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Diana had lived her life only for her father, but when the only reason for her to live had died, she run out of excuses to live, so when death was at her chambers, she accepted it, but as she thought she could finally rest, she was wrong, she woke up in an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar world, that she became the villainess. Will she lived her life as a villain? or will she change the plot of her story?

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{Current World }

"She's bleeding too much! someone find me some AB blood type, she needs blood immediately"

"Doc! we don't have any AB blood type"

"Contact her family!"

"We did Doc! but they wouldn't answer"


{Other World }

"Lady Amalthea! please wake up!"

"My daughter! don't leave me, I beg you"

"Call all the doctors to come here at this instant! I don't want to lose my daughter!"

"Dear I can't bare to lose her, I need my daughter"

"It's alright dear, even if I need to make deal with the black sorcerer, I will, just to have our daughter"

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