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Book III of the Saga: Mob Heart. After overcoming all the obstacles that stood in their way and managing to leave the past behind: Alexei, the great Alpha who has succeeded in staying on top of the mafia in Russia, and Xander, his small but incredibly resourceful Omega, are finally together without hindrance, free to enjoy their love without fear. But now, they will face the biggest challenge that has come into their lives without any warning: parenting. Xander, thanks to the help of the mating mark, could get pregnant as he had always wished. Although Alexei didn't count that the 9 months of gestation of his beautiful couple, would be the longest, (but still fun) of his life. *Middle length chapters. *M-preg. *[+19] *Vulgar language and scenes with explicit sexual content between men (If you don't like it, don't read) *Original history. No adaptations allowed. *Cover of the trilogy + the special made by me. Constructive criticism and correction of spelling errors are accepted. Always welcome.

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1 - New Life

Friday, May 9th. Fredek's bedroom, 1:45 p.m.


I'm sleepy. My eyelids are heavy and I have to work hard to stay awake, and Derek's caresses only make it worse. Angelo left a few hours ago, despite how much I insisted he stay. Though I understand he's in charge of a business and might not have time to stay with us forever.

Derek did stay, however. Which is a tremendous relief to me. Now, more than ever, I need them by my side. We're lying in bed, enjoying each other's company, and sharing our body warmth between tender touches and soft kisses.

—Angelo told me that it would be better if we lived in his country house — Derek puts a hand on my stomach, under the shirt and rubs me gently in circles —. What do you think? — I watch him for a while, trying to come up with an answer that will satisfy everyone, but no matter how hard I try, nothing comes to mind. The reason? Two days ago, I found out I'm pregnant. Yeah, me. Pregnant.

I guess that's what would end up happening after we'd been fucking like rabbits without protection, and the way I discovered it, was peculiar and quite funny. My two Alphas sniffed me everywhere, like a hound looking for a buried bone, which caused me a lot of laughter. At first, I was very confused by their strange behavior.

Soon, the laughter was replaced by annoyance, and I almost knocked them out with one of my shoes after repeatedly insisting that they left me alone. When they finally did, both seemed stunned. They didn't move, they didn't talk. They just looked at me, eyes open like plates, and so still that it was hard to tell if they were breathing.

—It can't be... — Angelo mumbled breathlessly.

—Damn... Your brother's going to kill us — Derek had sighed. That was all the two of them said before rushing at me, planting kisses everywhere and jumping for joy. «What the hell?», I thought at that moment, thinking they'd gone mad. And then, Angelo was the one who said:

—You've made us enormously happy, foxy — putting a hand on my stomach, eyes suspiciously bright.

—What are you talking about? — curiosity and anxiety seeping through my veins —. Are you finally going to tell me what's going on? — by interspersing my gaze between the two.

—Something I never thought would happen, Fred — smiled broadly, and I could hardly take my eyes off his —. We're going to be parents.

My mouth opened and closed like a fish searching for air, a chill ran through my body making my knees feel unsteady. I watched Angelo, with the words stuck in my mouth and eyes wide open. He smiled at me and nodded, a tear running down his cheek.

—Are you serious? — I inquired, somehow waiting for them to laugh at me and deny everything, that they were joking or something. But no, it didn't happen.

—You're pregnant, foxy — Angelo left a kiss on my cheek with sweetness.

—Your smell has changed — Derek came over too —. At first, it was hard to tell, but now there's no doubt about it — kissed my other cheek —. Thanks to you, we'll be parents — smiled and placed a hand on my belly with love.

—You can't imagine how happy you've made us — Angelo placed his hand on Derek's —. We'll be a family, little fox.

And there, I burst into tears. Since that day, my emotions have been constantly on a roller coaster. Suddenly I am happy, longing for our son growing up with every second, imagining myself in a cozy house, enjoying the love of my Alphas, cradling a small baby full of life in my arms, right in front of a fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.

But then, the anguish of having to tell Alexei and for him to react as badly as I am completely sure he will. That because of his tantrum we fight and stop talking for long years again. Then, the sadness and the fear, that one of my Alphas might get upset or deny the baby, after finding out that it's not his, but the other's. God, all this is so confusing and terrifying, but at the same time, wonderful and amazing.

—Fred? — Derek observes me, and I realize that I may have lasted a lot longer than I thought in silence —. What do you think? — insists —. Do you want to move to Angelo's house?

—I don't know — I admit, and my confession seems to confuse him.

—Why? — caresses my cheek with sweetness —. Is something bothering you?

—It's just that... — I look away, appreciating with feigned interest the brown stain on my bedroom ceiling.

—Tell me, Fred — places a finger under my chin, turning my face to watch him again —. Talk to me — whispers.

—I'm scared, Derek — feeling unsure about continuing —. I mean, we haven't told Alexei yet and I'm sure he'll react badly.

—We'll face it — assures, with a confidence that manages to ease my anxiety a little —. We'll be there for you when you decide to tell him. But you must bear in mind that it has to be soon, your smell is only getting stronger.

—I know — I whisper with regret.

—There's something else, isn't there? — I nod, he makes me look at him again and smiles, trying to inspire me with confidence —. What is it?

—What... — I stop, wary of revealing my fear, and uncertainty expanding in my gut —. What if the baby... Ends up being Angelo's?

—What do you mean? — the confusion marked on his features.

—Well... Would you be angry? — stares at me for a minute, with furrowed eyebrows. The silence makes me more nervous and scared. I tried to move, wanting to escape from the intensity of his gaze, but he stopped me.

—Of course not, Fred — reassures, and I can't stop a sigh of relief from escaping my lips —. It doesn't matter of which one of us the baby is — places a hand on my stomach again —. I'll consider it mine anyway.

—Really? — my eyes sting, announcing the arrival of tears.

—Does it look like I'm lying? — I quickly deny it when the determination in his gaze expands a heat through my agitated chest —. Perfect, because I'm being entirely sincere. I love you, baby. And what you have inside you now proves just that, whether it's mine or Angelo's.

—I love you too — I mutter again, and the tears appear without being able to stop them, but this time they are of pure and intense joy —. I never expected to be as happy as I am now, with you and Angelo.

—I don't know about him, but I'm very happy too — smiles, then bends over and kisses my mouth —. So, shall we move in with him? — asks once he separates.

—I want to tell my brother first— I bite my lower lip, nervously —. I know he won't be happy, but you guys are my partners. Like it or not, wherever you both go, I'm going.

—Well said, baby — his smile widens and kisses me again.

And blessed hell, I feel the kiss to my toes. His tongue sweeps over and tastes me intensely, biting and sucking my lips in the process. His flavor floods my mouth and makes me dizzy with pleasure. My hands cling to his hair and pull it, trying to bring him closer, much closer. He lets out a low growl and my dick immediately reacts, hardening and throbbing inside my pants in anticipation.

But then I feel, even in the fog of pleasure, the insistent knocking at my door. Derek breaks away, with a sigh and annoyed expression. Gets out of bed, arranging the clothes, and opens the door. Lev immediately enters, a little sweaty and agitated, looking nervous. His condition puts me on alert and I jump up, placing my hands on his broad shoulders.

—Fuck. What's wrong with you? — my nerves emerge, watching out of the corner of my eye as Derek closes the door and approaches us —. Are you all right?

—Yes — Lev hisses, putting one hand on his chest, trying to control his breathing.

—Derek, please bring some water — nods and rushes to the refrigerator on the side of my room. I listen to the tinkling of the crystals and soon after, returns with a glass full of the crystalline liquid. Lev takes and drinks it in one go, sighing in relief once it's over.

—Thank you — he half-smiles —. I needed it.

—Well, now tell us what had you so agitated about — Derek asks, removing the glass to place it on the bedside table.

—Alex knows — his gaze leaps between Derek and me repeatedly, but our expressions reveal him that we have no idea what he is referring to. He rolls the eyes and makes a sound, frustrated —. He knows! — squeals —. He knows you're pregnant!

—What?! — I scream, amazed and terrified at the same time.

—Shit... — Derek mutters, pinching the bridge of his nose —. How the hell did he find out?

—Old Ewa told him unwittingly — grimaces and brushes the sweaty hair off his forehead.

—Does Mrs. Ewa know about this? — now I'm the one squealing, anguished, and worried about my brother's reaction —. But how?

—She noticed the change in your smell — Lev shrugged —. And let me tell you, that old woman has a good fucking nose, even I didn't notice.

—You see? — Derek says and I just stare at him —. Hey, don't blame me. I told you that it could happen.

—But it's not my fault, moron! — I try to hit his shoulder, but before my fist even touches him, he holds my wrist in a firm but gentle grip, not wanting to hurt me —. How was I supposed to know that Mrs. Ewa, of all people, would notice?

—Give her some credit, Derek — Lev shrugs —. No one would expect that old lady to be so perceptive -snorts mockingly.

—And to all of these, how come you're here and not Magnus? — I watch Lev, waiting for his answer too.

—Xander managed to calm him down enough to convince him to go to their bedroom without exploding.

—Wow. Really? — I ask in amazement. Knowing Alexei's outbursts, it's incredible to hear that Xander was capable of controlling him.

—Oh, yeah. Though my baby boy wasn't subtle about it — shivers and hugs himself like it's cold all of a sudden —. He almost knocked him on the head with a frying pan. His hormonal changes are scary!

—Hormonal changes? — Derek questions.

—Yes — we stared at him, waiting for him to continue. Seeing that he didn't mean to, I growled in exasperation.

—What the hell do you mean... — I'm not even able to finish the sentence, when the understanding finally seeps into my brain —. Is he pregnant too?! — Lev nods with a smile, Derek and I look at one another in shock, not knowing what to fucking say or do.

—If I had known you were going to arrange it, I would have joined you — Lev crosses the arms over the chest and pouts —. I want one too, it's not fair!

—Are you crazy? — I scold him, while the traitor of Derek laughs at me —. Do you think we settled this?

—Well, yes. It's too much of a coincidence that you're both now pregnant at the same time — the pouting gets more exaggerated and I want to punch him —. How cruel you both are for not including me — Derek bursts out laughing and now I want to punch him too.

—Stop talking nonsense — I pinch him in the arm and he whines in pain with a shriek.

—And now you're hurting me physically, too? — touching the affected area —. I can't believe you, Fredek Magnus!

—Well, well. That's enough — Derek stands between us, wiping the tears on his face caused by laughter —. Lev, I promise you that Fred never arranged anything with Xander to become pregnant at the same time — smiles, Lev stares at him suspiciously —. Believe me, I would know.

—I don't know. I'm feeling very hurt right now — looks at me sideways —. I need time to think about things.

—Take as much time as you need — Derek says with a solemn expression as if he's talking to someone whose feelings have been trampled on. What the hell?

—And now... — Lev hasn't finished asking the question when a chill runs across my back. I've known him for several years and if there's one thing one has to be very careful (and afraid of), it's his curiosity. Besides his perverted side —. Which one of you two will be the father of the baby? — I clench the fists at my sides, using all my self-control not to pounce on him and cut his tongue out —. I mean, who fucked Fred lately? You or Angelo? — puts a finger on his lips —. Do you two do it at the same time? The other day, I saw something on the Internet about double penetration, but then Yaak came into the bedroom and I didn't want him to catch me watching porn, so I quickly closed the tab.

Derek laughs again and I make a mental note to kick his ass later.

—Lev, if you don't get out of here right now, you're going to find out what I'm capable of when I'm angry — I point at him and narrow the eyes, trying to convey as much of a threat as possible.

—Oh, that's why you were limping! — Lev applauds and smiles, looking at me with admiration —. You got two dicks in at the same time!

—Lev... — I warn again.

—But what a naughty, bold little fox you are! I didn't think you were capable of...

—Now you'll see!

My hands directed to his face, intending to scratch as much skin as I could reach. But before I could do that, strong arms surrounded and pulled me away from my target. Lev shouted in outrage and ran away, but not before stopping long enough to stick out the tongue and slam the door so hard that the glass on the table shook.

I swear I will kick his ass as soon as I get the chance.

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