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paul87 Paul Larios

Accompany private detective Grijalva in a journey of resolving the most intricate crimes that will leave you speechless and discover the vices of human beings that can transform a normal person into someone very dangerous.

Criminalité Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © All Rights Reserved

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Grijalva stood in the middle of his office looking at the empty and somber room. He sighed and closed the door to the place that carried a lot of memories. It was the last time he will ever step in his office that once brought peace and tranquility to many families who were looking for some type of justice that the law could not provide.

All the previous cases seemed easy for him now but this particular one, which he did not take, has affected all areas of his life, “I’ll be dammed if we do not get to the bottom of this and seal it once and for all,” he said out loud as he turned his sight to a long corridor of office doors. Next to him stood Jocelin who then touched his shoulder, “Are you ready?” He stared at her not knowing if he really was ready or if its something he had been lead to believe.

“Yes. It is time,” he finally replied and walked toward the elevator door.

There was no further conversation from the moment they got into the elevator and when they walked into the parking lot. Once they approached Jocelin’s car he gave a huge sigh while looking at the office building.

“I hope this is the best thing we are doing and it will all work out well for all of us,” he said looking directly at her eyes.

“It will be Jarrell. Trust me. If we want to catch these fuckers then this is the best way or else, we are all dead,” she replied with a smile and brighten eyes in order to reaffirm her commitment and bring confidence back to him.

This was the first time that detective Grijalva was being chased like a fox instead of being the hound.

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