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Some time ago, I found an old school friend, I greeted and I noticed some sadness in him, so I asked him, ¿what happened with your life? and he told me his wife had become seriously ill.

He told me a short history about his actually married life… somethings his wife says him every day.

"I tell the truth, I am not lying, my conscience does not permit me.

I see you and I want hate you, but I thing about the events progress and I recapitulate my life with you. I couldn´t do this…but I can destroy your soul…now never more I’ll say “I love you” I only need a little more time and I´ll build a correct plan. You should keep your promise and kill me.

I don’t have great sorrow and continued grief in my heart, I feel nothing taken effect in my sick soul, for this reason I need a long rest and your love doesn’t already work in me.

Now my purpose is only the revenge because you lied me… you said me “I love you forever and when the moment will arrive, I´ll kill you…I promise” the moment arrived and I lie in the same situation, the intense pain destroy me in ever second…for this reason I never more will say you “I love you” I will say “I hate you” until you fulfill your promise"

I understood the reason for my friend's affliction. The woman he loved, she wanted to death and carried away by the pain of illness and he who loved her so much refused to let her go, in exchange she told him that she no longer loved him but hated him.

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