Cough Smoke

I’m Joly, and I have a house in a polluted city (nothing out ordinary). I have a roommate with whom I share much things. I’m asthmatic and I have a problem with my roommate, she’s a woman that turn craziness with smoke, she has a vespa, a scooter... that make awful smoke like a factory and she’s a chain smoker. Her name is Alysa (I call her Aly fondly), I love her so much… but I think that it will be a relationship that will end killing me… literally... choked on smoke... but with love…

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At a normal day… I think…

It was a great day nothing out of ordinary, sun’s light was brightness as usual, I was sleeping in my bed with pleasure, in that moment, Aly’s cellphone rang, it was her alarm clock. She woke up first and slowly I woked up too. I was seeing her for a moment, she was disheveled and had her eyes between open. She had her cigarette pack near her cellphone on a side of the bed over a little wood shelf, with an ashtray and her lighter. I watched her for a little and I stretched.

“Good morning!” I saluted her.

“Morning…” she said with indifference.

“Ah… well… time to start our day…” I said o her.

“At the fucking office… damn it… what a boring life…” she said to me with the same monochrome tone.

“It’s okay… try to see life with other eyes… as…

“Smoke…” she said suddenly.

“Eh?” I jus exclaimed. “It’s too early to smoke a cigarette, maybe you should start your day with a…” I said to her, but she didn’t hear to me and lighted her cigarette.

She was a handsome girl, young, white skin, blue eyes and long and black hair, thin and beautiful, but a little misaligned, she had a little tattoo in her right shoulder with a form of a spider. She lighted her cigarette and inhaled it until it downs almost to the half… and appeared a lot of smoke, like cream or cotton on the air, it was a thick cloud that hugged her face. She did a deep sigh with a lot of smoke; I covered my face with the bed sheet to try to do not breathe that. It was a lot of awful smoke, I couldn’t endure its odor.

“Ah… you should smoke a cigarette… it is really relaxing…” she said.

“No thanks… I ain’t smoke… I’m asthmatic… remember it” I said to her.

She sipped her cigarette with pleasure and she puffed a lot of smoke again. Bed was filled up with smoke. I just tried to do not breathe with my bed sheet, but it was impossible, I could feel the awful smell into the bed sheet and see the smoke around me as a thick mist.

“I know… but, you should acclimatize your body to smoke… to get less sick as when I have a cigarette…” she said to me. “Right?” she added while she was seeing me with naughty gaze.

I just kept silence. She watched me and told me:

“C’mon, it’s just a little smoke, that won’t kill you…” she said, and she sipped her cigarette and did a sigh again with smoke. “Besides… I know that you love my smoke… so… just breathe it…and take it easy” she added.

She knew me perfectly, I loved her smoke over me, but it brings me and horrible choked sensation like asphyxia and it turned me on a lot. The fact of suffocating in her smoke turned me on a lot, with the simple fact to see her smoking, it makes me want to masturbate me while I got choked. Slowly I discovered my face to breathe her smoke with pleasure.

“It’s okay… get it slowly… breathe it slowly…” she said to me.

She sipped her cigarette one more time and blew the smoke to me. I felt the wind that she did with her blow and see the lot of smoke in my face. I grimaced a little and covered my mouth with my fist front and did a little guttural sound. I tried to do not cough and breathe with my nose.

“It’s okay… slowly… easy…” she said, and she blew more smoke to my face.

She put the ashes in the ashtray, and she got closer to me. I didn’t feel very well, but I got turned on. I saw her in front of me and told me:

“It’s okay… I’ll kiss you…” she said, she watched me a little with naughty eyes and added: “Ready?”

I nodded a little, I really wanted a kiss of her, and I stayed for that. She sipped her cigarette again, she expanded her chest a lot, I could see that she inhaled too much smoke, and, at the end, she did a little kiss sound. I could see the smoke appeared on the cigarette stub and a little smoke appeared around her and her lips too. She took my face gently, I closed my eyes and she kissed me. A pair of kisses she did, her smoky breath was so hot, I felt that she burned me a little with that. I could feel the smoke around me and in my tongue, I opened my mouth to play with her tongue with own mine, I savored her warm saliva with remained smoke in her breath. Suddenly I pushed her away from me. It was a asthmatic attack.

I lost my breath, I started to cough a lot while I was choking.

“Cough… cough… So… cough… cough… cough… sorry…” I cried a little while I was coughing.

“it’s okay…” Aly said with indifference.

I took my medicament, an inhalator that was inside the drawer of my wood shelf. I proceeded to inhale it with despair. Quickly Aly stopped me.

“Wait!” she said. She sipped her cigarette again while got closer to me again. She blew the smoke and covered me with that. “It’s okay… easy” she said me.

I took a dose of my inhalator, obviously I breathed the polluted air with Aly’ smoke in the process. I took another dose with smoke again, I felt better less than a minute.

“I really love you…” Aly said to me kissed her hand and blew the kiss to me.

“Do again it, but with smoke…” I said to her. She smiled a little and she repeated that with smoke. She got the end of her cigarette.

I sighed deeply. It was the end, "I should open the window" I thought, but I saw a burned tobacco haze in the room and thought that she liked it because she loved smoke in closed spaces, so, I didn’t open the window.

“Well… I’m hungry so I’ll go to do the breakfast…” I said.

Almost immediately she lighted another cigarette. She blew the smoke to the roof.

“Breakfast?” she said me with smoke in each word.

I got nervous. Suddenly she took me with violence and threw me to the bed. She took a sit in my face, her crotch ended in my face. She was underwear, so I had her panty in my face.

“Who needs a breakfast? You’re hungry! I’m your breakfast! So! Eat me bitch!” she said me and did smoke with her cigarette to me. I got choked in the awful smell of her cigarette burned and her panties in my face. I just did a little pats on her thigh to signed it that she had hurt me. She gave me a little space between her crotch and the bed. I took a big breath of dirty air

“Ah! Wait! What are you doing? We have to go to work, let me free…” I said to her.

She did a lot of smoke with her cigarette to me and the little space was filled with that, I started to cough a lot among her smoke, and she put her crotch on my mouth.

“Nope! If you wanna be free eat me! Eat pussy!” she said and smoked her cigarette. I pated her again.

“Ah… wait… I’m a fragile girl… please…” I said to her almost crying.

“Yeah! And I a strong woman! So! I’m your mistress and you’re my slave. So! I order to you that you should eat my pussy bitch!” she said and she started to masturbate herself with my face.

Suddenly she stopped. I heard that her stomach made noises. She was hungry too.

“Okay… you win this time… she said, and she released me.

“Thanks…” I said to her and I went to the kitchen to do a breakfast.

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