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A journey to another world. With Sophia the mc and Alex her friend. Can Sophia save Imagitopia from the danger which has came? Will Sophia and Alex complete there magical adventure? Will Sophia know the truth behind her life? Join Sophia and Alex on there journey to Imagitopia the world of Imagination, love and friends.

Fantaisie Voyage dans le temps Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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A Cap to hide my horns.

AIl that was left in my life was nothing, every day was the same.

I had no idea why I was so different? Why couldn't I go out? Why couldn't I make friends? Why couldn't I know the truth? Why were Uncle and Aunt hiding me from the world? Who are my parents? Where am I from?

Who knew that an adventure was going to begin, who knew that I would have so many friends. A life that I never imagined to exist, with so many people who can understand each other without telling.

Who knew that the answers to all my questions had already been answered. A world full of magic, imagination, friends, family, and adventure, IMAGITOPIA, was waiting for me.

From the beginning...

I am grown up by Uncle Harry - a forest ranger and a leader of the zoological garden.

One period, while curling the timber for some healthy plants, he heard weeping. And that’s how he tumbled upon me. I had been three weeks old when he met me whining.

Wrapped in a pretty cotton dress with fantastic patterns embroidered on it, I was a vulnerable life. The patterns looked foreign to him. No one had looked at such a life like me before.

Maybe it was a sympathy that turned him to draw me to his home; Or it was his absence of infants. But he took me. And he identified me as Sophia.

When he arrived home, carrying me in his arms. He first fed me, later demanded his housemaid.

“Ella?” He called out. “Ella?!”

When she appeared, he passed me over to her. “I discovered her in the wood,” he defined.

“Please give her a shower. I will bring a towel from the storehouse to dry her with.”

“yes, sir.”

She later lifted me for a shower, and when she pulled out my cloth, she shrieked at once.


Everyone scrambled to check what had happened to me. “What happened, Ella! Are you okay?” my Aunt asked her.

“Yeah, I expect I’m excellent, but the kid appears not to notice properly,” she sputtered.

“What happened to her?”

“Madame, just have a glance at her head,”

“Give her to me,”

Ella gave me to Aunt Harry. It astonished her when she noticed it in my head.

“What happened to her, Dear? Why was Ella screaming?” my Uncle arrived from the storehouse and asked my Aunt.

“Dear, what has happened to you? Why are you speechless?” he repeated as my Aunt didn’t say a word.

She gave me to my Uncle. She remained silent for a point or two, before she blew the silence with a slight murmur, “You can figure out what happened.”

Uncle Harry picked me and examined me. It amazed him to recognize that I had horns on my head, which were two centimeters tall at the moment. Uncle Harry told everyone to not mention anybody about my horns for some reason. Which he never told me.

“Yes, we’ll take care.” Aunt said,

Many weeks went, and everything was working good until one day Ella told her friend about my horns.

“Cristi, do you know, the place where I serve has adopted a baby daughter. She is admirable and captivating, but....”

“But what?” Cristi asked.

“Nothing… It's nothing,really.”.

“Sis, how can you not express it to your best friend?”

“But...” she defended in a whisper.

“Will you cover something from me, you know I will mention no one. And if you don’t tell me I, myself will come to see her. And will tell your so-called

sire, you called me to see. So what do you want? Either you tell me or I will...”

Ella panicked and didn't know what to say.

“No! No, please don’t come, my Master will fire me. I will tell you, but you promise to not tell anyone.”

“Ah, ok I will tell no one... continue,” she said.

“She has two… Eyes”

“What are you saying everyone has two eyes, are you telling or… Should I…?”

“No, no, actually she-she has two h-h-h... Legs,”

“I think you will not tell me now so I should come to the house, last chance to say,”. She said in a hasty manner on the phone.

“Okay, I will tell you,” she lets out a shaky breath, “She has two horns on her head,”

“Are you telling the truth... That means I have found that girl”

“Which girl have you found?” Ella said thoughtfully.

“Oh, nothing. Nothing,Just wait I am coming!” She said in an evil tone.


“Don’t worry…”

Cristi hung up the phone and as for Ella, she rushed to my Aunt and Uncle. She thought something was wrong, and told them sincerely about everything she said, sorry that she told...

Aunt was very angry, but she called Uncle. Both of them had a talk and after that they came out of their room and took me from my room. I was standing in my cot hearing all the hussle and bussle. We booked a metro train ticket at the last moment. I was too small to think anything which was going on.

She told Ella to pack everyone’s bag and theirs and they will leave for England tonight where Uncle Harry originally was from. Ella did as they told and within a day we left without telling Ella’s friend about our leave.

Uncle Harry couldn't leave Ella behind as she was a great help to Uncle and Aunt. And what talk they had before we left Canada, I never got to know.

After we transferred from Canada to England, I never came out of my house for years. My life was pretty worse than Rapensal. I used to gaze through my window and examine all the children playing out in the sun and when it was winter they used to play in the snow. I always wished to blend in and play with other children.

Both in England and Canada the technology was very developed and advanced. To be specific it was a world that only ran on technology and computer science, and everything was clean. There were shopping malls, hostels, expensive schools and hotels.

My Uncle was a very good friend of the king of England, as he was very hard working and honest. My Uncle used to get a good amount of income so we had never had any problems.

When I turned 10 my Uncle gave me a computer which was the newest edition. I was very happy,I was good at studying so I used to study on the computer and gave online exams. Many institutes, schools and hostels. offered me to come and study there, but I had to sadly refuse because of my horns.

I used to cry in my room because I couldn't go to school or rather just play with other children, just because of my horns. I never got to know why I was not allowed to go.

Every time I asked my Uncle, Why couldn't I go out? And each time I got the same reply. “ It's for your safety.” But he never told me what they were protecting me from. I never got to know this.

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