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Ángel de la Muerte

Un pequeño "poema libre", como yo lo llamo. Ni siquiera yo sé exactamente a qué se refieren las palabras que escribí. ¿Qué os transmiten? COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Small history about a girl sorrow. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Bag of hate

The one left behind is the one who sees the longest shadows. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Blue and Grey

Longing for happiness every day has become more difficult since you left, you made my life a green and white color but when you left you left it in blue and gray. Story inspired by BTS "Blue and Gre… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Ciella Book 1

The first in the 4 part Saga. Ciella isn't your typical teenager, she's famous and is respected around the world. After accidentally landing in California, she bumps into racer star and her idol, L… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Ciella Book 3

The third of the 4 part saga Ciella now at the end of her rope, tries for the last time to save her relationship with Lewis, but will their love survive the wave of change. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A man relives moments from life as it flashes before his eyes. Short story contest. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


An unembelished expression of missing. Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El escritor atormentado

¿Alguna vez has tenido una pesadilla tan real que te hace pensar durante días? A veces desearía no tener este tipo de sueños con tanta frecuencia, pero que le vamos a hacer. "No podemos controlar lo … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Anger at loss of a love beautiful. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Let me touch the sky, have a sleepover with the stars and a deep conversation with the moon. Because feelings need to be clarified, thoughts need to be expressed and words are the connection between … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

I Still Fucking Love You [KookTae]

La preciosa portada fue hecha por: @kimrotiee "–Sé que no éramos perfectos, pero nunca me he sentido de esta manera por alguien más." Incluso si los meses han pasado, Kim Taehyung y Jeon Jeongguk n… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love hurts | Yoonmin

Quando Yoongi descobre estar apaixonado pelo melhor amigo, ele precisa aprender a inibir seus sentimentos para preservar sua amizade. Entretanto, no meio de uma noite chuvosa, Jimin estava bêbado e m… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Niño Albino

La enfermedad como la enemiga y mejor aliada del verdadero amor... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Nostalgia: a feeling when there is no more space to continue writing your own story on the same page, so you decide to read the whole story again before or while writing on the next page. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

O corpo, fonte infinita de ansiedades

História introspectiva narrada sob o ponto de vista do personagem COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Olhos de Ressaca

Morar em seus olhos me ensinou a não ter medo do mar. drabble | sentimental | poetry | drama | romance | lirism | sadness | sea | your eyes © prettybaozi, 2018 COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Poem's Anthology

With this anthology, I try to give a variety of feelings that runs through my mind. In this book you'll find Love poems, but also, sad poems, and sometimes you'll feel a kind of darkness, but it's j… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Puxe-me Titereiro

A medida que o tempo corria, Sasuke sentia que o controle escapava por entre seus dedos. ALERTA!!! ⚠ HISTÓRIA NÃO RECOMENDADA PARA MENORES DE 21 ANOS. ALERTA PARA PESSOAS SENSÍVEIS OU COM TRAUMAS… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Have you ever felt Anguish, Agitation, Nervousness, Fear, Repetitive thoughts, Obsessive thoughts, Difficulty in learning and Excessive worry? It may contain more other subjects that you need to re… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


This sadness has just become pure madness… I feel so trapped and alone... Am I lost? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tell Everyone I'm Gone

One second: enough to lose ground, look sideways and no longer recognize where you are. Enough to get lost. He is unpredictable and expects you to let your guard down to snuggle on your shoulder and … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Dull Sunlight

Contemplating life, the protagonist finds himself perplexed. Wanting to be understood, he journals his thoughts, as he makes his final decision. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The feast of silence

A time travel through ethyl memories. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Happy Prince

A statue who, at one time, was a real prince. He was happy when alive, because he was kept ignorant of any sadness or suffering outside his palace walls. His life was one of joy and fulfilled desires… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Scars YOU Don't See

Letters to the ignorant, to those who judge by what they see but are unaware of the damage they cause inside the person who witnesses their actions. Letters to the affected, to those who suffer in s… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Where's My Love?

This story received an honorable mention in the See You Soon Songfiction Contest. | Based on the song Where's My Love by SYML, the story describes how Diego feels when Isadora leaves. Now all he want… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake up… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Alcohol and Adderall

Alcohol and Adderall stealing my life and hijacking my soul! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Amando con 19 grietas

Tienen razón. Se escribe mejor con el corazón roto y hoy, su amor me ha valido para tenerlo hecho trizas. Es hora de ver cuántas páginas puedo rellenar en su nombre, para finalmente quedarme vacía.… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Are you Listening?

Poetry brought to you by my sadness and pain... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Years of PTSD got me a mess! Working on me even if I gotta do it alone! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Como me Siento!!

Como muchos de nosotros nos llegamos a sentir en ciertos momentos de nuestras vidas COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El Baúl De Los Recuerdos | KookTae

A principios de la década de 1920, en Inglaterra la alegría por el término de la guerra se hacía presente por todas las calles, cines y bares. La gente disfrutaba de extremo a extremo derrochando din… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Gaasaku When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide Is A Deep Story About How Sakura Comes To Terms With Herself As She Realizes She Does Not Love Sasuke Any Longer But Instead Finds Herself Falling For A Certain Red Haired Leader COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Her Gracious Revenge

She always wanted to make people around her happy but her friends, whom she considered family, after she lost her real one, betrayed her and she lost everything... "... My lover.. and child.... I lo… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Just A Girl And Her Poetry

My poetry is about lost love, depression, cutting, suicide, my kids, etc…. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

KINGDOM PLANTS (Trapped here)

A boy called Martin lives in a world where everything is solved in friendly fights. One day his friends have a big problem, but Martin can't help them because he is in another dimension where plants … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


You stomp all over my feelings, making me trip over my sadness, got me all caught up in this never ending madness... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love Museebat

FROM FRIENDSHIP, SOME FIND LOVE AND OTHERS DON'T. Hinal a beautiful young and hard-working lady meets with someone who changed her life in an attempt to escape from her annoying mother. These two fri… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Metaphysical Madness

A deeply intimate examination of a young man's struggle with the nature of his reality. The protagonist suddenly decides to leave his home and embark on a journey across the United States because h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My fault

Gaslighting will make you feel crazy.... I've flipped the bored, I've turned off the controller, I’ve cut the cord… no more lives left, I am dropping my sword… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

One poem a day keeps the dullness away

One poem a day keeps the dullness away. ...or... or is it the emotions it holds back? The anguish, despair and fear that's somewhere hidden, deep inside everyone? Writing poetry helps me calm down … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Part of Me

you're half of who I am, if I could tell you what's on my mind... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Save me (being rewritten)

THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF IT. * Slow updates* " Why do you like me?" Gemma asked Ethan shyly "Why... hmm let me think" Ethan said while stroking his chin " O… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Searching for the light in your dark

As I read and remember so many years of this pain, it’s almost incredible how you gifted me all of your shame… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


I thought about my own life; The environments I've been to, the workplaces, the people I know... If I could just let go, if I didn't care about anything, if I laughed instead of being sad... But I co… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The cage

Abstract writing, what my mind feels right now. Coping. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Crossroads Bar

A short story of love, loss, and learning to move on. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The day my world went dark.

True story about myself who had a hard life, that keeps getting harder. Then something great happens short lived. Ultimately my life forever would end COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The fire of passion of the reaper

The fire of passion of the reaper is a 3 chapter poem to help people comfort them believing love kills pain,loneliness,and heartache. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


It is mainly about people who struggles with depression and are afraid to talk openly about it. They are scared that they would not get accepted if they show their true emotions. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Mermaidens

⇨Two spy agencies at war. The Mermaidens and The Golden Empriss. ⇨They had been avoiding each other until The Golden Empriss decided to make a move. ⇨Read how The Mermaidens get their revenge. … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Truth in the Book of Lies

My story, my life, it's been a rough ride, so much truma I have had sometimes I wonder how I am even alive? Why is this happening, At this moment RIGHT NOW?  Is it because so much has been left unsa… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What is Life

Questioning life, dealing with depression, expressing your feelings, and emotions. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What the hell?

So frustrated with wasted time... To old for this shit... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Wishing for changes that probably won't ever happen... Writing out my frustrations. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

¡Ya no quiero seguir pensando!

Amor, soledad, resentimiento... No se exactamente como me siento después de la hermosa y deprimente historia, que me paso con aquella mujer que hizo que mi mundo no sea tan desagradable. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

¡Ya no quiero seguir pensando!

Amor, soledad, resentimiento... No se exactamente como me siento después de la hermosa y deprimente historia, que me paso con aquella mujer que hizo que mi mundo no sea tan desagradable. COMMENCER LA LECTURE




What if one day people just...forgot who you are? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Una nota por una sonrisa

Donde Shay esta triste por diferentes razones y Naomi le envía notas para hacerla sentir mejor COMMENCER LA LECTURE