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If I am just material, when my body cease his function my existence will end. But If I happened to have a spirit and the fuel of my life is a soul and not just magic... What should I do? Where would I go after this? (This is but an idea for a character for DnD, not a long fantasy story)

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Forged fo What?

When my master was building me, when I was just a breath of a consciousness, I heard him talk with someone. Of course, I heard him talk many times before, but this time was, I believed you would call “special”. The stranger was questioning my master's will, he said “why bother with such a thing?”.

Which my master replied “Because life is beautiful.”

The stranger, in disbelief, said “Life is only appreciated by those who have a soul. What makes you certain that it will have a soul?”

I think my master was smirking when he said “What makes you think you have one?”

The stranger left and I never heard him again. Maybe he got angry?

I never got to meet my creator, this man who I call master. Before I woke up alone in the forest, he said “I won't be here when you wake up. Or ever in your life. I want to, but I think if I stay, I would force my way of life on you. And that would break the very reason that I am creating you. You can hate me when you learn about hate, or forgive when you learn about forgiveness. But for now, I want you to find your way. You are the freest creature that ever existed.”

I still don't understand what he meant.

I never struggle with the concept of language, climate or time. The concept of emotions still abstract, but they are in here, somewhere. But...

But the concept of soul and life after death never got through me. How can someone live after his body cease function? Is that some kind of magic?

Yes, I know that a body can be reanimated. Back to life and as an undead. But that is not what I meant.

I never got to see someone get up after dead. I even waited for some days!

A man of religious nature told me that a spirit lives inside our bodies and our soul is the fuel that gives us life. He also said that they are invisible for the most part of the time.

I asked him if I have this so-called soul or spirit, but he didn't know how to answer me.

But the thing that what really sent me upon walking to the world in deep search was when I once meet an old warforged. He didn’t look old, like organic races look when they get old, but I could tell he was. Mostly because he was walking with a help of a metal stick.

I questioned him why he didn't have that leg healed, and he invited me to sit with him. He told me many stories and adventures of his past. He was a great warrior. He fought many fights and over the years he got healed and had his arms replaced after losing them. Every part of his body, he had either healed or changed. Except for his leg.

His leg never got injured.

That one injured was the first and only one he had. He didn’t get into any fight after he got hurt. He was concerned, confused and even scare.

He said “Every part of my original body is gone, except for this leg. If I heal it or replace it, there will be nothing left of my original body. If there is nothing left of me... Am I still myself? Or an entirely different person?”

I don't know how to answer that.

If I am just material, when my body cease his function my existence will end. But If I happened to have a spirit and the fuel of my life is a soul and not just magic... What should I do? Where would I go after this?

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Kalastrias Bem-vindo ao meu cantinho. Eu nunca sei o que falar em apresentações, sempre entro em panico quando me pedem para falar sobre mim. Não vou entrar em detalhes sobre as minhas inseguranças, não é importante. Então, vou simplificar de uma forma que importa para a internet: Ela/Dela; Pan; Ravenclaw; Sagitariana; INTP; Preto; Café; Gatos e noites sem dormir. Sim, eu sei que é clichê, mas lide com isso.

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