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Smells Like Home

You look around, the whiteness that were blinding you fade slowly. You know this place, you have been here before, but not like this. The light shades take form, showing you a shallow river and a path of stones, serpenting in a long long way.

Your eyes see a fox that may or may not have been there the entire time. She doesn't say anything out loud, but you know you have to follow her.

Your thoughts are still clouded while your memory came back slowly. You are pretty sure you know this place, but the memory of it is so faded that looks like a memory of a dream or just a feeling of déjà vu. You look at the fox in front of you, waving her tails like a form of calling for you and keeping you in the path. It warms your heart, like looking at someone very dear that you didn’t saw in a long time. You start smiling to the point where your cheeks hurt and you start squishing your face to stop it.

The fox notice what are you doing and stop walking, looking at you with big surprised eyes. She walks around you, sniffing the air with your smell. Your heart takes a different turn and start racing, making you blush. It’s a familiar situation, you know this fox. Not from the tales, but personally know her. The fox starts wagging her tails happily, is so contagious that you start laughing.

“I’m so sorry for not recognizing you!” The fox gracefully takes a humanoid form, wrapping her arms on your shoulders. “I swore that I wouldn’t do this when the time comes.” She kisses your cheek. “I know I shouldn’t be this happy, you just died, but I can’t- Oh, I missed you so much!”.

Yes, you definitely know her. Long ago you helped her, fought for her, fallen for her. Gosh, how many years it has been? How could you forget about what you two did together? Looking back, maybe it was for the best, to live a life without regrets.

You hug her waist, resting your head against hers.

“Ahri.” You say in a whisper.

She twists some of her tails on your leg, cuddling you gently.

You breathe out heavily, she smells like home.

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Writtinway Bem-vindo ao meu cantinho. Eu nunca sei o que falar em apresentações, sempre entro em panico quando me pedem para falar sobre mim. Não vou entrar em detalhes sobre as minhas inseguranças, não é importante. Então, vou simplificar de uma forma que importa para a internet: Ela/Dela; Pan; Ravenclaw; Sagitariana; INTP; Preto; Café; Gatos e noites sem dormir. Sim, eu sei que é clichê, mas lide com isso.

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