscuous girl

Wherever you are

I'm all alone

And it's you that I want

She looked absolutely nothing like that shy, cute little girl who needed his help for everything, he didn't hesitate, he attacked her lips again.

I'm a big girl

I can handle myself

But if I get lonely I'ma need your help

Pay attention to me I don't talk for my health

The couple kissed wildly without paying much attention to each other, until they both heard footsteps near the garden, Sebastian spotting Finny drastically separating himself from the butler, scaring her.

ㅡ What happened? ㅡ She asked with wide eyes and mouth all red from the kiss.

ㅡWe should go in.ㅡ he said, helping the girl to get ready.

Baby, we can keep it on the low

Let your guard down ain't nobody gotta know

If you with it girl I know a place we can go

So, running with careful steps, the two went to one of the host's guest rooms without being noticed by the people in the house. After closing the door he did not wait, he threw her on the bed and together they kissed again, hands passing over her body, skin to skin, accompanied by muffled and restrained moans from the girl. He was very interested, it was the first time he had done something like that without being ordered by his master.

Wait! I don't mean no harm

I can see you with my t-shirt on

I can see you with nothing on

Feeling on me before you bring that on.

As much as that act was anything but innocent, she made it seem like it was, everything with her was very pleasant and wonderful. He drove her crazy by kissing her, giving her a taste of wanting more, both of them went crazy with that movement that resembled a very ordinary dance.

Promiscuous boy

Let's get to the point

Cause we're on a roll

Are you ready?

Don't be mad, don't get mean

Don't get mad, don't be mean

Hey! Don't be mad, don't get mean

Don't get mad, don't be mean ...

It wouldn't stop, and she didn't want it to stop, just continue. She would only wish that everything was not a dream, that those touches, those warm, soft lips, that that burning, embers-like skin was something real, that would remain there marked for the rest of her eternity.

Promiscuous boy

I'm calling your name

But you're driving me crazy

The way you're making me wait

Promiscuous girl

You're teasing me

You know what I want

And I got what you need

Promiscuous boy

We're one in the same

So we don't gotta play games no more ...

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