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Claire is a young woman who aspires to become a squire in the city of Darnesia, however, this might be difficult as her guiding knight is the unpopular Sean Erian who had failed every candidate before her. Trouble arises as a mysterious jester decides to unfold his malicious agenda in the city.

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Let’s raise the curtain! May the first act start!

Life and death will meet.

Love and hatred will switch places.

Reality will turn into an illusion.

Oh my! It seems our actors are not prepared yet. Well then, until they are, how about we comence from the very beginning?

Then, let’s start, my dear audience…


"We are not going to allow you to destroy our world, like you did with yours."

That was when conflicts started, when normality became twisted, and history unfolds in millions of truths.

This is not only a legend that people tell, its words say thousands of hidden truths. It’s the legend of a world that was formed when humans, yearning to survive, migrated in search of a new planet, after having killed theirs.

Thousands of humans migrated to space and many were lost in the search of a new home. The years passed and their lives were linked to their means of transport, but one day they were absorbed by the chaotic storm surrounding a star that interrupted their career, a star that ended up being a planet filled with life.

The planet was very small, ninety percent covered by water and the remaining ten percent a little piece of habitable land, a continent and four islands. They called this land Terra Angelane.

The humans found their new home, but they were not alone. The earthlings soon realized that they were in the territory of a very different society as advanced as their own. The inhabitants of the new world were magical beings as all those unimaginable creatures that existed only in their fairy tales.

The Angelus, as they named them, were peaceful and had no objections to the human invasion, since they considered them to be a "lower" society because of lack of magic in the human race. This way, The Angelus believing themselves superior, gave them an isolated island away from their own people. Humans had no other option than to accept.

With the deal began the invasions between territories, call it mere curiosity, however it became less harmless with time, theft, rebellions and what remained after that... war. The Angelus, no matter how peaceful they were, had no options, it was or withstand conflicts or end them, and humans who no longer had somewhere to return to, only had option to continue the fight. No one was interested in fixing their differences and for that reason the battles continued, nothing was more important, not victims, nor the wounded, only to win...

But what would that achieve?

In the dark battle humans began to decline before magic and while investigating a way to defeat them discovered what they thought would secure victory, an island on the planet called Zedka, known for being hidden in shadows and live in eternal night. It had an ancient shrine with magical seal, but what was it protecting or locking up? Humans didn't know, but they needed the power of whatever was inside that seal, so they tried to open it, to their surprise it was not a difficult task they only had to burn a few scrolls. But that was a mistake... a big mistake.

Inside the seal were all the curses of Angelane, misfortune, despair, selfishness, sadness, pride, pain... all those evil thoughts were in the shape of monsters and abominable creatures that did not accept orders from anyone, they were malicious and only made things worse.

The only thing the malicious ones knew was to destroy (that is why the Angelus had them sealed.) and they multiplied every day. Both races tried to destroy them by themselves but were unable to, so they decided to join forces to stop them; declaring the war on each other over, and the war against the malicious was only beginning.

Battles lasted days and nights, weeks and months without stopping. The world was plunged into one of the most horrific conflicts known and this horrible time was called "The great deception", because it was the fruit of those who forgot their beginnings and continued their destructive instincts. The earthlings and the angelus fought bravely and their efforts began to be overcome the demons who, while strong, were stupid with no sense of organization and easily predictable creatures. Their battles diminished and peace was not a crazy dream as they believed for years.

But they resurfaced, this time with a leader, a human witch. How did she obtained the gift of magic? Nobody knew it, and it was not known how they accepted the witch as their leader, but they did, and she was not defenseless, she destroyed entire villages, and committed the most horrible murders, and no one was strong enough to stop her.

It was then when the last soldier had fallen and the last hopes had been lost, a ray of light illuminated the dark sky and a phoenix covered in silver flames invoked a spell sealing the malicious ones again and its evil leader with them. The Phoenix, to make sure that the earthlings and the angelus wouldn’t commit the error of war again, took humanoid form and divided the world into six kingdoms watching from a Kingdom in the middle of everything that stood small floating island which was named Darnesia.

The Phoenix was an immortal beast that was reborn from its ashes and ruled for many years, whenever a Phoenix died, from its ashes was born another one that resumed the cycle, live, die and be reborn. Then three hundred thousand thirty-six years after the war, a phoenix, who then was a young woman named Selene, died and from her ashes nothing came back to life, that was the end of the Phoenix and Lady Selene was declared the last sacred bird.


The truth is uncertain and fear is eternal. Pain, deep and piercing. Reality delivered a children’s lullaby, small and fragile. The universe is destined to suffer. One by one, the tears show the future. Anger, courage, hate and love are sisters of blood, opposite sides of the same coin, without one, the other does not exist.

Deep inside we all suffer. We drown in our personal misery, wondering if someday we will be really happy. Hatred can fill our actions with the fuel to continue, and once that power moves you, you only stop to repent or to take a path with much more thorns than the one you currently took.

Hate moves waves and winds. The disdain of the world will continue to grow, until one day, we will burn with the anger that we create and, once again, we will suffer.

We hear the cries of distress and solitude in a black space...


A pathetic soul of a child cries, he is alone, he has no one...

His only friends are the countless tears falling from his eyes. His memories are very few. His life had ended and now he was doomed to wander the space of darkness. Life was very unfair with him.

A figure in a black hood appeared from the shadows, his eyes shone with a dazzling blue light... but his face was hidden in the darkness.

“Child... why are you crying?”

“I'm alone...”

“I see... And tell me, do you know why you are alone?”

“I'm... dead...”

The figure stared at him with piercing eyes.

“Do you want to come back to life? If so, what are you capable of sacrificing for it?”

“I have nothing to sacrifice...”

“Better yet, I shall help you return where you belong... you will see your family again...

A minimum light of hope highlighted in the eyes of the infant.

“I have a family?”

“Of course, everyone has a family somewhere.”

“What should I do?”

The figure is laughed...

“Oh, not much... you just have to understand what you feel in this moment...”

The child was going to answer but the figure interrupted him.

“Sadness? No there is an emotion that goes unnoticed, which is what creates sadness in the first place. I could explain everything more clearly, you only have agree to follow me. You have nothing to lose.”

The small soul took the hand of the stranger and followed.

The figure smiled.

“Let me tell you about hatred.”

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