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Sheila is a determined woman that fights for what she wants. She always thinks about her beautiful family. One day she wakes up finding herself without anything but only remembering fragments of her past, after 5 years it's like she's been stock in the past. A virus took everything from her in the blink of an eye. Bryan a handsome young man will help her regain that determination she used to have. Can he do it? Can they survive the wave? Are there others alive? Can she regain her memories back?

Post-apocalyptique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

#romance #friendship #zombie #survive #enemies
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The beginning

Quick note: My English is simple, so if you see something wrong don't hesitate to tell me, in a good way of course. Also, I appreciate taking your time to read my simple story.

Ext: In the park (Place Unknown)- Daytime

A beautiful family was having a picnic near the park. The mother (Sheila), father (John), and son (Caleb), played, laughed and talked like if there weren't another day to live.

Int: At their house - Night

The parents laid down the sleeping boy in his bed like a piece of crystal trying not to wake him up. Both kissed him in the forehead as a "sleep tight kiss". After that, they walked toward the kitchen to prepare some drinks. They sit in the chairs that are in the dinning room, facing each other.

John - (Drink in hand) - Today went better than expected (drinks)

Sheila - (Gets closer to John and lets her fingers slide over his arm all the way up to his shoulder) -...And it can get even better.

John - (Smirks) - I like the sound of that (He touches Sheila's cheek and slowly closes the gab between them).

Suddenly they get startled

Caleb - MOM?

Sheila - What's wrong sweetie?

Caleb - M-mom! It's burning inside me! I-I can't take it anymore!

Sheila - It's ok darling relax, let's take your temperature.

Caleb - Do something! MOM!

His skin starts to disintegrate really fast. Sheila and John stood there still in shock.

Sheila - (Heartbreaking voice) Ca-Caleb? (She gets closer and tries to touch him but he starts to yell, she covers her ears)

Caleb - (Deeper voice) Wake up, Sheila!

Sheila opens her eyes.

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