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A young FBI agent sets out on a mission she never experienced before. The most dangerous and difficult mission she had dealt with in her life along with her most faithful and loyal friends. Together… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Her Gracious Revenge

She always wanted to make people around her happy but her friends, whom she considered family, after she lost her real one, betrayed her and she lost everything... "... My lover.. and child.... I lo… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Serenity Hill: Delusional

While Vin tries to deal with the pain of trauma deep down in his heart, Iris tries to cope with the love that floats hers. A marriage for the two may give them what they both want: a normal, happy li… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


The city Kanto was known for birthing football prodigies, a select few born in that city had an ability awaken inside of them every time they stepped on the field, but as the city became well known a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The story of three friends

This is a story of three girls who were from the same school from their childhood and became friends. when the three was in their 11th grade something came up and 3 friends broke their friendship and… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


The world was in chaos. People all over the world were posting on social media that in 48 hours, the world was going to end. Rumors were going around that huge solar flares were about to hit the eart… COMMENCER LA LECTURE