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One of the satisfactions that a couple can feel is at the moment when they realize that they are going to be parents, but what happens when the opposite happens? I invite you to discover it in this little story.

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The Miracle Of A New Being

They are José Luis and Virginia Mendoza. They have been married for approximately 7 years. Both work for a respected company from their country in Mexico. Virginia has a degree in accounting and José Luis is a computer engineer. Apparently they lead quite a pleasant life since they have what they need to live, but when the work days are overand they are both at home resting comes the thought that has tormented virgina during her time as a married woman and it is: “you can't have children".

José Luis and Virginia have struggled to have children, they have done all the studies andnecessary treatments and nothing they have done has helped them. Virginia during a conversation with one of her close friends said to him: —“what you often want with so much love others despise. It is a pity that they do not respect the life of an innocent infant ”. To this his friend replied: —"You know that many of these cases occur due to circumstances that these people are going through." —“Yes, I know that, but it is not fair. Why does an innocent baby have to pay for the sins of others? ”—Virginia said with tears in her eyes. Finishing their conversation Virginia went to her room to sleep.

At dawn on Friday being 7:30 a.m. While José Luis was preparing breakfast, he received a call from one of the doctors with whom they had consulted before. He said: —"José Luis, we have a new treatment so that you and your wife can have children, it is somewhat expensive but I am going to help you. Let me know if you are interested. " To this José Luis says: —"Thank you very much doctor, I will consult it with Virginia and I will give you an answer in the afternoon." José Luis, when he had spoken to the doctor, went upstairs quickly to the room where Virginia was and had told her what the doctor told him. Virginia without hesitation and without knowing the risks that this could bring said to Luis: - "Let's do it!".

After confirming to the doctor that Virginia would undergo the treatment, Virginia contacted her mother to give her the news. To this Virginia said: —"Mom, I'm going to undergo a new treatment, I ask you to pray to God for this." His mother, being a Christian for many years, replied: —"Have faith that everything will be fine." Having finished their conversation, it was already 3:30 p.m. José Luis and Virgina left for the hospital to start this new treatment, which would become new parents if it worked.

Once in the hospital they began to make the routine tests to Virginia to see that everything was well; since apparently this treatment would not be something comfortable for her. The doctor having received the tests and verifying that Virginia qualified for the treatment, they began the procedures. After the hours and being already 5:30 p.m. Virginia was in her room. —How do you feel? " —JoséLuis asked.—"Something dizzy, just that." —She said.

The next day her doctor went to visit her to check that the state of Virginia was in good condition to discharge her. —“Virginia, I have noticed that your current state is fine, I do not see any abnormality in you after the treatment. I only suggest you to rest as much as you can and avoid stressing yourself. See you in nine months. " Virgina upon hearing this said with joy: - "I am going to be mom!"

It has been 2 months since Virginia and JoséLuis decided to experiment with a new treatment, so that they could have children, Virginia began to feel the symptoms of a pregnancy, but something was wrong with her. José Luis, her husband, decides to take her to the hospital for a routine checkup. When they got to the hospital they tried to see their doctor. He receives them in his office and sends Virginia to be evaluated. After a few hours the doctor receives the diagnosis of Virginia and verifies that there is something abnormal in her. —“Virginia, apparently you are pregnant, but I don't know if you can give birth. What you present can put your and your baby's life at risk. ” —"Doctor, what do I have? — — Virginia Asked. —”Apparently you were infected with a virus; which is not very common. This virus usually attacks developing fetuses. " —"Is there a cure or medicine that can help her?" —JoséLuis asked. To this the doctor replies: —“Yes, there is a cure for this case, but the chances that it works in Virginia are minimal. Of the cases we have dealt with, which have been only 5, one of them survived. ” —"What other alternative do I have, doctor?" — Virginia asked. —"In this case, I recommend you stop the pregnancy." —The doctor told her.

—“Doctor, are you suggesting that I abort my baby? The doctor with a deep sigh said to her: —"Yes." This troubled Virginia for a brief moment, but in that instant she remembered her mother's words and repeated them to the doctor. —"Doctor, everything will be fine, I have faith that I will have this miracle." —Virginia said to him. To this the doctor did not resist and suggested routine checkups and indicated the medication that Virginia should use. "

José Luis and his wife followed the instructions correctly so that they could preserve Virginia's and her baby's life . And when she was 7 months old, she was going to give birth.

Author's words.

There are so many things that I like to contemplate about life and I'm just going to list one that for me leaves a lot to say, since in it I see God at work and where many scientists have asked hundreds of questions about it and it is pregnancy . God in his sovereignty has given women grace so that another life may take place in them. I do not have to explain how a pregnancy occurs, we all know that. I must say when I see a pregnant woman I see life itself or rather the beginning of a new being. In the Bible we find quotes like: "God's inheritance are the children" and about Mary it was said: "blessed is the fruit of your womb."

I hope you liked this article.

Peace to you.

Note: This story will have a second part.

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