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A special on the Assault trilogy. After Magnus and Xander get married, they decide to spend their honeymoon in the same forest where they took the puppies for the first change years ago. With their younger children in the care of their older siblings, the couple chooses to leave all duties momentarily and let themselves be carried away by the joy of exploring their bodies again. And all this will be an: Assault Under the Full Moon. Attention: This One Shot has a high homosexual content. If you do not like this type of theme, please refrain from reading. I accept constructive criticism and spelling corrections. They are always welcome.

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Full Honeymoon


—Honey, you don't have to carry me all the way — chuckles and rolls the eyes —. I have two perfectly functional legs.

—Do you think this is torture for me? — I press him tighter against my chest, kissing the tip of his button nose —. I love holding you.

—Okay, but at some point I'll have to walk again — snorts —. Or do you intend to carry me everywhere? How will you even manage the organization like that?

—I'll manage — I smile and shakes the head in amusement —. You just enjoy the ride and let me pamper you.

—If you think I'll say no to that, you're very much mistaken — rubs a cheek on my chest, purring contentedly. The night is quiet with a starry sky, and a gentle breeze, which is great because I hate the heat and there is no maddening cold to freeze our bones.

The forest is serene and silent, except for the insects hiding in the grass and the owls hovering in the treetops, sheltering in the shadows. Fortunately, I have no trouble seeing the path with my keen sense of vision, courtesy of my animal side.

Otherwise, I would have stumbled without even being close to my goal. Xander carries the backpack with everything we consider necessary for our improvised meeting under the light of the full moon. I try to concentrate and delay the excitement a bit longer, it's never comfortable to walk around with an erection and balls so tight to the point of pain.

But the pheromones released by this beautiful kitty wrapped in my arms make everything fucking difficult, and he doesn't even seem embarrassed about it, obviously enjoying the power he has over me.

We had to wait until he gave birth to the new puppies before we could marry a few months later. The wedding was packed with the members of The Gang, their respective descendants and partners, who have practically become our family over the years.

Of course, Lev took charge of all the arrangements and decorations (even against our will), but I must admit, the result was great. I wanted to take my kitty as soon as the celebration was over, but the babies still depended on us in every way, so the honeymoon was postponed a hundred times.

Not that I'm complaining, I love our puppies. Finding time to spend with them outside of my busy criminal schedule is a titanic struggle, although the reward is almost a blessing, and I could never regret it.

We waited for the first change of the newborns and, in the end, they ended up turning into opposites of their older brothers, being Rurik a margay as well as Xander, and Irisa a wolf like me.

We brought them to the same forest, which has become a kind of family sanctuary for us. Compared to the first ones, Rurik is much more quiet and focused, but his Alpha side makes him stubborn and not at all docile when trying to get what he wants.

Xander does a great job of lowering the level of his mood when it is uncontrollable, but it is inevitable that, from time to time, I am forced to intervene. He'll be a powerful Alpha when he grows up, that's for sure.

Irisa is sweet and friendly, loves to explore and climb trees. Spends most of the day in the form of a wolf and even has to be encouraged to stand on the two little human legs again. My protective instinct almost touches the clouds in the sky.

I can't help it, her Omega nature can create many inconveniences by giving the first impression of weakness (which she doesn't possess, my baby wolf is quite capable of defending herself), but so far, no one has been stupid enough to try something knowing that I am her father.

The only new thing after Xander and I got married is the thin band of polished gold on my ring finger, apart from that, everything keeps going at the same pace as always. The dangers of my job are still a constant concern, and every month, it seems that new rivals are emerging to steal my place as the head of the mafia in Rusia. The challenges never result in victory.

Nikon and Yaakov continue with the absurd and infantile fights every quarter of an hour, and old Ewa keeps using the terrifying wooden palette to nullify any menace of mischief inside the kitchen, especially when dealing with her greatest archenemy: 'The Talking Cockatoo'.

Derek and Angelo are my associates now, we share the profits almost equally and continue to expand our reach around the world. Fredek joined Adrik in training the new entrants. He did surprisingly good from the start, but did not give up the hobby of creating increasingly complex and rare explosives. There have been days of happiness, where joy is felt through the walls of The Mansion corridors.

Like the one where Katya announced the opening of her long-awaited clothing store, or when the hyperactive triplets celebrated Fredek's birthday in style. They invited many famous singers who looked terrified just standing on a stage doing the job in a room full of mobsters. It was hilarious, I don't deny it.

But then, there were those full of sorrow. Like when Cooky, Xander's little cat, finally gave up due to its old age and died in front of the chimney fire shortly after. It was terrible to see how depressed my partner was in those days, assimilating the absence of his special four-legged companion. Our puppies and I concentrated on giving him as much love as possible to cheer up or distract him.

It cost a lot, but gradually, he regained the enthusiasm and mischievous attitude that fascinated me so much from the first moment I saw him. Of course, his eyes still crystallize when looks at the old photographs with nostalgia, remembering when it was by his side. But he doesn't fall and recovers quickly. I always knew that, of the two of us, he was the stronger one.

—Here we are, kitty — I gently put him down and he stretches out, raising the arms above the head.

—Thank God, I almost fell asleep — leaves the backpack on the floor, and rushes to unwrap the long blanket we brought to spread it on the floor. The place has hardly changed since we discovered it. The limited stream a few meters away is still running smoothly, with big, coward fishes swimming in its clear waters.

The trees still produce juicy fruit, strong branches, and bright green leaves, with enough space for the moon's light to filter through. My wolf starts jumping out of excitement, wishing for an extended run, enjoying the breeze over the dense fur, and feeling the hardness of the semi-wet ground along with the tiny stones under the paws. But I contain it, there is something much more important that I must do first.

—I don't get tired of coming here — sits on the cloth and sighs, me dropping next to him soon after —. It's a beautiful place, I'm glad we found it.

—And the best thing is that it's within the limits of The Mansion, no one will dare to put a dirty paw here — a half-smile stretches my lips in mockery and he grimaces, wrinkling the little nose.

—Please don't tell me you've peed around the woods with that whole "alpha male" excuse... — makes the quotes with the fingers —. To mark the territory, Magnus — points threateningly at me, right in the middle of my chest —. You'll get in a lot of trouble if you did, you don't want to see this kitty angry.

I tilt my head back and burst out laughing. Of course, I should have expected him to come up with something like that. I must admit that the idea crossed my mind once or twice, but now I am glad I didn't, or else I would be facing a punishment that would surely not be very pleasant. My pissed off kitty is terrifying, and that's a lot to say considering the profession I'm in.

—Relax, I didn't — I wipe away the tears that accumulated in the corners of my eyes, gasping for air —. You can be sure that you will be able to walk around the forest without encountering any unpleasant surprises, at least not from me.

—Perfect — nods, with a smile —. Because I have left the 'Millennium Weapon' at home, and I would have forced you to go and look for it.

—But how cruel you are — I pretended to tremble with fear —. How can you force me to search for the object that you will use to hurt me? — bites the bottom lip to hold back the laughter.

—You're a shifter, you'll recover fast — gives me a couple of pats on the shoulder —. The hit from a frying pan must feel just like a mosquito bite on that big body of yours — I don't miss the flash of lust that goes through those eyes when slides over me. My dick tightens up and starts to fill up quickly.

—I've already lost count of the number of times you've hit me, and I can state with complete honesty that it hurts much more than a fucking insect bite — I raise an eyebrow and he has the balls to laugh —. Do you think it's funny?

—A bit — admits with a blush on the cheeks that makes him look adorable... And appetizing —. You're way stronger than me, honey. You can take advantage of that and stop me whenever you want.

—I think that would only make the fire worse. Besides... — I pause briefly, licking my lips and enjoying watching him follow the gesture with the now translucent yellow eyes —. I can't help but annoy you intentionally sometimes — I whisper, my fangs starting to grow —. You look hot with anger, kitty.

—Oh, yeah? — batting the eyelashes and his tail appears, swaying back and forth in the blanket under us —. I only look hot when I'm angry? — bends over until his lips settle seductively in my ear and gently sucks on the earlobe. The spicy smell of his excitement echoing mine.

—Fuck, just the opposite — I mutter with gravity, firmly gripping his narrow waist —. You look sexy either way — I assure him and shudders.

Without wanting to waste any more of our precious time, I lean back so that I can taste the sweet intensity of his full lips. Of course, he melts instantly, he always does. Surrendering untethered to my dominion and enjoying every damn minute of it. I lift him to cross one leg over to sit astride me, his erection pressing against my stomach and mine pushing against his still—covered ass.

He wraps the arms around my neck, and when I stick out my tongue, separates the lips to allow me to taste the inside of his mouth. Groans and I growl as we taste each other. His body begins to have tiny spasms and my nose flaps flutter as his pheromones slide into my nostrils and directly influence my libido.

I calmly seduce him, my tongue massaging his in gentle circles. I use the teeth to imprison him briefly, being careful not to hurt him with the fangs, sucking before releasing. His hands buried in the locks of my hair, inclining the head back, exposing the neck for further exploration of hot kisses.

—Fuck, honey — makes a swaying motion with the hips, rubbing shamelessly against my cock —. I love the way you touch me.

—That's great — I sweep my tongue from one of his collarbones, passing across the shaky Adam's apple to the tender spot under his ear —. Because I love touching you — we get rid of our clothes amidst awkward nudges, frustrated grunts and sounds of cloth tearing into pieces.

Finally, when we are naked, I allow myself a few moments to delight in how beautiful his skin is under the faint rays of the moon, the tattoos as mysterious shadows covering the tense muscles. The pink, hard nipples, and the dripping hardness of his erection, falling straight onto his belly. I cover him in a provocative and fluid dance, joining the point of our excitement and him surrounding my hip with those strong thighs in the process.

I kiss him again. I bathe happily in the whirlpool of emotions growing on my chest faster than a tide. My members stiff from the attempt not to crush him with my heavier weight, but swallowing the moans full of need and uncontrol with avidity.

His nails mark my back, all the way down, and pinch my buttocks in a silent plea to speed up the rubbing between our sexes. Instead of doing that, I step aside. My lips leaving his with an obscene sound of wetness and he glances at me.

—Don't you dare play games with me, Magnus — warns with a lovely pout, frowning —. I need you so much, it's been a long time.

—I know, kitty — I smile, then I take two fingers to my mouth and wet them with my saliva, although I'm sure he's already producing the natural lubricant in spurts, but a little extra seduction never hurts.

Watches my movements, arching the back as I move the fingers towards his entrance, making lazy circles around the throbbing muscle.

—I have to prepare you first, though. The last thing I want to do is hurt you.

—Just hurry up, damn it — gasps in frustration, the hairs on his forehead dark with sweat —. I want your dick inside me — and fuck if those words don't get my balls squeezed until I wince in pain.

—Perverted kitty— I mumble and he smiles, the gesture dying quickly when I insert the two fingers at once, looking for that point inside that drives him crazy.

I know the exact moment when I find it, my name coming out in a thick scream of pleasure through his half-open lips, swollen by my kisses. I make scissors to extend him, grunting when the walls contract around my lubricated fingers. I take deep breaths to try to dampen the boiling heat like molten lava that seizes me, focusing on preparing him. I don't want this to end before it even begins.

Xander spreads the legs further apart and raises them up to the chest, providing me with the most erotic view I've ever seen. A third finger soon joins the others, and is received with barely any resistance. Yes, goddamn it. He's ready to take me in.

—Come here — I sit, resting the back on a tree and help him up. He is having difficulty as his legs are unsteady, so I use my strength to carry and have him astride me again —. Mount me, kitty — I command in a hoarse, deep voice, sinking the fingers into the generous flesh of his hip.

—Shit... — gasps, the nails dig into my shoulders as my dick expands the way inside. We both moan and cling to the opposite body, our heavy, uplifted breaths when the pleasure of being together becomes too much.

Our bond solidifies, the transparent but strong threads dancing in circles in the air around us, pulling both souls together into one. My heart beats vigorously and pumps repeatedly against my ribs, my gums hurt from the imperative need to leave my mark on his neck.

But no, not yet. I slide my dick out until only the tip remains connected, then I push back up, causing my tense balls to hit his ass. Xander wraps the hairy tail on my right forearm and jumps to meet my every move. I cover his rock—hard erection and pump it, he drops the head back, abandoned in pleasure.

—For God's sake... — the soft breath blows over my mouth, the little hands clinging to my shoulders for extra impulse.

—You like it, huh? — I give him a spank and nods frantically, without slowing down the rhythm of the leaps.

—Don't stop — as if that's even an option. I'm already on the verge of a too fragile control, my wolf scratching the limits of the prison so as not to delay any longer what we both yearn for —. Fuck me — bites my lower lip and sucks it, releasing it with a 'pop' that I feel up to my toes —. Fuck me harder.

In one fast spin, I lay us down on the blanket. Xander screams in surprise, but immediately moans and spreads the legs to receive me again. I have other plans. I turn him over until he's on the stomach, ass in the air, tail dancing back and forth to provoke me, passing the hairy tip under my nose. I laugh and give him another spank.

My palm tingling from the strike, his skin red and hot in the shape of my hand. I guide my dick back to his opening and dive back in, exposing my sharp fangs as I grunt between my teeth. The pressure in my abdomen and the burning flames on my lower back are a clear indication of how close I am to the orgasm.

The fabric of the blanket wrinkles from being squeezed tightly by my kitty's hands, as he swings back and forth, fucking himself with my cock. I climb to cover his body, my hands traveling and caressing all the skin in their path. Drops of sweat run down my forehead and temples, the effort to breathe dries out my throat.

But I welcome everything with open arms. The love for this beautiful man flowing in powerful waves, his wrapping my heart in a silky mantle from which I never want to escape. He bends the head to the side, exposing the thick vein beating rapidly in the thin neck, underneath all that crimson blush that makes my mouth water.

—Bite me, Magnus — demands, yellow eyes watery from lust, but bright from the desire to be claimed —. Come on, please.

Shouts when, with a modification of my waist, I succeed in striking his sweet spot with a mighty thrust. The silk walls squeezing me so tightly that the thin thread of self—control that was still there to restrain me, finally dissolves. The edge of my fangs pierces his tender and feverish flesh, the euphoric taste of blood dilating my taste buds to the point of glory. I lose myself and take him with me.

—Magnus! — his powerful climax screamed to the wind being a clear reflection of mine, fine and thick strips of his seed painting uneven patterns on the fabric underneath.

My very liberation roared fiercely in his narrow passage, so much so that a few drops drip off to moisten his trembling thighs until they are shiny and slippery. I extract the fangs and lick the wound to speed up the healing process.

The knot at the base of my cock swells and locks into his prostate, meaning we'll have to last a couple of minutes together before I can remove it. Not that I care, I will enjoy every fucking second, and his satisfied purring assures me that it will be so for him too. We lay on our sides, his elegant back attached to my chest agitated by still not being unable to normalize my breathing.

I leave subtle kisses on his sensitive neck, where the small wound of my bite is already beginning to heal, up to his shoulder. He lets out a long, deep sigh, caressing the knuckles of the hand I have hanging over his stomach, with which I stroke in soft circles around his tiny navel.

—Are you all right, kitty? — I ask after a harmonious time in silence.

—I couldn't be better, honey — says with a sweet smile, turning the face to kiss my jaw —. Making love to you is like a good wine — winks —. It gets better with age.

I laugh, though I couldn't agree more. When the knot finally recedes, I withdraw, pushing away the feeling of regret, and instruct him to roll over and face me. I observe the features of his face almost in a hypnotic state, eager to tattoo every detail in my memory. I caress his cheek in a delicate touch with the fingertips and he kisses my palm with the lips half-open. My heart skips a beat, too pleased to explain it in words.

—Have I made you happy during all the years we've been together? — seems surprised by my unusual question, I just keep staring at him carefully.

—Of course you have — frowns, determination, and honesty evident in the depths of his eyes, which have returned to their normal blue color —. You would be a fool to think otherwise.

—I don't — I smile and it relaxes him —. I just wanted to confirm it.

—There you go, then — holds my face tenderly —. You're half my body, my heart, and my soul, remember? — I nod, fighting the tears that struggle to come out —. You make me, and our puppies, incredibly happy —. smiles, it's so beautiful that the breath gets stuck in my throat.

I don't answer with words, I do it in our special way. I point to my chest, right at the level of my heart. He understands immediately and the tears accumulate in those wonderful eyes too. Then I touch the same spot on him and extend the palm. His heartbeat is fast, matching mine.

—I love you too, honey.

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