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Tiny literary tests of my vocabulary, attempting to bring my best to make psychological horror pieces and some suspense in the process. Mainly made as a hobby and not as my main project.

#10 Dan Horreur Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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"Ellie, you know Mama says we're not supposed to stay out this late... if we stay out here for much longer, the monster's going to come out and eat us... we really should head back home..." I said frightened. Ellie slightly chuckled and put her hands on her hips.

"Oh, come on! Don't tell me you actually believe her when she says that!" Ellie exclaimed with a jokingly tone. "I don't wanna find out if it's true..." I replied. She didn't stop her pace and continued walking on the hill. The sky was clear and blue, and a big tree could be seen on the distance. I could feel the fresh breeze running through my hair.

"There's no such thing as monsters. Mom just likes messing with you," Ellie explained. I didn'treply, trying to catch up with her. "B-but she said the monster eats little girls!" I exclaimed. She chuckled once again and sighed disappointedly.

"She says lots of stuff. It doesn't mean any of it's true, though," Ellie tried to convince me. I smiled slightly and got to catch up with her. "Maybe you're right..."

I got to see something moving in the distance. The breeze stopped, and the sky started to turn darker. I got chills on my spine as I tried to figure out what was that thing.

"Ellie, what's that?" I asked her, pointing at the figure in the distance. "What's what?" She replied, turning around to face me.

"That thing over there..." I pointed at it, and she turned around to see it. She stayed silent and didn't reply. "E-Ellie?"

"Go home." She said without expression. "Huh!? Ellie, what are you-" Something started gleaming brilliant in the waning daylight. The monster steps forward, with its pearlescent white exoskeleton shining ominously. The closer he got, more saliva dribbled out of his famished mouth. A low, raspy growl rumbles somewhere deep in its massive, armored throat.

"Ellie, I'm scared!" I exclaimed, without moving any single muscle. Ellie gulped and put her hand on my shoulder, facing towards me. "Go home, okay? Make sure Mom's safe," she said with a comforting voice, putting her hand off me, and facing the creature.

"Ellie, no! Stay away from it!" With frightening speed, the monster bounded across the grass, rushing towards me and my sister.

"HURRY! GET AWAY!" Ellie screamed... the monster tackled her to the ground, pinning her with its many clawed hands. It squeezed her wrists and her ankles so tightly that they might have bursted form the incredible strain.

"NO! LET GO OF HER!" I screamed, petrified. Ellie vainly attempted to struggle against the monster, but it's far stronger than she is, and she can't move her body. The monster ignored my presence, opening his mouth to show many rows of syringe-like teeth.

I watch on in horror as the monster bites her neck, plunging some sort of venom inside her. Ellie screams agonizingly, and then falls silent. "ELYSSA! NO, PLEASE!"

The monster grabbed her arms and teared them out of her sockets, staining the grass with dark crimson. It greedily stuffed them into its gasping maw, chewing noisily. It grabbed her legs and ripped them off at the knees. Her body twitched, blood trickling out of her mouth as it gushes out of her torn limbs.

"NO! LET GO OF HER!" I sprinted towards the monster, holding the knife up high. The monster hurriedly stuffs a leg into its mouth, turning to face me. I jumped onto it, stabbing it everywhere I could with the knife. It wildly swinged its insect-like appendages, attempting to throw me off its massive body. I jammed the knife deep inside it's flesh, tearing it's exoskeleton open and exposing its innards. It howled in agony as I teared its throat apart with the blade. It gazed at me in fear with its numerous eyes as its thick, viscous translucent blood drips into the soil.

Bits of chewed human flesh and bone could be seen through the wound. The monster gurgled as it slumped to the ground, lifeless.

I stumbled over the mangled corpse of Ellie. "Ellie, no! Please, wake up! You can't be dead! No, please!" I exclaimed, as I looked the crimson mess that was left behind. I mumbled as I touched the wet soil. "Elyssa... please... big sis, please don't leave me..."

"Y-yuri..? Are you ok?" Iasked her, getting close to Yuri. The eye painted on the wall started to shine brighter. Yuri begins sobbing hysterically. "Woah, Yuri, what's-"

"I can't be here, Ronald! I can't be here! I can't be here! I can't be here! I CAN'T BE HERE!" Yuri shoves me so hard that I fall to the ground. She runs away.

"W-wait! C-come back!" I attempt to follow Yuri, but I stumble to the ground. Searing pain hits me and my vision goes black. I faintly could see the eye shining even brighter. My body started to become overwhelmed by the light.

Trying to wake up, I start to hear footsteps. I can't move my body, as if it refused to work. "Aaaggghhhh!" My mind is on fire. My entire body is on fire. It feels like I'm engulfed in flames. The sounds of screaming echo all around me; a cacophony of endless noise. Voices echo all around me. I can't understand what they're saying, but they sound angry at me.

"Well, well, well..." A mysterious voice started talking. One of the voices started to say 'Mother', as my body started boiling even hotter. "E-eh? Who is..?"

"You'll have to excuse her. She needs maintenance. But as for you... rest." The voice said with a menacing tone. "Huh..?" I said confused. I feel a sharp, stabbing pain on my throat. My body starts to boil up so much I start to scream. I felt my skin melt slowly, and my throat start to sink into my body. The footsteps start to faint slowly, and I let go to the fire.

The picture of the eye got marked on my mind, as the flames engulfed my body. "Yuri..."

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Nataly Calderón Nataly Calderón
Loved it. Good story, Great end.
September 07, 2020, 17:26
DoraTheExplorer DoraTheExplorer
Everything happened so fast but I enjoyed it. Great job and keep writing
August 10, 2020, 00:09
Tempest Brave Tempest Brave
Buen capítulo! Me gustó mucho la narrativa dinámica entre las dos hermanas y el detalle que pusiste con la bestia devorando a la hermana, muy lovecraft. Sigue así! Nice chapter! I really the dynamic between the sisters and all of the details that you put about the monster, nice Lovecraft touch. Keep it up!
June 22, 2020, 01:43

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